Erik on the Deep State, Global Elite and Illuminati

April 20, 2020 By

According to my son, Erik, the Deep State has actually been around for a long time, perhaps since the days of the Romans, and it isn’t limited to the United States. It’s all over the world. Their desire: power, control and money. For that, they must oppress the masses and rule them as one oligarchy. Scary stuff. But they are about to crumble! Great job, Veronica. It took courage to channel Erik on this one. You can find her at

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After my son, Erik Medhus, took his own life, he began to visit friends, family and the readers of my blog, Eventually, he began to share what he had learned from the Other Side. This channel will include either videos or audio only recordings of his insight and wisdom. All of them explore the true nature of death, the afterlife, reality, the soul and the human experience — as told by Erik himself, translated by world renowned mediums as well as an occasional guest medium. The material found in this channel are the first of its kind to provide answers, directly from Heaven. Please like this video if you enjoyed it, and join his blog at Listen carefully for Erik’s voice as, though we never hear it live, he sometimes leaves them on the recording. Please let me know if you hear one because I never listen to the video after I record it. Please like this video if you enjoyed it, and join his blog at

Here is the link for two excerpts for Erik’s new book: My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven




23 Comments on "Erik on the Deep State, Global Elite and Illuminati"

  1. Wendy Davis
    April 20, 2020

    I love Elisa and erik

  2. jezelf
    April 20, 2020

    Trump I had hoped when he started, not being a politician would be a breath of fresh air, but now think his role is to show what a mess politics are in, the corruption (him being part of it - coz he IS setting up millionaires with his tax brakes and himself when he leaves office ) basically to show the mess its got to and bring to the front of the worst of the worst - to show what we don't want so we can define what we do want.

  3. traida111
    April 20, 2020

    Ask him if planet Nibiru is coming past 2024, and if the chemtrails are lining our skys to protect the atmosphere. and the planet coming past is home to the Anunnaki, who are the reptiles who genetically engineer the human race, and whom mated with one of those races, which are known today as the deep state. Anu bloodline. And there is still an Anu inside the moon, on a base build inside it.

  4. Bee Perez
    April 20, 2020

    Thank you

  5. breezee6483
    April 20, 2020

    Trump is the only man to stand up to these tyrants! He has went through hell...FOR US!!!

  6. Beth Peer
    April 20, 2020

    Is it true that Trump was bailed out by the Rothchild’s at times he filed bankruptcy?

  7. Chris Lee Oz
    April 20, 2020

    Very cool, thank you … summary … stay positive, healthy, courage and caring … wake up and use our free will on out journey towards 5th dimensional ...

  8. Andrea Aufmuth
    April 20, 2020

    Love you Elisa, Erik and Veronica!!❤️❤️Elisa you do such a great job interviewing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  9. Niq T
    April 20, 2020

    You should do an interview with chester, I wish more was spoken about freemasonary and deep state links that would have been quite interesting.

  10. Mary Jones
    April 20, 2020

    Another seer says that Trump will be killed before this nov and everything will be a disaster for this country

  11. Mystique
    April 20, 2020

    Controlling ppl thru fear is not power, it's cowardice. Which goes to prove they exist bc ppl choose fear instead of love. Which means if you get rid of your fear & belief in evil, it wouldn't be part of your experience. Now you know. Quantum mechanics is real people! You are the one you've been waiting for!! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. free spirit UK
    April 20, 2020

    Personal responsibility for our own frequency, Don't believe the hype, Raise your vibration to take your power back. Love to All ❤️🙏.

  13. Mind Tube
    April 20, 2020

    Ive trashed trump on every opportunity I got in the last couple of years - but even before this video in the past few days... i’ve been rethinking a lot of things he was doing unconsciously which was infact in favor of the people at large...

    - gun control, which wud actually be extremely help if we convert into a police state
    - bashing the media as fake, which is absolutely
    - bypassing the whole media layer and directly communicating via twitter
    - fighting back on lockdown ( even though i still feel it’s a stupid idea, but another vantage point - it is about not giving in to this global imprisonment)

    Trump is dumb, but I feel he is indeed being guided to fight against the evil ... i will conduct my own personal research on this from sources I know

  14. Gatsby999888
    April 20, 2020

    This "medium" is just laughably bad, gets most everything wrong from flouride to Trump being a good guy to chemtrails, and on and on.

  15. WildKutku
    April 20, 2020

    Youre sick in the head and need professional help to cope with your sons suicide, not to run a fucking scam youtube channel. Dont glamorize suicide. Just take a moment to look at yourselves, its embarrassing. You really think this is real? Honestly?

  16. oileng lai
    April 20, 2020


  17. patty m
    April 20, 2020

    Why is it universal???

  18. peter connell
    April 20, 2020

    FALL CABAL is debunked at the following web page (Y'all should view it)

  19. peter connell
    April 20, 2020

    Fall Cabal is just another of these aimed at UTube zombies who just feed off these incessantly.
    Just stop and think a bit before accepting things as truth without veracity.

    I implore Elisa and all to just take a look at
    It may refresh your sanity.

  20. Jeffrey Hodgson
    April 20, 2020

    Elisa is definitely kinda conservative though she claims to be apolitical. Just because Trump opposes the "deep State" doesn't mean he isn't a jackass

  21. Stacia _911
    April 20, 2020

    I watched that documentary lastnight and then rewatched the April 29, 2017 reading on Madeleine McCann.....I can't help but believe it explains what happened to that precious baby girl. I can remember watching a video i thought was strange where they were fiming her and describing her features as if she were a used car they were trying to sell, it would not surprise me if he was speaking to a pedophile network-i am literally beside myself with disgust!!!

  22. heather kohut
    April 20, 2020

    That snake is the head of the Cabal!

  23. Christine Lorenzo
    April 20, 2020

    Love u all! Thank you

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