The Covid Conspiracy: Pt. 1 Li Zehua (The Voice)

July 20, 2021 By

The covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone throughout the world in some way or another, within a matter of months a virus nobody had heard of at the start of 2020 has now changed how we live our daily lives. With this has come countless conspiracy theories surrounding the origins and true nature of this virus. While many are accepting what many media sources tell us, for others, they feel something is being hidden to cover up something greater. In this series I will show you four such individuals who put their safety at risk to find out the truth, and how all four people are connected without intending to be.

Part 1 focuses on a man named Li Zehua who traveled to Wuhan, China in order to find out information about a missing journalist who was heavily covering the covid-19 pandemic and questioning if the government was keeping information from the public. While Li, was busy digging up leads and as well showing the world what it was like there… he vanished. This is the story of Li Zehua.

Li’s youtube: