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They Found It!… ‘Human DNA Was Designed by Ancient Aliens’ – Scientists Report

November 26, 2019 By

“97% of human DNA is genetic code from ancient alien life forms.” scientists who spent 13 years working on the human genome have sensationally claimed…Watch Part 2 Now:

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22 Comments on "They Found It!… ‘Human DNA Was Designed by Ancient Aliens’ – Scientists Report"

  1. y.n.g rachet browne
    November 26, 2019

    wait a min holdddd up multiply 9 by 37 you will get 333 which people call the angel number but is also Jeremiah 33:3 New International Version (NIV)

    3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ but which is also the first tesla guy was hook with the number 3

  2. Mama Said
    November 26, 2019

    And what happened to Carl?

  3. Mama Said
    November 26, 2019

    A recipe. Like biscuits

  4. Design4awareness
    November 26, 2019

    At 0:11 the two main sceintists of this research are being introduced.. can someone tell me how to spell their names?

  5. Ventaran
    November 26, 2019

    It would have to be within our E.N.A. enzyme nuculi acids...

    Another words, Sirian, Illanthrian, & Olynthian genetics...

  6. FootSoldier
    November 26, 2019

    I think its greed and ego are human's flaws. We think so highly of ourselves and wanna feel special. Maybe we should open our minds and imagine endless possibilities are out there and so much we can learn from everything.

  7. DopeXchanel
    November 26, 2019

    7:40 the book is written in romanian :D

    November 26, 2019

    Excellent Paul you help me to thoroughly understand or be able to research and get answers. Thank you

  9. red pill
    November 26, 2019

    What doesn't make sense is, why make slaves? Why didn't they make robots? Why give us free will? Why give us the will to empower ourselves? Why give us the ability to love? Why not just make robots?

  10. Paradeux
    November 26, 2019

    you see what they did with einsteins knowledge. if there should be something like sacred science i think we should not be allowed to recive it. Lol ya'all better reading your bible instead of listen to what u want to belive :D some signal identical with the dna .. ive learned a shit here... jesus is at least feelable and helps u everyday

  11. LadyDanielle Zana
    November 26, 2019

    The whole thing about ETs bioengineering Earth humans as slaves is ancient "fake news"...
    1) yes Earth humans were bioengineered by ETs
    2) No not for slaves.. but as the likeness of themselves.
    3) Creating robots to mine asteroids is more efficient and practical.

  12. ambivertedtamale
    November 26, 2019

    Didn't Crick take a female scientist's information on DNA? And he took all the credit after her death?

  13. Jennifer Woodhead
    November 26, 2019

    Interesting watch

  14. SD Luedtke
    November 26, 2019

    This is between absolute nonsense and total BS. We are completely of and by this planet and any species that became smart enough do not be controlled by us was destroyed by us.

  15. Teased Flop
    November 26, 2019

    Great Content, but please be a little more objective about the title of the clip - Don't become one of the click bait content channels. PLEASE

  16. NERDCORE [Track Bangerz]
    November 26, 2019

    Been watching this channel all day! Would be cool to have a DVD compilation of this stuff. ...Sort of like a video magazine. d[o_O]p

  17. Justo GUADAMUZ
    November 26, 2019

    You think GOD just made us

  18. Pieceful Piper
    November 26, 2019

    So what should a person do if they are approached by folks telling them they are Seraphim Nephilim? confusing stuff, but i would like to hear your thoughts @Paul Wallis

  19. Christian Williams
    November 26, 2019

    Bs he talking not even right

  20. Damarys Dingui
    November 26, 2019

    Your contents are mind blowing..
    I subscribed right away..💖

  21. Alexandra Gulko
    November 26, 2019

    People will call me crazy if I told them everything. I have experienced, dreamt, remembered, or know.
    For example I have this memory, or dream of being dead. I navigated this temple like area, as a soul/ball of conscious light. Eventually my soul ended up in a dark room with a Earth projection in the center of the void. Then, these hooded, robed, monk-like, giant entities told me my life plan. I had to go back, but there was good for bad. I had to accept certain traits, and terms for my next life. I had no choice. So then I am in a new room of all these different warm, and diverse colors. I feel all kinds of love, I know everything. I meet my SO, but their soul has to stay behind/we're not together in this lifetime. Or, if they did follow me later on, they were something else to me in this life not romantic. So now I am here.
    I would get dreams/visions of places I shouldn't have experienced as a 3 year old. I would be "whispered" or pointed to truth in books. I could tell when people were lying/being fake. That type of thing.
    I am gifted with singing, different forms of -clair.
    Around the time I was in law school which wasn't my choice. I started to get messages in waking, and dreams from who I can only rationalize as the music, light, and poetry god Apollo. He told me what he thought of me. When I woke up, I realized the crows that visited me on the beach, and on my way to my home now made sense. Crows are messenger birds for gods, and Apollo held sacred a crow from another myth. I was meant to write, sing, and speak truth. But, I am also tasked to help heal the Earth's climate, and war issues. So, I volunteered to do a national service year with FEMA. A bunch of stuff happened since then, but I believe my seeing Apollo everywhere in my waking life had to do with not living my purpose.
    You can call me crazy, or you can look for the truth in what I write. I always look for the truth.

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