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World's Largest Stone Tablet Reveals Advanced Ancient Technology – Gal Potha, Sri Lanka

August 18, 2019 By


Hey guys, I am in the ancient city of Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka, and here we can see this gigantic stone artifact, it is nearly 27 feet long, four and a half feet wide and is made of one solid block of granite. There are many fascinating details about this, and archeologists in Sri Lanka have not fully studied its secrets. To start with, this is the largest, freestanding stone tablet in the world. It has 4300 characters written on it, most of which are still readable today even though it was created 800 years ago. The original name of this is not known, but is referred to as “Gal Potha” which means a “Stone Book”. A few years ago, experts analyzed this rock and found something extraordinary. They found small traces of metal inside many of these inscribed letters and realized that molten metal was poured over this block. However, archeologists have no idea why this was done. Why would ancient builders create a large stone block with inscriptions and then pour molten metal over it? Today, we are going to find the answer to this question.
To understand this, I decided to make a small scale model of what the ancient builders would have done. Imagine that this red wooden block is the large granite rock. Now, I am punching my name on the face of the wooden block – this is similar to the inscriptions on the stone. After finishing the inscription, ancient workers poured molten metal over it, which would have solidified after some time. I decided to pour silicone paste on top of the writings and let’s just wait for it to solidify. Now, archeologists have no idea why molten metal was poured on top of it, but ancient builders must have clearly had a good reason to melt metal and pour on top of the rock. After a few hours, the silicone paste has solidified and now, what should I do with this? My natural instinct is to use some force and separate the silicone from the block. And when I looked at the face of the solidified silicone, I can see the mirror image of my name, at a raised level. This is really fantastic, this is what the ancient builders would have done. The next step would be to put some kind of ink on top of this and we can take any cloth and look at this, when I press the two together, I am able to print my name. Now, I can use this solidified silicone like a rubber stamp to print any number of times, today this technology is called block printing. We still use this on clothes. But you can see that ancient builders were using this printing technique at least 800 years ago. After pouring molten metal on the rock and waiting for it to solidify, they would have taken the metal plate out and used it as a stamp and printed enormous number of posters, banners etc and posted it around the city.
But this raises an important question, what is the need to create the inscription on the rock, why not just create the embossed stamp on the metal directly? Because, the stone tablet was created as a master template with which many stamps or dies can be created. Using the stone tablet, many metal dies would have been created by repeatedly pouring molten metal and then taking the solidified plates out. These metal plates would have been transported to various parts of Sri Lanka, and people would have then used large cloths as banners and created thousands of banners and would have placed them in nooks and corners. This centralized template system eliminates the possibility of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that can creep in, if individual metal plates were created separately.
Today governments use printers and are able to create a large number of propaganda material and post them to the nook and corner to influence or even brainwash people. What does the ancient inscription contain? It also contains 800 year old government propaganda, if you look at what is written on it, it explains how the King must be respected and protected at all cost, it also warns people if they go against the king or reveal his secrets they would be dead. It establishes a strict set of rules to be followed by everyone in his kingdom, this is why he created a centralized template which could be used in various parts of Sri Lanka.

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    August 18, 2019

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  2. OutlawBrahmanism S.
    August 18, 2019

