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For more than 40 years, people have lived in space over longer periods of time – first on the space stations Saljut and Skylab, today on the international space station ISS, and perhaps soon in a spaceship on its way to Mars. But man is not made for space. The universe is so hostile to life that humans can not survive there permanently. Skeptics, conspiracy theorists claim that all manned space travel is just a well-staged drama and the moon landing is the biggest lie of all. Since man has set out to conquer outer space and then the universe, conspiracy theorists accompany the work of scientists and explorers. And at the same time, UFOs (unidentified flying objects) have been sighted with claims of visits by your favorite martian aka extraterrestrials. Mankind’s advance into space has triggered the imagination of earthlings since humans first looked up at the stars. And so, in addition to the epochal discoveries, countless myths and legends have arisen as well.

The world is not enough for conspiracy theories. Since the first launches into space numerous myths and legends around space travel and astronauts abounded. The first images from space depicted our planet in spherical form. “All lies” was a cry heard immediately from so-called experts.: “The earth is and remains a disc”. To this day, there are advocates of the flat earth theory, which was actually refuted even before the birth of Christ.

The claim that the earth is flat was almost extinct, but the Internet is helping fuel this theory in a kind of renaissance of fools. Any kind of conspiracy theory ever invented in the context of space travel is getting a revival in the age of the world wide web. The biggest of all is the denial of the successful landing of man on the moon.

Hardly any other human event spawned such wild speculation as Neil Armstrong’s moon landing as well as the eleven other US astronauts. Just a few months after the first steps on the Moon, skeptics accused NASA, its scientists and astronauts, and the entire US government as liars. The landing never took place, the live images were recorded in Hollywood studios, the whole moon program is a huge bluff. To this day, despite proof to the contrary, the conspiracy theorists continue to beat the drum of denial.
But there is also a lot happening on planet Earth. Ever since man conquered space, first with balloons and then with airplanes, earth dwellers regularly sight unknown flying objects: UFOs. The first UFOs were reported at the end of the 19th century; at about the same time as the first attempts to launch aircraft heavier than air into the sky. The UFOs levitate alien creatures on Earth to collect humans as research objects or to keep in contact with the powerful leaders of the world. There’s more: US military are thought to have captured several extraterrestrials and keep them hidden in a secret facility, including the flying saucers they landed with. The site: A US Air Force test site in the Nevada desert known as Area 51.
But even everyday problems and phenomena of manned and unmanned space travel repeatedly create fodder for skeptics, doubters and conspiracy theorists. Sci Fi movies are also fantastic sources for creating new myths and legends.
In this Episode of Spacetime we try to shed some light on the dark realm of conspiracies, myths and legends. Astronaut Ulrich Walter explains what really happens to people in space, should they find themselves without a spacesuit. He shows us how to live and survive in weightlessness and why even flights deep into the solar system do not have to be lethal to humans. We look at what UFO sightings are all about and what’s behind them and why Area 51 is so mysterious.
We examine the surface of Mars, which appeared on the first photos of the Red Planet and terrified crowds of people. We explain the function of the warp drive and whether you can really travel through the universe with it. And of course we explain why man actually set foot on the moon.

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22 Comments on "UFOS & ALIENS – The Myth Of Space Travel | SPACETIME – SCIENCE SHOW"

  1. ojibwe gaming
    February 22, 2021


  2. Who never Know
    February 22, 2021

    ..........DIRECTED PANSPERMIA.......

  3. Darren Yorke
    February 22, 2021

    Flat earth ? There to many gullable people on this sphere earth ?

  4. Joshua Davidson
    February 22, 2021

    Sorry to break it to you, the earth IS flat!

    I don’t believe the earth is flat, just wanted to see who would get stirred up. Lol

  5. Stephanie Tremblay
    February 22, 2021

    If you believe in planes, take the phone with the best camera you can find and try to film one at night or even during the day in many case. Why are your pictures so crappy? It must be because planes don't exist.

