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Are The Celts The Lost Tribe Of Dan? Ancient Aliens? Ginger Giants? All This & More….

May 20, 2021 By

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Jimmy Genes joins me to talk about the Tribe Of Dan, one of the lost tribes of Israel. Jimmy & I discuss the 10 tribes, then we discuss whether or not they may have migrated to Ireland. We also discuss freemasonry & we even get into Roslyn Chapel

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21 Comments on "Are The Celts The Lost Tribe Of Dan? Ancient Aliens? Ginger Giants? All This & More…."

  1. Terri Caskey
    May 20, 2021

    I love this topic I'm sure I'm of the bloodline I'm red haired and short like an imp 😆 great stream Mr Kev

  2. gooby goo
    May 20, 2021

    Danmark lost tribe

  3. manish kanal
    May 20, 2021

    Samson as also a Dannite!

  4. Nuthin as it seems
    May 20, 2021

    The mobs of Australia the clans in Scotland and the American tribes

  5. Lexx Lars
    May 20, 2021

    What’s up with Chris Everard??

  6. Craig Foster
    May 20, 2021

    How do I join the discord

  7. Shelah Ruth
    May 20, 2021

    Lookin' good, Jimmy!

  8. strange times
    May 20, 2021

    Love your shows kev keep up the good work you turn out some real gems

  9. Bartho1omeus
    May 20, 2021

    Kev, de days keep coming. When is this quantum simulation coming to its end?

  10. Marcus Vanian
    May 20, 2021

    Kev, this was epic. I listened through TFR. Keep em coming mate. Its been a packed week with Jimmy's aftermath morning shows as well. Superb listening. I have no heroes but respect for some thought provoking stuff.

  11. Donna Rowland
    May 20, 2021

    Hey Kev I'm 45 I was born in Northern Ireland in 1975 and left in 1989.. to get away from the troubles.. glad to be away from all the brainwashing there..

  12. June Jackson
    May 20, 2021

    See Richard p hall the stone of Destiny. On u tube. They tell the story of the tribe of can. Worth watch

  13. Jenna Appleton
    May 20, 2021

    Yeay I love this subject ive researched it myself a couple years ago. But couldnt get very far on my own!!!

  14. arenK Childs
    May 20, 2021

    The orange lodge.

  15. Tribe of Judah
    May 20, 2021

    Tribe of Dan intermingled with the Canaanite Tuatha De Danann, also known as the Dragon Lords of Anu, said to be the offspring of the ancient Sumerian Anunnaki. The Irish Tuatha Dé Dannan were the Descendants of the Phoenician/Greek “Danaans” who were also known as the “Tribe of Dan (Danaë)." (Nephilim) The tribe of Dan ruled the Greeks, the Roman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian empire and many others which used the eagle as its logo.

    Some early Irish texts presented the Tuatha Dé Danann as “fallen angels”, semi-divine beings who had followed the archangel Lúcifir (Lucifer) in a rebellion against YAH. Their name was Tuadhe d’Anu. They were the people (or tribe) of Anu, The Nephilim sky god Anunnaki.” (Sons of Anak in the bible) The Merovingian Bloodline.

    The Watchers/The fallen angels/The children of Cain/The giants/The Nephilim (The Tribe of Dan) taught their wives and children new technological skills, magical knowledge, and occult wisdom. They started the first mystery schools. They taught (Hermetic Qabalah) it has many influences :Jewish Kabbalah, Western Astrology, Alchemy, Left-hand Path and Right-hand Path, Pagan Religions, Neoplatonism, Gnosticism, Enochian Magic, Tantra and Hermeticism..Hermetic was associated with writings attributed to Thoth, whom the Greeks called Hermes. From Greece, the tribe of Dan (Tuatha de Danaan)-- travelled by ship through the Mediterranean Sea, and coast of Europe to Ireland and Scandinavia. William F. Lynch identified Tell el Kadi as the site of ancient Dan in 1849.

    Jeremiah 8:16–17 -The snorting of his horses was heard from Dan: the whole land trembled at the sound of the neighing of his strong ones; for they are come, and have devoured the land, and all that is in it; the city, and those that dwell therein.

    Genesis 6:4 -Dan would be a vigorous, warlike, tribe of warriors. He would not sit solitary, and be content but would "leap" forth, and journey forth, by leaps.

    Judges 5:17- The tribe of Dan was a mighty SEA-FARING tribe, which loved to sail the seas.

