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EVIDENCE: ANCIENT ALIENS ON MARS ~ Guest Mike Bara – The Paranormal & Beyond™

December 11, 2019 By

“ANCIENT ALIENS ON MARS” Advanced Technology & Lost Civilizations ~ Special Guest Renown NY-Times Best Selling Author Mike Bara

Join us alongside world renown author Mike Bara as we discuss the anomalies on the planet Mars and how at one time this planet was inhabited by a technologically advanced civilization of beings that can possibly be the answer to our very own existence today. Tune In!

Best-selling author and Secret Space Program researcher Mike Bara brings us this lavishly illustrated discussion on alien structures on Mars. Was there once a vast, technologically advanced civilization on Mars, and did it leave evidence of its existence behind for humans to find eons later? Did these advanced extraterrestrial visitors vanish in a solar system wide cataclysm of their own making, only to make their way to Earth and start anew? Was Mars once as lush and green as the Earth, and teeming with life? Did Mars once orbit a missing member of the solar system, a “Super Earth” that vanished in a disaster that devastated life on Earth and Venus and left us only the asteroid belt as evidence of its once grand existence? Did the survivors of this catastrophe leave monuments and temples behind, arranged in a mathematical precision designed to teach us the Secret of a new physics that could lift us back to the stars? Does the planet have an automated defense shield that swallows up robotic probes if they wander into the wrong areas? And are the lights still on down there, deep below the sands of Mars, just waiting for us to uncover them?

New York Times Bestselling author Mike Bara examines all these questions and more on The Paranormal & Beyond™ Wednesday night as well as in his new book “Ancient Aliens on Mars.” Mike Bara will also discuss: War of the Worlds, The Mars Tidal Model, The Death of Mars, Cydonia and the Face on Mars, The Monuments of Mars, The Search for Life on Mars, The True Colors of Mars and The Pathfinder Sphinx.

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4 Comments on "EVIDENCE: ANCIENT ALIENS ON MARS ~ Guest Mike Bara – The Paranormal & Beyond™"

  1. Kenneth Liang
    December 11, 2019

    Our Moon isn't a planet. >:(

  2. Jon Luther
    December 11, 2019

    Nobody likes mike bara. His limp wristed attempts to sell books by sensationalizing things he can't possibly research, as there is nothing tangible for him to investigate. Just regurgitating other researchers information. How is plagiarism and speculation considered research? No one likes. You mike bara

  3. Derek James Eunson
    December 11, 2019

    Mike Bara is a complete moron. He cannot even apply a simple equation to describe orbital insertion velocity of Explorer I. Which is odd, since he says he can prove there are no such things as the laws of physics. Then he tries to use these non existent laws of physics, and of course, makes a complete arse of it. Hilarious.

  4. charles hayslip
    December 11, 2019

    Is this a video, or a fucking ad for your radio show picture?? 54.49 mins of staring at the same bullshit and that fucked up voice.

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