9 Mind Blowing Conspiracy Theories About The Earth's Oceans!

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Though usually rooted in some sort of truth and oftentimes backed by science, oceanic mysteries such as sea creatures, government plots, lost cities, and even alien sightings have surfaced with massive amounts of evidence. Here are 9 Mind Blowing Conspiracy Theories About The Earth’s Oceans!

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9. Our Planet Has A Secret, Mystery Ocean That Nobody’s Ever Seen
We live in the age of Google maps where everything is easily mapped, yet still, a conspiracy theory exists about an unseen and undiscovered ocean. What’s insane is that it’s actually plausible. In fact, several credible scientific researchers insist on this information to be true. So where is the mystery ocean hiding?

8. Atlantis Was in Antarctica
Famed classical Greek philosopher Plato penned a story so famous that it kept conspiracy theorists guessing for thousands of years. With great detail, he described a fictional island that sunk as a result of warmongering and human greed. The island was called Atlantis and nobody knows whether or not it was real.

7. The Whole Pacific Is Brimming With Radiation From Fukushima
It’s been several decades since Chernobyl and irradiated animals are still roaming the earth. Many of them have mutated and are highly radioactive. Of course, this didn’t prevent people from going ahead and offsetting yet another nuclear disaster that’s rumored to still be leaking 300 tons of radioactive waste in the Pacific every day.

6. The Titanic Was Either A Big Illuminati Setup Or A Giant Insurance Scam
Some believe that the Titanic never actually sunk or may have been sunk to make way for the Federal Reserve. The first riveting theory that set this rumor to sail involved the Freemasons, whom most know as the Illuminati.

5. Aliens Built Pyramids On The Ocean Floor of The Bermuda Triangle
One of the ocean’s most intriguing aspects is the elusive Bermuda Triangle. But was it really built by aliens, who used crystals with magical properties to trap humans in their wake? According to a newly surfaced rumor, absolutely. As the story goes, a doctor discovered a crystal pyramid in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle that is triple the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

4. The ‘Stranger Things’ Scenario Really Happened In Philadelphia’s Naval Shipyard
This next conspiracy theory will take you right into the realm of the upside-down. It’s the complex premise that inspired the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things. The root of the conspiracy theory has nothing to with psychics and monsters, but rather, it’s about invisible ships. Essentially this hypothesis describes an eerie Philadelphia military experiment that was supposed to bend light around the navy ship the USS Eldridge, thus making the ship invisible to the naked eye.

3. The Baltic Sea Contains Remains Of An Old Flying Saucer
In the summer of 2011, the Ocean X team unearthed a mesmerizing find on the floor of the Baltic Sea. Scientists confirmed that their discovery was a glacial deposit, but many conspiracy theorists remain unconvinced. The leader of the Ocean X team, Peter Lindberg, states that the object his team found had to have been developed before the Ice Age due to the type of rock formations found inside.

2. The 2004 Tsunami Was An Underwater Nuclear Weapons Test
The ‘Ring of Fire’ is a giant circle consisting of 25,000 miles worth of volcanoes. According to National Geographic, the region is the underlying cause of 90% of the planet’s earthquakes. So, in 2004, when the Ring exploded and took the lives of 150,000 people, drowning whole villages in its wake, many authorities suspected foul play.

1. The Kraken Appeared On Google Earth Footage
We can’t have a list of mind-blowing conspiracies without the involvement of the Kraken. Stories of sea monsters have swirled since pirates featured the mythical beasts on their own weathered maps—as either an indicator to steer clear of particular waters or forewarn others of past sightings there. The Kraken is by far the most famous of them all, said to be a 100-foot-long, tentacle clad monster with a hearty appetite for humans.


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