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Michael Tellinger – The Anunnaki, Ancient Giants & Human Origins. Exclusive Interview by Paul Wallis

May 30, 2020 By

We sat down with investigative researcher and author Michael Tellinger to talk about everything from ancient giants to the current situation we are in. And what we can do to change it. – The Anunnaki, Ancient Giants & Human Origins. Exclusive Interview hosted by Paul Wallis the full version can be seen here:

Check out more from Michael and find out about the UBUNTU MOVEMENT Here:

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24 Comments on "Michael Tellinger – The Anunnaki, Ancient Giants & Human Origins. Exclusive Interview by Paul Wallis"

  1. The 5th Kind
    May 30, 2020

    Check out to access the full interview :)

  2. snaptzer
    May 30, 2020

    Wow๐Ÿ‘. salute to Michael Tellinger all the way from from South Africa. Thank you Paul Wallis.

  3. richard wills
    May 30, 2020

    I am sure this is just minding over matter , but the more gold I put on the better I feel, I don't like the idea of wearing loads of chains so often cover with a shirt, watches and bracelets too, adding diamonds does increase the energy flow, is this just me or do others feel this?

  4. Nicole Harper
    May 30, 2020

    Could theybe using the circle to tap for where the gold is... ๐Ÿค”

  5. Tandra Dey
    May 30, 2020

    Paul please do a video on the semi divine beings in the Hindu mythology, the Asuras and Devas, their conflicts and if they relate to the Annunaki and the Pleiadeians

  6. Brad True Blue Bull
    May 30, 2020

    Hoo Dee Hoo Hoo Hoos!

  7. Vyntr
    May 30, 2020

    Could these resonant amplifiers have a bearing on the Atlantic magnetic anomaly?

  8. kickinbackinOC
    May 30, 2020

    Very little purpose? Wha?
    It has tremendous intrinsic value!

    1. It's impervious to most acids!
    2. Inert in the human body
    3. Almost perfect conductor of electricity, better than aluminum, copper, etc
    4. Resistant to corrosion
    5. Extremely malleable
    6. Extremely ductile
    7. Beautiful
    8. Limited supply makes it a medium of exchange impervious to government fiscal abuses

    If I have to explain what these qualities are useful for, I give up!

    Michael, I luv ya man, but ya gotta think twice before saying that!

  9. Brady Hansen
    May 30, 2020

    Why would the Annunaki come to Earth to mine gold when a single asteroid in the asteroid belt would net them more gold than EVER mined on the surface of the earth? Why do you think the billionaires are trying to get to space and talking about mining asteroids? Not only that, Sitchen himself said the Asteroid belt was a blown up planet, meaning there would be a lot of gold floating around there. I feel like this is the biggest issue with this paradigm that no one wants to address.

  10. Rue Porter
    May 30, 2020

    The gold mines in Africa that had clones as workers were some of the very first things that got me to question what I previously had been told. The age of these mines is crazy.

  11. Sammy Mabitsela
    May 30, 2020

    Baba Credo Muthua already debunked Michael's theory on those stones, but I guess he wants to believe what he wants. So even the academea missed it as well . We must be lucky to have a super Guinness like Michael. Lol!

  12. Wood Work
    May 30, 2020

    We're does gold com from : I think it comes from white Dwarf star or super Novas,

  13. Wood Work
    May 30, 2020

    If you don't like it, it's not that bad slaves to them or the system

  14. Dan Marco
    May 30, 2020

    I like tillinger but he should give credit where its due,to the one and only african elder shaman Dr credo mutwa .If not for him he wouldn't get his inspiration in such amazing findings

  15. Sms Rowe
    May 30, 2020

    OMG Paul i was just thinking yesterday how i would love to hear you and Michael together talk on this issue...

  16. mark siqendu
    May 30, 2020

    It's a Poes Big 37:11 "Say it Michael" Network. lol

  17. Schmee gil
    May 30, 2020

    Saw him about 4 years ago with massive stones saying they were giants fossils, sounded really scatty, glad he's back on earth as some of his knowledge about ancient gold mining was spot on .
    You know when you hear the truth and it just resonates. Well giant fossils didn't lol .

  18. Angela Anna
    May 30, 2020

    I to believe that the pyramids were like now a days electric companies. Wireless electricity. That's what I believe anyways. Just a theory though.

  19. Adrian Mocanu
    May 30, 2020

    waw they were in Soud Africa, Botsuana, Mozambic, Zimbabue.

  20. jerome coetzee
    May 30, 2020

    Michael and Paul ,great show thanks

  21. jerome coetzee
    May 30, 2020

    HI there how you all doing , Peter Beaumont was my uncle, and ran the MaGregor museum in Kimberly south africa,

  22. Abe๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ”จ๐ŸŒ. ๐Ÿฅ ๐ŸŽผโ˜ฎ๏ธ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿฅ

  23. Rui Nunes
    May 30, 2020

    Maybe their structures was what helped to made earth one habitable zone that made our life possible and that now we are destroying ....we are morons in a Cosmos full of inteligence

  24. Chris Johnson
    May 30, 2020

    The black people are the Hebrew people. Not these white Jews ( who stole the Hebrews entire way of life) The Middle East is Not the location of any of the historical places mentioned thru out the ancient text/bible. The original location historically from which every single place mentioned in the bible is in Africa..That's exactly why Michael is connecting so many dots

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