Fake Aliens The Satanic Illuminati UFO Conspiracy Full Video

March 17, 2020 By

Discovering the truth behind these so called aliens and their agenda in the Earth. Original video by Youtube user Xendrius.


7 Comments on "Fake Aliens The Satanic Illuminati UFO Conspiracy Full Video"

  1. Susie L
    March 17, 2020

    So no matter what Hillary does, she's above the law. They are the law... of course...

  2. Theseustoo Astyages
    March 17, 2020

    "Perhaps we needs some outside, external alien threat..."
    "Perhaps we need a new Pearl Harbor..."

  3. gorryman
    March 17, 2020

    wow you are telling people that religion is made up but you believe in the anunaki made up by sitchen in the 70s now thats rich

  4. Sharod Miller
    March 17, 2020

    All Religion Is, Is A Theory Somebody Had, You Take Us Away And Drop New Ppl On This Earth And They Aint Gonna Tell You Theres A Fuckin God. They Are Going To See Spaceships Not A God. And They Will Know The Truth Cause They Have Current Up To Date Information On EVERYTHING Unlike The Clueless Idiot In The 1700s Cause Before BC There Were Aliens And In Egypt And In Africa Those Were Their Gods. Then Somebody Comes Along Trippin On Acid And Makes Up This Bullshit Story Wrote Called The Bible.

  5. Sharod Miller
    March 17, 2020

    Its Manipulation Based On A Made Up Story A Lie. I Tell Ppl You Either Go Left Or Right And Whoever Pick Other Side Of You Is Your Enemy, So Theres The Solid Foundation You Got The Ppl On Left And Right Against Eachother. And About That Time You Have Control Over Both Sides All Because You Made Up A Big Situation For Them To Pick Sides Which The Situation Is a Lie. My Definition Of Religion Is, The Manipulation Of Mass Population In Order To Control, In 1700s They Didn't Know What We Do In 2013

  6. Sharod Miller
    March 17, 2020

    In The 1700s They Didn't Know About "aliens" Or Studied Evolution. Religion Is Made Up. But When You Tell These Zombies To Beieve Its Not Then In Their Mind It Is So Mentally They Think Their Able To Control Thru God Or Satan. Its All Made Up And Turned Into This Shit. A Lie A False Idea Of Reality Tho Used To Manipulate The Masses, They Picked Religion And Ran With It, If Ppl Should Worship Anybody Its The Annunaki Cause They Created Us Not "God" So Don't Take That Big Of Step Believe n A God.

  7. GiroCalcio TV
    March 17, 2020

    lol luv this flick

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