  6. Sa Lee
    February 22, 2021

    UFO'S and greys are real and all these people that have experienced an encounter whether they seen a UFO or have been kidnapped is ALL TRUE. LISTEN UP MY FELLOW HUMANS, the reason these greys have been kidnapping us is because they need to extract the oval from the women and semens from the men so "they" can manipulate the DNA with "theirs" to create more of them (greys). Why ? because these beings were not created by God therefore they cannot self create. They need our genetic geno to create themselves as closely to humans as possible. Think about it, almost every abductee will describe the grey as almost looking like us but not quite like us. Every testimony throughout human history about how the greys look resemble the same and every person who has been abducted lived in different times and in different parts of the world. This isn't a coincidence. Long before there were Tv's and such the descriptions about these greys or aliens have been identically described. NOW, you will ask then how did these greys come to being in the first place if they could not self create. LISTEN, I don't care if you are religious or you want to call it a religion but there is only 1 truth in this life. The truth about God. Religion is the opposite of truth. The biggest deception Satan dealt against humanity is deception. Until you can see through this, you will always be lost in that deception. Lost in the many counterfeit belief system called religion. Until you can see the 1 truth about God, you will never see or understand what I am about to share with you. For those in the know, you will understand what I am about to share and that's even a maybe. Christianity is the truth I speak of. I am not here to lecture about Christianity in it itself but because that is the only truth about God and His creation of this world so that is where you have to start looking at. In the book of Genesis as many of you know in chapter 6 where God mentions about the nephilims which btw this word is mentioned twice in the whole book it says that they were here during the days of Noah and AFTERWARDS.....LISTEN...this is a clue God gave us about these greys or so called see, the word nephilm comes from the word nefal which in its original translation means "the fallen" ones. In the beginning of the creation of this world, God appointed 200 arch angels to watch over men. To watch over us from above which also means these angels were from a different dimension meaning not physical but spiritually. Nonetheless, these 200 angels eventually disobeyed God and came down (fell) to earth and mixed themselves with the daughters of men and produced a mixed hybred of so called humans aka giants, men of reknown as stated in Genesis chapter 6. Most biblical scholars are wrong in their interpretation of Genesis 6 because it sounds so absurd and crazy but that is the actual truth of what chapter 6 means. Noah and his family weren't spared while God drowned the whole world at that time just because Noah was righteous in Gods eyes because he was still a man a sinful man....the actual TRUTH of why Noah and his family were spared at that time was because their bloodline was not "blemished" meaning it was not contaminated with the blood of the 200 fallen angels. AND THAT IS THE REASON WHY GOD HAD TO START THE RECREATION of mankind all over again. It had nothing to do with Noah's moral self or because he was righteous in Gods eye. When you understand this part of scripture in its entirety and in its purest form, you can then understand HOW this CONNECTS with the whole alien/grey agenda of our time. As mentioned on chapter 6 in Genesis...God gave us a clue that these nephilims or the fallen ones were there during the flood and AFTERWARDS...meaning that these 200 angels now demonic beings were not destroyed or sent away since Genesis says they were there DURING and then AFTER the flood era....meaning that these nephilims were still roaming the earth for some time after the flood....before they were cast into tartarus which is an actual spiritual prison somewhere on earth. According to the new testament, these 200 demons will remain at this prison until judgement day and cast into the lake of fire aka hell along with satan at the end of the world. NOW, from this point forward this is just MY SPECULATION but after seeing how God wiped out everyone who had mixed with the nephilims directly at that time, the nephilims/fallens angeles/200 angels knew that they could not directly mix with humanity again therefore they instead picked out our DNA (once noah n his family repopulated the earth) and mixed their DNA and created what we call the greys today. I believe this theory makes perfect sense. Is is any wonder how these greys look kinda human but at the same time they look demonic and scary ? think about it before these 200 angels/nephilims were sent to tartarus they created these greys by manipulating their DNA with ours so that these greys could continue the work of satan which is all about deception. Every scientist and ufologists is right about the existance of greys BUT every scientist and ufologist is wrong about the origin of these greys and epecially of their since greys cant recreate themselves, the only reason they can make more of themselves is by robbing us of our DNA and that is what the whole abduction agenda is all about. NOW, what this means when it comes to their final plan and how they will use their own presence against us I DONT KNOW but i do know it will be 100% to do with DECEPTION. I have a few theories on this for example. Maybe they will one day reveal themselves as our creator and deceive us by saying they are God themselves which btw I am sure it will deceive millions or even billions of people since most dont even know the truth about God. Or they may attack us one day to make us believe that anything from above is evil so that when the 2nd coming of Christ happens, many will believe Christ is the enemy. BOTTOM line, whatever final agenda may it be, it will be a deception and it will go against GOD'S plan. THAT I can be sure of. SO PLEASE, get this idea that ufos or greys are a different species or a different civilization from some far of galaxy BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT. NASA, SETI and its counterparts have searched the universe and have discovered millions of habitable planets and to this day have not found any evidence of a new civilization out there..not even a single signal proving that another civilization exists in space...THATS BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE BUT US ALONE. GOD created the universe as part of our world JUST FOR US....mark my words, even if we are still here in 1000 years, these wasted programs will produce ZERO life forms.....BELIEVE ME OR NOT THAT IS ON YOU....but I will tell you how i came to this truth about these greys....." 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The time you consume and spend on your worldly affairs that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD remember this one FACT, you bring to yourself more DECEPTION and more turmoil because apart from God, everything else is meaningless and a lie......and the day you find yourself on the other side, you will face our LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS judgement. Just like Lucifer(satan) just like Adam and Eve and just like the rest of the world since and now, deception was the cause at the core of the downfall of all and disobedience was the effect. Even Lucifer deceived himself by wanting to be like God himself and now he is Deception. The word Satan means against. Remember this. I hope one day you will open your eyes by opening your hearts to Christ because once you know the only truth there is, you will not be deceived by whatever comes knocking at your door. Rather be Satan or by aliens/greys or by men.