    Buddhist were Hindus? The British did it? Not so according to historical, archeological and scriptural sources. Even Hindu sources considered Buddhism and Jainism as different religions until Hindutva propaganda came along. Just refer to the hateful comments in the Puranas regarding Buddhism being completely different. I like your videos but on this one I have to tell you that you are giving false information. More Hindutva obfuscation my friend. There was no hotchpotch Hinduism at the time of the Buddha. Hinduism was created later when brahmins hijacked all other traditions under their flag called now Hinduism. Only Brahmanism/Vedic religion(cult of animal sacrifice including cows), and the non Vedic Shramanic traditions that the Buddha was born into existed at the time of Siddhartha and Mahavira. The Buddha and Mahavira both completely rejected the Vedas as having any spiritual value like all Shramana did at that time. To accept the sanctity of the Vedas is the first prerequisite of being a Hindu. The Buddha and Mahavira both completely rejected the existence of an universal being etc, but yet the Hindus cannot help but try to hijack yet another religion the same way they did with Kapila and Yoga etc, and call it tolerance. Amazing grace and tolerance! It is disappointing that a super intelligent guy like you would contribute to Hindutva propaganda. Remember, Buddhists never consider themselves Hindus and this did not start with the British. There are irreconcilable fundamental differences at the very core that could never count these two as one. Most historians except revisionist Hindutva fanatics would disagree with me on this issue. I hope you are not the latter because I really respect what you do for India's past. Best Wishes

  3. Joey Siddle
    August 18, 2019

    The block is more than 800 years old, more like 13,000 years old, the writing was inscribed 800 years ago. I am coming to India, better than Egypt or peru!!!!

  4. curtis wright
    August 18, 2019

    Funny, some things never change.

  5. Ab Muzzy
    August 18, 2019

    What does it mean? = "Death by the repetition of charms" ?

  6. Mei Ling Liu
    August 18, 2019

    Good demonstration !

  7. EM Tutorials
    August 18, 2019

    this ignorant man is lying to his best by saying "all buddhists were hindus(7:27-7:32)". Mr.Praveen, please don't try to change a history someone else's country to make it suit to your pathetic nonsense.

  8. Dana
    August 18, 2019

    It makes more sense that the metal traces came from the carving tools. What does the stone say that was worth such effort?

  9. Krishna Kulkarni
    August 18, 2019

    Mr praveen good job r showiing fullfillness of Hindu culture to world thnx

  10. jesusoftheapes
    August 18, 2019

    sorry the difference between pouring silicon rubber over smooth wood VS pouring molten metal onto porous rocks is insanely different !

  11. Jacob Rawles
    August 18, 2019

    Sir you are very intelogen. Great job of putting all the small clues together to make a coherent explination.

  12. Wendy-lee Morris Sirrom
    August 18, 2019

    So reading was known by these people’s or was it read out to them. ?

  13. Georgi Kanchev
    August 18, 2019

    Do you have any information about what was that alloy made from?

  14. marti adams
    August 18, 2019


  15. Ravi K
    August 18, 2019

    Kal means stone. It is a tamil word. Not gal. Potha means puthakam(book)in tamil.

  16. Jaya Lakshmi
    August 18, 2019

    R u a srilanlan

  17. Juan Manuel Morales
    August 18, 2019

    I know how they move this big rocks. And what type of rods they use

  18. Ramamurthy kumara raja
    August 18, 2019

    Fan of you thalaiva🙏🙏

  19. Chandramohan R
    August 18, 2019

    What is the script used in these tablets

  20. Kanhaiya Sharma
    August 18, 2019

    Buddhism is not a separate religion, it's a part of Hinduism 100%

  21. zuhair rana
    August 18, 2019

    Ive been watching ur videos for 24 hours

  22. zuhair rana
    August 18, 2019

    Man hu r u

  23. abani kumar Behera
    August 18, 2019

    At 6:12, I can see Kalingas were the ruler and preferred heir of Sri Lanka. Kalingas are the legacy name of current state of Odisha in India. I believe this is kind of a period when Kalingas were in boom and during +/- 400 years, they had built many giant structures like Konark etc. They used to have war amongst Magadha, Chola and Pandyas. Keeping the fascinating scriptions aside, definitely this is another master piece and a different level of decoding the ancient findings..kudos!!!

  24. fernando guzman
    August 18, 2019

    So awsome

  25. vijaya fernando
    August 18, 2019

    Thank you Praveen . excellent work again

  26. TěćH world
    August 18, 2019

    Thank god u didn't drag aliens in this ..😁

  27. Antonio Favaretti
    August 18, 2019

    ...grande Praveen !...grazie

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