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Strange creature caught trying to hide from camera on ancient aliens

August 29, 2019 By

This strange creature was caught slowly creeping into a volcano on new ancient aliens tv show island of fire episode roughly at 19min in. What are you thought on what it is? A grey sloth in Hawaii? The head appears with a enlogated neck larger then any videos of a sloth ive seen. Did the producers know it was there? Was it over looked? What do you think? Can we get some answers from the camera person or tv crew. Help solve with your comments.


2 Comments on "Strange creature caught trying to hide from camera on ancient aliens"

  1. jAke.420
    August 29, 2019

    Definitely not an animal.. that’s weird as fuck

  2. erick w
    August 29, 2019

    My camera on my phone isn't all that well the creature is seen at roughly 19 minutes in on the islands of Fire episode of Ancient Aliens if you can find it on your own to watch a clear video

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