  7. StarGazer
    February 22, 2021

    That Old narrative of the "impossible distance" to cross ... For a "much advanced" alien EBE civilization is such BS, Always viewed from our Limited stand point and comprehension...or just the us propaganda they are perpetrating..
    Despite the Daily occurrences of UFO/UAP being in the skies everywhere around the planet..!!!

  8. KB
    February 22, 2021

    Poor documentary. You state the evidence posted by deniers but are unable to debunk even a single one of them. In fact, the documentary claims that Russians have the "same rock" as evidence of humans going to the moon. This actually just means you do not have to send humans to get it. Isn't that what the deniers are saying too?

  9. Enrique Veogente
    February 22, 2021

    i have no idea why i walk around with one sock on ....could it be indicative of my alien ancestry ????

  10. Jeff H
    February 22, 2021

    Omg, same idiodic arguements attempting to discredit those who believe instead actual arguements based on provable facts. This movie is quintessential deliberate misinformation narrated like a kindergarten teacher to the class.

  11. Bolder Boulder
    February 22, 2021

    2020 and 2021 are a great example of why we will never explore space...because we are masters of lies, deception, and self destruction. We can't get China and the WHO to tell the truth about a pandemic, we have "woke" American culture destroying the fabric of modern society and causing it to regress. We could be working together but we aren't for the reasons I stated....we are best at lying and could invite China into a project aimed at interstellar travel and they would weaponize their part to destroy Western cultures because they consider the West their enemy. See what I mean?

  12. Sheldon Johnson
    February 22, 2021

    Absolutely garbage 🗑️ if you want to know about ufos or ebe's don't do it here. They're just discrediting everything.

  13. Niklas Hall
    February 22, 2021

    One for the skeptics! HEY, WHY AINT YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND? - South Park.

  14. Kenny Dodds
    February 22, 2021

    Alpha centaure is not the closest galaxy that would be andromeda

  15. alex sidhom
    February 22, 2021

    ahahahah , Mobile takes HD video, and you did not put any clearly HD video of evidence of Ships, you just say what you want, just like the TV, the sistem, like HITLER was doing, Alien come on earth since century, you buggers

  16. If you were from Germany like me, you wouldn't watch this agenda garbage. WELT is part of the Springer publishing house. It is known to the Germans as the propaganda press of the USA/NATO/Israel throughout the post-war period. Inform yourselves if you want to know more about this so-called "German press". Agenda press is not journalism, it is lobbyism. What you get is not facts but disinformation.

  17. J. CLARK
    February 22, 2021

    Ok. I'm bored. Should i do a podcast on credit and the economy???

  18. David Copson
    February 22, 2021

    The American flag swayed whilst it was being placed, not 'once it had been placed'. Get your facts right.

  19. architecturalmind
    February 22, 2021

    Here's proof Aliens aren't visiting us:
    -Mentions face on Mars
    -Wow signal

  20. wayne nahuy
    February 22, 2021

    We have mars rocks but havnt been there.

  21. Martin Grey
    February 22, 2021

    @27:03 Because he had NASA as a consultant. They even loaned him million dollar equipment.

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