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Ancient Aliens: Rocket Scientist Sends Russia Into Space (Season 13) | History

April 30, 2020 By

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A Russian school teacher published a landmark paper in 1903 which would be key to the Soviet rocket program, but where did he gets these ideas from? Find out in this clip from Season 13, “Russia Declassified”. #AncientAliens
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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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25 Comments on "Ancient Aliens: Rocket Scientist Sends Russia Into Space (Season 13) | History"

    April 30, 2020

    Watch new episodes of Ancient Aliens Saturdays at 10/9c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at

  2. William Shirey
    April 30, 2020

    The Russians are taught to different.🗡👹👹

  3. Džiugas Luščinskas
    April 30, 2020

    Sputnik wasn't first manmade object to go to space. First was german V-2 ballistic missle.

  4. Frank Fernandes
    April 30, 2020

    After some years they will tell APJ Abdul Kalam was also an Alien because he visioned ISRO

  5. MuffinMakinJew
    April 30, 2020

    Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was connected to the akashic field , just like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein

  6. Confederate Rooster
    April 30, 2020

    So if anything and everything great or extraordinary that is either discovered or created by humankind must be attributed to " aliens " it stands that the guy that created the Krispy Kreme doughnut was visited by ET.

  7. Nagamani C
    April 30, 2020

    Why do you connect everything to alien 🧐

  8. 林禔坡
    April 30, 2020

    Yeah and Elon Musk is the next

  9. D O E S
    April 30, 2020

    Area 51 Aline graveyard ?

  10. Barry Saxton
    April 30, 2020

    Has anyone else notice they never say anything about Africa outside of Egypt

  11. Stu G
    April 30, 2020

    Why's there a painting of steven spielberg at 1:41

  12. Jin Lin
    April 30, 2020

    I can use comism instead comunism as a pun XD

  13. The Way Of a Nationalist
    April 30, 2020

    Oh his name was Constantine though. CONSTANTINE!!!

  14. MachineThatCreates
    April 30, 2020

    ......or he could have just thought it up himself like a Physicist might do. there's nothing out of this world about applied math.

    April 30, 2020

    Angels, Demons, Djinns, Aliens, Nagas, Archons, Reptilians, are all the same. Pay very, very, close attention to words for they are symbols that share a symbiotic relationship between one another. The words Angel, Messenger, and Nagar, are all syndicates of the word Serpent. One may have noticed the "NG" existing within each word. I am predicating that the morpheme "NG", symbolically represents the word Naga or Serpent.

    [messeNGer] [aNGel] [NGr]

    One may have noticed that I have expelled the vowels in the word Nagar. The Phonetic methodologies of the ancient cultures were more so often devoid of the vowel systems that are presented in modern times. Why even the very word English, conveys the morpheme "NG". Would this suggest that the word English, is somehow interrelated with the words aforementioned?
    I believe so...
    Upon the study of Morphology, one may discover the reciprocal effect of all words and, could even conclude that all languages have been hijacked by the Reptilians. Many words in the English language are ideograms of the Serpent.


    Can you see the anagram?

  16. Mike Regan
    April 30, 2020

    DMT Would do it

  17. DARPA
    April 30, 2020

    The best part of these clips are all the Eastern people getting mad at the show lol

  18. New Hub
    April 30, 2020

    I have vedio clips of UFO destroying volcano and going

  19. Jaga Chapagain
    April 30, 2020

    U all r freaks

  20. Sky Nox
    April 30, 2020

    All russians surname end with : coincidence? Dont think so ;D

  21. mynameisErick21
    April 30, 2020

    Methaphor? Nah son, Ancient Aliens

  22. Aashis Rajbhandari
    April 30, 2020

    first few seasons was so good but now they are showing same ancient places or book again again

  23. Ancient TV
    April 30, 2020

    Thank you for your work!

  24. Olliveiro McAllister
    April 30, 2020

    Ancient Aliens: Alien Rocket Scientist Sends Extraterrestrial Russia Into Space (Season 13) History Channel

  25. banana hammock
    April 30, 2020

    America accidentally launched two manhole covers into space pre Sputnik during early underground nuclear testing theses might be the fastest man made objects to this date

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