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UFO – Chichen Itza 1100 AD, The Mayan Ancient Alien and His Sarcophagus 2011 (HD 1080p).mp4

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The ruins of Chichen Itza illustrate the glory and majesty of one of the largest cities built by the Maya. These ruins are also impressions of influences attributable to the Toltecs, who came from central Mexico. The site presents a set of pyramids, temples and terraces remarkably well preserved. Chichen Itza enjoyed great growth between the seventh and ninth centuries AD. AD but was abandoned shortly thereafter. The city was repopulated in the twelfth century, when the Toltecs from central Mexico invaded the Yucatan and began to mix their culture with that of the Maya.

Of gods and warriors of the two cultures are represented in stone carvings are still visible today. The city was abandoned again in the fourteenth century, but without losing its status as a place of pilgrimage.

A small museum at the main entrance, features sculptures, reliefs and showcases the history maya.L one of the first buildings you see when entering the site name El Castillo is 24 m height. At the top, you will enjoy excellent views across the site. This pyramid was built in the eighth century, well before the arrival of the Toltecs, but was later amended to incorporate themes Toltec. The temple at the summit is dedicated to Kukulcán, the feathered serpent who was one of the most important gods of the Toltec culture.

Archaeologists and numerologists speculated that this pyramid could represent the Mayan calendar carved in stone. Four steps oriented towards the cardinal points each have 91 steps. By adding the upper platform, we have a total of 365, a march for each day of the solar calendar.

To the west of El Castillo is one of seven ball fields where we practiced a religious game that sometimes ended in human sacrifice. Sculptures located near this location are also players decapitated. This court, 135 m long and 65 meters wide, is surrounded by walls of stone and has amazing acoustic properties, sound, bringing to nearly far enough.

The Temple of the Bearded man, named after an image that appears on one of its walls, has several columns and carved bas-reliefs. The Temple of the Jaguars, nearby reveals columns and tables surrounded by sculptures of snakes and jaguars. At the Temple of Skulls, located between the temple of the Jaguars and El Castillo, you’ll see a stone platform showing rows of human skulls and eagles tearing human hearts. Equally horrific images appear on another platform nearby.

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10 Comments on "UFO – Chichen Itza 1100 AD, The Mayan Ancient Alien and His Sarcophagus 2011 (HD 1080p).mp4"

  1. rick kill
    September 30, 2019

    I went there a couple years ago the vibe of that place is unnerving and amazing . The colors thou it was jaw dropping . Especially when you walk in after getting the front gate you turn a corner and there it is where Latinos Started . What took me back like I say was the colors aqua blue sky super white clouds forest green emerald green and of course the temple all the buildings It’s trippy I can keep going if you ever have the chance go . That would be so cool if the restored all the Mayan n Aztec ruins to there full glory .

  2. Andres Lopez
    September 30, 2019

    Great video super detailed

  3. JoshuaJustListens
    September 30, 2019

    great soundtrack

  4. Rubin Schmidt
    September 30, 2019

    Gobekli Tepe.... 15,000 years old.. The animals and reptiles are portrayed alive. The humans are shown, headless. .... Chichen Itza..... 915 years old, the reptiles are still there, and the heads turn up, in the form of skulls. SOMETHING FUNNY GOING ON. !!!

  5. Dav C
    September 30, 2019

    Buenas a todo el mundo.
    Fuí de visita a México y esto es lo que grabé en Chichén Itzá:
    Ovni captado
    Si conocen a alguien  que estuviera ahí esas fechas les rogaría que le dijeran que revisen sus vídeos o fotografías para cotejar datos.
    Muchas gracias.

    September 30, 2019

    muchos saludos mi hermano.

  7. Debra Agostini
    September 30, 2019

    good video to watch

  8. Definitivamente es un paraiso en la tierra.

  9. yfall2010
    September 30, 2019

    Well done... Some pictures resemble the shape shifting object I recorded. What a trip!

  10. commandorando123
    September 30, 2019

    Very nice, thank you.

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