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Purpose of the Mayan Calendar Revealed | Ancient Aliens Truth | Idraak Documentary | YouTube

October 1, 2019 By

Why the Mayan calendars were created utterly different from the rest of the world? Was the Mayan sacred calendar devised according to the days of the dimension of the Mayan gods aka the dimension of the jinn? Why it was called sacred? Was this calendar made according to the dates of certain esoteric rituals and ceremonies? Was this calendar a binding source between Mayans and their gods? According to Marcus De Paz, the complicated Mayan chronological system seems to have been created by one person, although data about the movements of the sun and the moon had been accumulated for many centuries.
Who is this one person? An Alien? A human? Or A Jinn? or Satan himself?

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  1. thanos 66
    October 1, 2019

    Make a video on Atlantis and Mu plzzzzzzzz

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