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Quimbaya Artifacts – Did Airplanes exist 1000 Years ago?

October 29, 2019 By


Hey guys, today, let us take a look at these strange golden artifacts in Colombia, which look like modern day airplanes. Yes, these are ancient artifacts created around 1000 years ago, and it is impossible not to think of airplanes when you see this. Not just one or two, there are seventeen strange artifacts which look like flying machines, displayed at the Gold Museum in Colombia. Remember many ancient texts around the world talk about aircraft and spacecraft, ancient Indian texts call them Vimanas. I have shown you several similarities between India and Colombia in my previous videos, even about the God of Gold. But What do mainstream archeologists say about these gold airplanes?
Archeologists claim that all these artifacts represent birds. But there is a not a single species of bird which has wings attached to its bottom. In all birds, wings are always attached at the top. So these are not birds. But in modern airplanes, we can see something spectacular – see how the wings are attached at the bottom? See how similar this design is, to the golden airplanes. . If you compare them side by side, the design is uncannily similar to one another. Another important difference is the tail. Look at the tails of these gold artifacts. These have vertical tails, pointing up, like modern aircraft. No bird has vertical tail like this, all birds have horizontal tails, which point sideways.
Even more important, biologists agree that there are no animals or birds which look like this. Some experts claim that these were just rudimentary models of birds, with errors in details, because ancient Colombians would not have paid attention to details. But I found that this is not true at all, because the most important detail is found in the Gold Museum itself. There are actual figurines of birds found in the same museum, created by the same ancient people. This is how they look. You can tell immediately that they are birds, they have eyes, they have beaks and they have actual curvy wings and horizontal tails. So to pretend that the ancient Colombian people were just making these rudimentary bird models is a false argument. Here is another bird and see how it looks. Notice how the details clearly show the wing is attached at the top of its body and its tail is pointing sideways, sharply contrasted to the airplanes. This is why most people call them ‘Quimbaya Airplanes’ because these were found in an ancient civilization called Quimbaya.

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39 Comments on "Quimbaya Artifacts – Did Airplanes exist 1000 Years ago?"

  1. PraveenMohan
    October 29, 2019

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  2. Dickk American
    October 29, 2019

    This Guy is a Conspiracy Theorist and thinks that the old Junk has some clues to Aliens, Move on bro we are in 2020 not in a 3rd word Indian village

  3. anish ambarle
    October 29, 2019

    Looks fish to me 😂

  4. Brandon Sell
    October 29, 2019

    I can't recall who but someone scaled them to RC size and they actually fly great

  5. Bharadwaj Bharat
    October 29, 2019

    So wright brothers discovered areoplane

  6. John Robert Lamonaca
    October 29, 2019

    I feel as to believe that as a grounded species, we as humanity has always quested to be knowledgeable and of progressed to flight, because the benefits of covering great distances quickly and to have sight when aeriel etc. Just to observe the birds and other natural things, would of filled them with a sped up motivation of increased human intelligence and being... And to conceive inevitably in possibly like mannered fashion as these do seem to contest - A physically made object as a blueprint for flight...

  7. Conner Gil
    October 29, 2019

    Pointing out that the wings are attached at the bottom is a really good point in which I’ve never heard before about these artifacts. Good stuff man.

  8. Matt Anderson
    October 29, 2019

    Namaste Irukingala Praveen.

  9. Fredrick Rothschild
    October 29, 2019

    Flying fish bro

  10. Vigneswar G.V
    October 29, 2019

    2:47 looks just like the bird statue u showed in one of your past video that was found in India! That's insane!

  11. Vedant Narain Agarwal
    October 29, 2019

    My mother watches your channel when ever she has time I started watching it today great content Praveen ji.

