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WTF!!! History Channel CENSORED 'Ancient Aliens' scene of Mohammed painting!!! SCANDAL!!!

September 24, 2019 By

In s12e12 of the History Channel TV show ‘Ancient Aliens’ there is a short scene showing an old painting that depicts the fairy tale of the prophet Mohammed on his flying horse.

And the shocker is:
The head/face of Mohammed in the scene was blurred, I assume out of this insane political correctness crap that’s poisoning our societies for some time now! WTF!!! :-O #MadAsHell

That really brings my blood to a boil, to see that these days pretty much everyone in the mainstream media is kowtowing like a little bitch to this archaic, anti-civilizing, brutalized, extremly violent, world domination striving, abhorrent murder sect called Islam! IT IS DISGUSTING!!!

FUCK THAT “…we just don’t want to offend…” political correctness shit, and that goes for all religions!!! Because all of them are utterly and equally stupid and insane!!! #FuckAllReligions

What really is utterly ridiculous is that this self-censorship of the media seems to only pertain to the despicable, throat-slicing ideology of Islam and no other so called religions! I wonder why that is… NOT!!!

Have you ever in your whole life seen for example a documentary where they showed an old painting or sculpture of a prophet or god of one of the other 4000 religions out there, where the face of that dude (Yahweh, Zeus, Horus, Odin, Vishnu etc.) was then blurred in order to protect the childish feelings of the followers of that specific religion??? I guess the answer is pretty obvious: NEVER EVER, NO!!!

Makes one think, right?!

I guess the “religion of peace”, through all its oppression, bloodshed and terror, especially in the last couple of years, has managed to intimidate western society already to a point of ridiculous self-censorship, which is utterly pathetic! #GoFuckYourself You leftists, socialists, communists, Antifa, SJW pricks who don’t understand that Islam is a cancer that can’t be placated and will not stop trying to subjugate the whole world!!!

Mohammed was a pedophile warmonger who only brought pain, suffering and terror over the world while trying to conquer it, and this insane practice seems to have not changed a bit over the last 1400 years and it frighteningly seems to undergo a real renaissance these days! :-O

I personally think it is a real scandal that the History Channel kowtowed in this manner to this abhorrent ideology!!!

That behavior only signals that apparently their brutal violence will get them what they want, AND WE CAN NOT EVER ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN!!! #FuckPoliticalCorrectness #StandUpAndFightBack

Looking forward to what YOU think, let me know in the comments.


2 Comments on "WTF!!! History Channel CENSORED 'Ancient Aliens' scene of Mohammed painting!!! SCANDAL!!!"

  1. Huzaifah Shaikh
    September 24, 2019

    Ofcourse because Muslims are not allowed to draw the of Prophets or make statues..are you that ignorant about Islam?

  2. gburgs
    September 24, 2019

    Ha I just searched this to make sure I wasn’t tripping. Wtf

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