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Ancient Aliens On Mars: The Temple Facade, Entrance, Ancient Columns and Lintel

August 18, 2019 By

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11 Comments on "Ancient Aliens On Mars: The Temple Facade, Entrance, Ancient Columns and Lintel"

  1. Rolly Leclerc
    August 18, 2019

    Sedimentary rock all over the place. This platform structure is called a mesa and what looks like buildings are due to erosion... sorry, I don't see any kind of alien artificial structure. Maybe you could get a basic geology course... just saying...

  2. Szabolcs Szederkényi
    August 18, 2019

    On the Earth these buildings are monumental larges. I don't know why can not include these videos the size ranges of these martian objects. As I can see barely reach the size of a few cubic meters, at most. Although Mars is smaller than Earth. Smaller planet is equal smaller buildings? And what about the residents? Are they smaller if their buildings are smaller?
    Who knows? Me not.

    August 18, 2019

    just look my channel

  4. Chancellor Merkelisms
    August 18, 2019


  5. Joe Garcia
    August 18, 2019

    This is good but we need definitive proof. Not out of focus pics. Pics like these are a dime a dozen.

  6. Char Gordon
    August 18, 2019

    what SOL is this from?

  7. Gaia Legend
    August 18, 2019

    The first part: That can't be a rock, way too different in shape and matter.
    The second part: Way too distorted to make much of it. Even though I believe it is something, I have to say that I am not sure what I am seeing here. So I leave that one out. How did you find this?

  8. Hand And Hand
    August 18, 2019

    Good job liked

  9. лев Жерар
    August 18, 2019

    wow very well I love your videos BEST ERIC 👍👍👍

  10. motcybandit
    August 18, 2019

    Keep up your amazing work.

  11. Daniel Williams
    August 18, 2019


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