  12. R G
    October 29, 2019


  13. Nibedita Pradhan
    October 29, 2019

    Hi Praveen ,I am Nibedita I was dying to tell you something. Just a few hour ago I visited temple.What I saw completely blown me away. The temple was constructed even before the Konark sun temple of Odisha (I am from Odisha, Boudh district) The statue u explained as a doctor holding a baby upside down in Colombia; I found the same statue in that temple. And many other fascinating statue which will for sure blow u away. Please reply and give me your email so that I can send u the pictures soon. Please don't ignore reply me it can change the direction of your research. Plzzzzx

  14. anagha bhargodeo
    October 29, 2019

    Praveen Mohan is extremely irritating

  15. Law Law
    October 29, 2019

    its look like fish,u saying them as aeroplanes lol 😄


  16. Atul Vispute
    October 29, 2019


  17. VR Kumar
    October 29, 2019

    Hello, Praveen ji, would you please make a video about “ Hulikere Pushkarni” an ancient landscape (temple) in India located in Hassan, Karnataka State? “Hulikere” means “Tiger Lake” in Kannada. Huli = Tiger, Kere = Lake. It would be so great to know from you about it’s History and meaningful insights. Thank you. Happy Diwali 🌟

  18. Theresa Dailey
    October 29, 2019

    Every statue across India has some kind of wires or chains or gears , look at all their head gear, technological pieces for some kind of machine, those gold pieces also , parts to something, definitely not airplanes, It seems to me these temples, are trying to tell how to put the tech machines or gear machines, or laser equipment together. Voltage recharging stations?

  19. tirupati naik
    October 29, 2019

    Dear Praveen sir,
    Absolutely it is scientific instruments. Europeans stolen everywhere the ' technology' and said is own. But the bicycle is not a believable matter.

  20. Big Dick
    October 29, 2019

    I have never once thought they looked like airplanes.

  21. Bharat Penumutchu
    October 29, 2019

    Praveen your episode on Bhagdad Battery or Indian battery were very convincing because you have a solid demonstration. But this one not so much. The wings at the bottom means limitation in the mould process etc.

  22. Reverse Universe
    October 29, 2019

    Makes you wonder if it weren’t for birds would we be flying planes or even dragonflies would we have choppers 🚁

  23. tarunkesri
    October 29, 2019

    Google “vaimanik shastras” Mr talpade tested airplane on Mumbai shore before wright brothers all history need to be investigated and rewritten

  24. Vaibhav Shah
    October 29, 2019

    Vimanas look like rockets and quimbayas replicate modern airplanes

  25. 10 80
    October 29, 2019

    great video

  26. mahi lakshmi
    October 29, 2019

    Please watch Janakiram.Cosmictube channel.. u may get more information about ancient technology

  27. ashish javanjal
    October 29, 2019

    I am not agree with your time period theory in every videos ( i. e. 1000 to 1500 years ago ) . You gives all the information correct except the time period . Are influenced by Christ period ?

  28. IndianPatriot
    October 29, 2019

    They are models of fish

  29. *************
    October 29, 2019

    If that are airplanes then why not in indian temples were not documented with it since even the bicycle was sculptured in one of the Hindu temples you shown and a space craft were illustrated in Jain temple however no ordinary planes?

  30. Brian W.
    October 29, 2019

    They look like an artistic style of fish, and flying fish. They also appear to have faces.

  31. Kalk Gaming
    October 29, 2019

    Rain bandu is not original inventer of plan

  32. HostileLemons
    October 29, 2019

    Most likley a model of flying insects...not aeroplanes

  33. m e
    October 29, 2019

    Before Wright Brothers an Indian in 1895 invented plane tested successfully but Britain hided it for whites supremacy.

  34. Murugan D
    October 29, 2019

    Mainstream experts : definitely a coincidence....

  35. Jason Titley
    October 29, 2019

    If people wernt murdered even slaughtered over the generations we would probably no what these artifacts people no more war so our generations won't be as clueless as we are .

  36. Ros
    October 29, 2019

    Naveen ur are right they are (viman)or could be Flying fish or some extinct species

  37. usha singh
    October 29, 2019

    Bhai tumhari to sui atak gai h 1000 years pe. According to you all the monuments and historical artefacts in the world are only around of 1000 years. I am not agree with your time period, you are influenced by communists, they never go before Jesus Christ in the history. This artefact is much more older than 1000 years.

  38. Avi J
    October 29, 2019

    Its clearly ancient flying machines from another world and had capacity of interstellar traveling

  39. Bryan Bowen
    October 29, 2019

    When that was made we made extra parts, I can't remember the entire design though it was only built to travel on earth. Atlantis ships were space grade. I remember the power source for the atlantis power plants and ships.

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