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Atlantis Finally Located?

July 5, 2020 By

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Narration By Don Moffit & Matt Prosser


22 Comments on "Atlantis Finally Located?"

  1. Juddson Ries
    July 5, 2020

    Ive listened to your channel for a while now. And this is a very good video. If a super civilisation did exist it would of been sea fearing and costally situated.(like todays cities) and if sea levels raise even just 20ft around the world. Then goodbye almost all port and costal cities. If you think thats crazy, look up the avaerage sea level around the world today. Raise it 20ft and see.

  2. Leesa Gomez
    July 5, 2020

    It's been stated THAT many petroglyphs AROUND the world depicting a Wheel or Large spiral...are examples of the "Kill SHOT" the SUN discharged many millennium Ago.... Science HAS covered up the possibility of OUR OWN SUN.. BEING the cause of CYCLICAL global Catastrophic events.....and CIA and other Entities Work desperately to SUPPRESS ANYTHING THAT BRINGS attention to this fact. ๐ŸŒš๐Ÿ”ฅ๐ŸŒก๏ธโ˜„๏ธ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒž

  3. Machineman TI
    July 5, 2020

    Yes it s true that thies ancient civilizations did share the rock carving techiques in the past no dought to that fact beeing absolutly proven beyond beyond !!! So where do we go from here knowing all to well that water has most deffinetly been moving around without any sort of warning.(probably tsunamies caused by volcanic erruptions etc etc.and ice ages have also been present in the past.why those erruptions and ice ages occur is the BIG ? and when is that next event going to take forth in our future and our childrens future is also the BIG ? isn t it !!!

  4. Godfrey Daniel
    July 5, 2020

    I'm bailing from this bullshit clickbait channel - all these titles that end in a question mark - "Is This Jesus In This Porn Clip?" that lead straight to unsupported theories that literally anyone on earth could make up and spout - again, without a molecule of proof. What a waste of time...

  5. Melissa n Mike
    July 5, 2020

    I think you need to go back farther to Lumeria, a moorish society that made all the old and impressive architecture. Look, the moorish designs all over the world. Ornate buildings said to have been built in the 13th to 17th centuries. Old photos of english royalty noted the kings were in fact moors! Old stained glass windows with black and curly headed people! Somewhere in the 17th century something happened and our history was erased.

  6. John Osullivan
    July 5, 2020

    i like the theme behind the channel, but its too general, if your going to discuss a topic , zero in on it, explain the photos you show, explain logically what you think and prove it ... a wishy washy discussion every 3 days about some topic ..without facts, and some american winging voice thrown over it ..sounds like a bad advertisement.

  7. Guy Vance
    July 5, 2020

    Out of a 10 min video they r 2 ads. I watch utube in steady of cable because of the ads. On cable I guess if ads.keep on video clips I will not watch this channel no more

  8. Yes of course. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™

  9. Roger Dudra
    July 5, 2020

    I've been studying this concept since 1960. I firmly believe that you need to look on the bottom of the Atlantic near Spain to find what's left of the descriptions of Plato in his Critias and Timaius tales. Study Randall Carlson if you want truth over sensationalism. The technologies of Atlantis are unknown and therefore lost. Conjecture is as good as a guess. Plato never said that Atlantis was anything more than a big island.

  10. Ivo Benda
    July 5, 2020

    It is

    July 5, 2020

    The Atlanteans were the Cro Magnon race which were the MORE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGICALLY AND BIOLOGICALLY ancestors of the indo European race known as the Aryans.

  12. I don't understand why the "truth" is hidden by academia; can someone explain it pls?

  13. ewald zieger
    July 5, 2020

    When you illuminate all possible logical suggestions and are left with only one impossible one it must be considered the truth

  14. Billy Mule
    July 5, 2020

    Just for a moment remove your bias and place it on the shelf. Consider the Genesis account of the pre flood era when there were Nephilim in the land. The hybrid beings that resulted from the union of the Watchers and human women.They were much larger than men, highly intelligent and extremely creative. They were heroes, men of renown, possessing great knowledge. They were destroyed in the great flood, although some may have survived because they show up again many years later. The remainder were finally destroyed because of their violent behavior by normal humans. Check Native American accounts. People will believe scientists with theories lacking proof, space aliens, etc, but will not even consider the Bible. The study of Quantum Physics supports the Bible if you do some studying. Alas people just won't even consider the possibility.

  15. chase unlimited
    July 5, 2020

    Highly compelling! Something I have believed for over 40 yrs. I stray to many topics, always coming back to this conclusion. Many are still have this disbelief that there were none before ours. Civilizations come and go. None have successfully been able to pass on their advanced technology. Most likely they tried but it's been covered now by many layers of lies by church and academics for centuries!

  16. Jimmy Jennings
    July 5, 2020

    I thought it was in Georgia but I've been wrong before.

  17. BernieUWS
    July 5, 2020

    Best played at faster speed, i use 1.25 x

    July 5, 2020

    Atlantis is in the South Pole.
    When the great flood happened the entire planet shifted. Oceanographic studies have proven this. Before the great shift, Antarctica was not at the pole, but was in a position where it was warmer and livable. This happened long after Pangea splitting apart.
    Thatโ€™s my theory...

  19. Noway Asway
    July 5, 2020

    This guy's a liar...pause on the articles--they say the intact fossils show the stones were cut and not poured; does not say they were submerged. Makes false claim, distorts source material.

  20. Brian Lairson
    July 5, 2020

    Love your research! Phuck the false narrative of today's academia.

  21. Rosie Walker
    July 5, 2020

    Somewhat interesting, but still no definitive proof!

  22. Shannon Smith
    July 5, 2020

    Interesting theory.

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