Comparison: Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories (Is Coronavirus a Hoax?)

May 2, 2021 By

Is covid-19 a hoax? Can hydroxychloroquine be used to treat coronavirus? Is there already a vaccine for covid-19? This video compares the prevalence of common covid-19 conspiracy theories relating to the virus’ origins, purpose, and cures in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, and Mexico.


Datapalooza does NOT endorse or condone any of the beliefs or theories described in this video.The information provided in this video may rely on sources that are outdated and/or have not been independently fact-checked. Rough estimates may be used when we do not have access to complete data. As such, this video is intended for entertainment purposes only.


Three Months In, Many Americans See Exaggeration, Conspiracy Theories and Partisanship in COVID-19 News

Who believes in COVID-19 conspiracies and why it matters

  New Carleton Study Finds COVID—19 Conspiracies and Misinformation Spreading Online

Survey: 1 In 10 Americans Believe U.S. Government Created Coronavirus

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