    In Homer’s Iliad as the “Danaans” or “tribe of Danaë,” grandchildren of Belus (Phoenician ‘Baal’) who gave their name to the “Argives.” All the kings of Denmark, Norwegian, Swedish and Anglo-Saxons and even the first president of the United States, George Washington claim descent from this blood line.

    "Those who follow the path of faith (or the uheart) use water and are known as the Sons of Seth, while those who follow the path of the mind and action are the Sons of Cain, who was the son of SAMAEL , the Spirit of Fire. Today, we find the latter among the alchemists, the Hermetic philosophers, the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons."--Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree Mason.

    The book of Adam and Eve -No sooner did Jared begin to pray than the elder fled with his companions; for they could not abide in a place of prayer. Then Jared turned round but could not see them, but found himself standing in the midst of the children of Cain. He then wept and said, 0 YAH, destroy me not with this race, concerning which my fathers have warned me; for now, 0 my Lord God, I was thinking that those who appeared unto me were my fathers; but I have found them out to be devils, who allured me by this beautiful apparition, until I believed them.But now I ask Thee, 0 God, to deliver me from this race, among whom I am now staying, as Thou didst deliver me from those devils. Send Thy angel to draw me out of the midst of them; for I have not myself power to escape from among them."

    Baruch 4:6: - Ye were sold to the nations, not for your destruction: but because ye moved God to wrath, ye were delivered unto the enemies.

    Baruch 4:15: - For he hath brought a nation upon them from far, a shameless nation, and of a strange language, who neither reverenced old man, nor pitied child.

    Baruch 2:30-35: For I knew that they would not hear me, because it is a stiffnecked people: but in the land of their captivities they shall remember themselves. And shall know that I am the Lord their God: for I will give them an heart, and ears to hear: And they shall praise me in the land of their captivity, and think upon my name. And return from their stiff neck, and from their wicked deeds: for they shall remember the way of their fathers, which sinned before the Lord. And I will bring them again into the land which I promised with an oath unto their fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and they shall be lords of it: and I will increase them, and they shall not be diminished. And I will make an everlasting covenant with them to be their God, and they shall be my people: and I will no more drive my people of Israel out of the land that I have given them.

    Jubilees 1 :13-16- And I will hide My face from them, and I will deliver them into the hand of the Gentiles for captivity, and for a prey, and for devouring, and I will remove them from the midst of the land, and I will scatter them amongst the Gentiles. And they will forget all My Torah and all My commandments and all My judgments, and will go astray as to new months, and Shabbats, and festivals, and jubilees, and ordinances. And after this they will turn to Me from amongst the Gentiles with all their heart and with all their soul and with all their strength, and I will gather them from amongst all the Gentiles, and they will seek me, so that I shall be found of them, when they seek me with all their heart and with all their soul. And I will disclose to them abounding shalom with righteousness, and I will remove them the plant of uprightness, with all My heart and with all My soul, and they shall be for a blessing and not for a curse, and they shall be the head and not the tail.

    2 Maccabees 1:24- 29: And the prayer was after this manner; O Lord, Lord God, Creator of all things, who art fearful and strong, and righteous, and merciful, and the only and gracious King, The only giver of all things, the only just, almighty, and everlasting, thou that deliverest Israel from all trouble, and didst choose the fathers, and sanctify them. Receive the sacrifice for thy whole people Israel, and preserve thine own portion, and sanctify it. Gather those together that are scattered from us, deliver them that serve among the heathen, look upon them that are despised and abhorred, and let the heathen know that thou art our God. Punish them that oppress us, and with pride do us wrong. Plant thy people again in thy holy place, as Moses hath spoken.

    2 Corinthians 11:22 - Are they Hebrews? So am I. Are they Israelites? So am I. Are they the seed of Abraham? So am I.

  16. Sam Hussain
    May 20, 2021

    How would the Queen be related to Mohamud? I am interested, the Queen is German decent.

  17. rorschach mad
    May 20, 2021

    Good show kev man ;)

  18. SigmaGhostZero
    May 20, 2021

    Its not 'tu 'atha' its pronounced 'tua' and it means people of the godess 'danu', so nothing to do with the tribe of dan im afraid. The irish are an ancient pagan peoples and all this hebrew association with 'similar' sounding names comes from a group of people who you could call the 'british israelites'.

  19. Jocelyn Richardson
    May 20, 2021

    Here kev

  20. Mike James
    May 20, 2021

    hi kev hope you and you're cat is ok

    May 20, 2021

    What's all that junk in your face?

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