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Ancient Aliens at Gorebridge and Edinburgh

April 20, 2020 By

You cannot avoid the archaeology in and around Edinburgh were you to go looking for it – typically blueblooded Sumerian reptiles in the glen at Rosslyn about 400 yards from the famous chapel – greys in St Giles Cathedral, as well as a bunch of green men bursting with natural force out of human shape in the arches both at St Giles and over 180 at Rosslyn and counting.
Helpfully the local secret societies have secret cyphers etched into the hillsides for all to see, and if you bring your camera, you can snap the local archons, djinn, faeries, greys etc going about their business in the same ways reported in the older stories collected by MM Banks, in British Calendar Customs, vol 1-3, 1937 and by Campbell in Superstitions of the West Highlands, 1902, and by Kirk in his Secret Commonwealth of Elves, fauns and faeries in 1697 – the same tales in Europe were collated by Grimm in 1901 with the Teutonic Mythology.
The same hitek chariots and wierd lights that locals in Scotland used to call the Will O the Wisp later dismissed as ‘marsh gas’ by hopeful scientists but then more fully captured in digital images in the digital media revolution of the 21st Century are now visible – and folks like jackie Gillies of Gorebridge have been filming all sorts of stuff at Gorebridge for over a decade.
Famously one of his mastertapes he sent for alleged scientific analysis by a Scottish ufo society came back with the UK soap opera that imitates the status quo called Eastenders taped all over it.

We run tours if you want guided around these areas

Free reference material/ebooks is at


I have pictures of a hastily retracted National Museum of Scotland exhibit that seemed to celebrate human society’s interaction and commune with the Greys – though I’m legally obliged not to show these – but do have an artists impression/ rendition of what I saw. Many of these exhibits today are untraceable in the Museum public records though I was assisted to find one or two of them by the helpful staff.

Edinburgh and its population has a history of interacting with paranormal shapeshifters as the story of Captain Burton – the 18th century ship captain who paid a mysterious young man gold to be allowed to enter into the underground faerie banquet and palace under Calton hill in the centre of the city.The young man vanished with gold – nowhere to be found by the Officer.

Its when you start to see the references to Edinburgh and Lothians emerge in JRR Tolkein’s famous fantasy epic the Lord of the Rings that you start to look at the possibility of other ancient races and epochs somehow intertwining into the modern illuminati activities and works in Scotland.

Another picture that I have no permission to show is of the big pyramid crypt at Wemyss house Gullane, approached by a gateway guarded by pointy eared big mr spock elves with scyths, this architecture typifies references to elves in the local area in East lothian, elphinstone, goblin halls, elvington etc

Both the Pentland hills and the Moorfoot hills around Edinburgh have an older and also more contemporary record of sightings of alien activity. At Leadburn on the Biggar road there is a field reported by two independent witnesses where if you take a step forward beyond a certain point in the direction of the woods a Hawker harrier vertical takeoff and landing jet rises above the trees and sinks back down when you take a step backwards. The RAF do not operate Harriers in Scotland and the nearest base for these is in the south of England. Rather than suggest this is part of some ongoing black op – its actually time to evaluate the evidence for the use of holograms by the non-humans which is quite considerable. I have photos of mutating holographic cars and vans in another video.

Scotland does seem to be intimately linked to the Reptilian tribe of Dan, the red-haired giants, the Nephilim and evidence of their snakey monuments is everywhere. There is also archaeological evidence in my vid the powers of the ancients 1 and 2 to suggest that they had/have a fully operational 6th sense and can draw power like voodoo from the land and other natural objects.

Jackie Gillies Gorebridge cameraman can be found at Andre Hudson has filmed this place in infrared and Brian MacPhee has been filming the central belt around Stirling 50 miles north at David Morely at Airtraffic control, Edinburgh International Airport was for some reason unable to report an officially reported [form filled] and verified filmed buzzing of an incoming Boeing 737 passenger airliner to the Ministry of Disney.



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  1. ElectronicPleasure
    April 20, 2020

    Bugger off, i'm form Midlothian and walked cycled every inch of her and haven't found anything alien. This encludes living and passing through the roslin area often.

  2. Andrew Hennessey
    April 20, 2020

    hi guys many of my comments on the vids are being deleted by the PTB so I'm sorry if I haven't seemed to get back to everyone - but thanks for all your comments

  3. Andrew Hennessey
    April 20, 2020

    UN Agenda 21

  4. Mikeyp0131
    April 20, 2020

    hey man you should do videos of chem trails? today in edinburgh was pritty bad, the sky looked like someone with a pint brush had just went mental on the sky, took acouple pics on my phone and i tell yi it didnt look natural one bit

  5. TheMichellepop
    April 20, 2020

    u should do story telling, u have the voice for it. telling all diff stories, id listen

  6. Louis Burton
    April 20, 2020

    sorry this is themost boring question on this video but what is this song its crazy good my friend, also you should blog what you find.

  7. John Gillies
    April 20, 2020

    Great video

  8. kidjr27
    April 20, 2020

    It's the Nephilim.. They are not aliens they are demons posing as aliens..

  9. gil6628
    April 20, 2020

    Great vid bud,i and a few others have no doubt in the validity of your photographic evidence and reaserch as i`ve recorded similar to yours down here in the south,Keep up the good work, its very interesting to see.cheers

  10. emerald1one1
    April 20, 2020


  11. emerald1one1
    April 20, 2020

    more likely the Earth is epicenter

    April 20, 2020

    Thank you for sharing I loved the pictures and music :O)

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