EXPOSED!!! The Illuminati, Origin, Doctrine, Practice, Members,and thier Agenda.(NEW WORLD ORDER)

August 1, 2020 By

The Illuminati. The very name is enough to cause fear and revulsion in the heart of any sensible, free-thinking individual. Rumored to be the impetus behind both the American and French revolutions of the 18th century as well as both world wars, the notion of a secretive shadow organization of puppet masters pulling the strings behind every social movement—progressive or not—and every mass calamity has been the source of mass speculation and paranoia throughout history.
Millions of Americans don’t even realize they hold their trademark right in the folds of their wallet: the dollar bill. Look at the backside and observe the enigmatic eye in the pyramid, crowned by the banner “Novus Ordo Seclorum”—the New World Order. If that’s not enough to convince you of the ultimate plot of their designs, then watch on. What you refuse to admit just might haunt you in the end.