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July 18, 2021 By

This week we see a lot of news about CCP or virus or related to it. Unfortunately much of this is not good news. Well that is unless you are a data scientist in which case your guardian angel, Amazon, is going to continue gifting data.

There is yet another review of the available evidence stating that there is a notable lack of evidence to support a lab leak theory. This report does not exclude the possibility but does rank it as unlikely.

That same article has poor timing. There is an unfortunate oversight the internet purge around the CCP virus. It was an approval to fund research into humanised mice and the CCP virus. That it is a study with humanised mice, SARS virus and the Wuhan lab.

In other genetic news your ability to eat as much as you want and not gain weight could be down to genetics. What is new about that/ The identification of a single gene that is responsible for large portion of this re stance to weight gain.

These and other news items can be found at the following time stamps:

00:00 Copyright
00:43 Review of CCP virus origin
02:42 New evidence for gain of function research at Wuhan laboratory
04:52 You may need both doses of most vaccines for immunity to Delta variant of CCP virus
07:11 Amazon set to begin selling test at home kits for CCP virus
08:46 Vaccines (journal) retracts extremely flawed article about CCP virus vaccines
12:54 One gene could account for your ability to not gain weight
14:06 Go home comet you’re drunk
14:53 07/07/21 was world chocolate day

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