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What If Ancient Aliens Built The Pyramids? | Unveiled

September 5, 2019 By

Did aliens build the pyramids? According to some theories, the ancient Egyptian monuments actually have extraterrestrial origins… History tells us that these magnificent structures are definitely, 100% man-made, but how would life on Earth be different if we had proof that they weren’t? What would happen if the Great pyramids really were built by aliens?

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29 Comments on "What If Ancient Aliens Built The Pyramids? | Unveiled"

  1. Unveiled
    September 5, 2019

    Did Humans Live on Mars Before Earth? -->

  2. MrEnjoivolcom1
    September 5, 2019

    You're leaving out SOO much vital information. To say the pyramids do not line up with Orion is only half true. The stars were not in the same position thousands of years ago. So when the pyramids were built, the stars quite possibly were aligned just right. Secondly, you failed to mention the body of the little girl found in the Atacoma Desert was only 3 inches tall. Yeah! I could go on, but I believe you get my point.

  3. Dr Gunsmith
    September 5, 2019

    Aliens did build them or at least helped a unknown civilisation and they are way older than the Egyptians.

  4. Jason Edwards
    September 5, 2019

    What if the permeds are markers for aliens like we use for wild animals to learn about them. To them we are simply the local wildlife and the permeds are there to see if we can figure out the puzzle they hold and what level our intelligence is at.

  5. Fluffy Earl
    September 5, 2019

    wait, didnt they?

  6. eaz sent
    September 5, 2019

    Ok but there is just as many holes problems as to just people building them as well such a long time ago to. My opinion.

  7. AM 78
    September 5, 2019

    Wild theory.....what if ancient north Africans built the pyramids?

  8. thisiszaphod
    September 5, 2019

    So as an alien, you spend billions on a flying saucer, and state of their art technology, but you use a load of old rocks as a landing platform, and a load of old stones to build a pyramid.


  9. Andrew Mackey
    September 5, 2019

    Possibly the most misinformed video on the Pyramids on YouTube.

  10. fruckler bullpit
    September 5, 2019

    What if hawARSE was an honest cunt?..

  11. gcirc
    September 5, 2019

    Why aliens because you dont want to believe black people built it

  12. MrFresh3991
    September 5, 2019

    It's more plausible that the pyramid were built by an ancient civilization we dont know anymore

  13. OnePointSix12
    September 5, 2019

    Q: "What If Ancient Aliens Built The Pyramids?" The answer according to Unveiled: It would alter our understanding. Brilliant. You guys didn't even bother to inject any rational inquiry into why so many people make the leap of... "aliens did it". Ever hear of Occam's Razor? Why not label and dissect all the magical and delusional thinking, that way you can help to take away some of its power. The reason you don't is you intend to perpetuate this garbage and feed the gullible. The longer these irrational thought patterns are allowed to continue, the more likely they are to become ingrained, lifelong habits of type one thinking. Videos like this are just harmful. Terrible video.

  14. Kevin Holt
    September 5, 2019

    This video is full of shit

  15. Joseph Design
    September 5, 2019

    It maybe not constructed by aliens, but It's not a tomb, and not built by Egyptians, maybe you know all this you just want someone like me to comment😁,
    I think it could be from another batch (civilization) of Earth people. Which maybe we will all be wipe one time in the future then slowly surviving human specie like a primitive to slowly become hi tech like we are now, thanks

  16. C J C
    September 5, 2019

    I doubt aliens did, it’s been proven that man power can build the pyramids.

  17. Avi Bhavsar
    September 5, 2019

    What if: What if?
    Unveiled: What if?
    What if: 🤨?????????

  18. Andi McGaw
    September 5, 2019

    4500 yrs? A lot of archaeologist believe it's closer to 10000 years

  19. Felicia Heiskell
    September 5, 2019

    On Teen Titans the cartoon it says that big foot, the loch ness monster & the aliens built the pyramids🤷🏾‍♀️

  20. Sativa G
    September 5, 2019

    No. The black egyptians did.

  21. Rodary Windsor Cleveland
    September 5, 2019

    Yeah they did, they're usually on history channel talking about it!. XP they're trying to remember how!.

  22. Michael Castaneda
    September 5, 2019

    What if we couldextend the timeline vertically at any given point inspace , fill that amplitude in time with inorganic goods and sterilized materials and "move" them to a different location onthe space-time line?Think of the possibilities...%

  23. Emerald Wind
    September 5, 2019

    Ancient Astronaut theorists say YES.

  24. ryan hulla
    September 5, 2019

    Also the case on the Atacama humanoid is still on going, as researchers still differ on their hypotheses over the organism with support for each view point.

  25. ryan hulla
    September 5, 2019

    Well colonialism bias doesn't hold up as most individuals who subscribe to the AA theory believe Stonehenge is also constructed by AA.

  26. Jwb52z
    September 5, 2019

    If "Ancient Aliens" built the pyramids, that makes everyone born of Egyptian ancestry part alien, but then, a lot of conspiracy nuts believe that too.

  27. Aina Castillo
    September 5, 2019

    The Egyptians and Israelites built it. Case Closed.

  28. Cooper Cooper
    September 5, 2019

    But who cares! Someday we will take a time machine & find out for sure!

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