Ancient Aliens – a speculative mediumship reading with heaven

August 1, 2019 By

Ancient Aliens, the television show, is a great example of research and speculation about our past. Many historic sites around our world have been uncovered through archaeology or by accident. Mayan ruins have overgrown, stone villages in Europe and Arab lands have been covered with soil, sand and ash. There are many more possible sites to uncover. We can find fossils of species of animals that no longer exist and we are able to use carbon dating on human remains that were found disconnected from our civilizations paths. Can we use our natural human gifts of mediumship, psychic, intuitive or empathic to speculate more about our history and our human origins on planet Earth…

I’m hearing names for my guides: Charles Darwin, Czar Francis, Martin Luther King Jr., Jacqueline Kennedy & Grandma Myrtle Cornett

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