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Ancient conehead skull, lion head in northern Australia, ancient aliens

February 28, 2021 By

Story by Mark Scott. In 2006,my friend and I went travelling to Cape York Far North Queensland in Australia to what they call the tip. We were walking along a creek bed when I said to my friend,funny how the creek bottom looks like a whitish roman type road. He just said yeah,strange how water can carve rock like that.i just shrugged it off. When we had gone along further I was staring into the water, at that moment a cloud blocked the sun and I yelled to my friend,check this out,it was a huge human rock skull with another human head (skull) on top of it and beside it was a lions head like ones I have seen in books and online, going with old age of it etc. Normally you couldn’t see into the water because of the glare from the sun. We both looked at it stunned and started to walk off. I suddenly stooped and said to my mate, hey ,the new camera I got works underwater, I then said, how about I hold you by the belt and you take the picture for me underwater.(took some convincing cause he was worried about crocs. Told him there was none in here.) I held onto him whilst he took the pictures.then headed back to camp. When I returned to Brisbane I sent them to “A Currant Affair” program and never heard back from them. Years later I sent them to a man call Roy Gillmore I think it was, he was so excited then all went quiet, not sure if he has passed on. I kept the final spot where the skull secret, just in case so they don’t destroy it ect.

Added by Duncan. The skull looks a bit like the conehead skulls they are finding in Egypt and South America. Some say ancient aliens skull. The lion head would make it of interest 12000 years ago when the Spinx was allegedly built. (According to Graham, Hancock)


2 Comments on "Ancient conehead skull, lion head in northern Australia, ancient aliens"

  1. WhiteMountain
    February 28, 2021

    Very interesting! thank you Duncan and Mark for sharing. Check out Rex Gilroy Australian archeologist discovered Egyptian hieroglyphs.

  2. Rob Osborne
    February 28, 2021

    Awesome Find Mark

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