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Nazi UFO 卐 Bell Flying Saucer Cover up Ancient Alien UFO Secret Technology 👽 the History Project 3

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Nazi UFO 卐 Bell Flying Saucer Cover up Ancient Alien UFO Secret Technology 👽 the History Project YouTube Playlist

Nazi Bell – Secret Flying Saucers
This is not another film about flakes and weirdos it’s a true story about how real flying saucers were developed secretly …right under our noses. The first “flying saucer” spotted by an American pilot over Mount Washington in 1947.

Nazi UFO Flying Saucer
He coined the phrase of the disc-shaped craft that hovered above him and heralded the age of UFOs (unidentified flying objects).

Additional Information:

History Project UFOs The Real History
UFO spotters became convinced these were spacecraft flown by aliens. Governments and the media scoffed at the idea of Alien transport but others knew better.

Flying Saucer Technology
Under cover of the popular hysteria fueled sensationalist newspaper reports, Hollywood movie scripts. Scientists secretly designing, building and piloting real flying saucers.

Nazi Ancient aliens
A story of the man-made flying saucers, more than 50 years of development during which governments invested heavily in the promising anti-gravity flying machines from secret projects – mysterious lights seen in the skies.

Nazi Scientists
Attempts at building flying saucers had been made in the 1920’s and in 1944. As the Allies overran Nazi Germany, brilliant aircraft designers learned the secrets of the Third Reich’s saucer development as post-war military effort to win the Cold War.

UFO Design
Secret design headquarters were set up. The British Ministry of Defense issued dismissive statements of “flying saucer” sightings while the Government poured millions of pounds into a secret project, known as Project Y.

Nazi Moon Base
By 1960, the first saucers from the Avro Company were flying. Declassified footage shows the two-man ‘flying jeep’ saucer on test flights. The military denied further development but supersonic craft were recorded everywhere.

Government Alien Secrets
The US government began a public relations exercise called Project Blue Book. Its sustained campaign to discredit flying saucer sightings provided a smokescreen for the funding of an even more remarkable anti-gravity project the forerunner of the formerly top secret Stealth Bomber.

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Nazi UFO Technology Third Reich

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7 Comments on "Nazi UFO 卐 Bell Flying Saucer Cover up Ancient Alien UFO Secret Technology 👽 the History Project 3"

  1. livingselfsufficient
    July 25, 2019

    Playlist 👽
    Video Timestamp Links [ 5:00 10:00 ]

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  2. Greg Chase
    July 25, 2019


    You have to apply technique similar to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to certain metals (just like electric circuits only work with certain metals) and you can create a local gravity field and reduce inertia.

    If you apply NMR-like technique to materials like bismuth, aluminum and others, you
    1) align all the atoms by way of an intensely strong magnetic field
    2) then oscillate the atoms at their Larmor frequency, and KEEP oscillating them

    This gradually reduces inertia in that metal (bismuth or aluminum or... etc.). And creates a gravity field. Gravity is simply a decline in inertia that grows more intense the closer you get to Earth's atoms.

    Thought experiment here. Take the outer shell of the Earth with its gravity still working. Turn the shell inside out. Stand inside the hollow shell. With gravity still working, it is pulling you towards the inner walls of the hollow shell - because you turned Earth's outer layer inside out and you're standing inside that shell.

    Do you feel inertia when you're falling? NO. Gravity is a uniform reduction of inertia and it's caused by the huge number of atoms; gravity is a declining gradient of inertia. This is why you don't feel inertia when you fall.

    To prove that, you'll discover that accelerometers *do not work* when falling in Earth's gravity "acceleration" of 9.8 m/s^2. Accelerometers require inertia to function. There is not enough inertia in the downward direction, 'accelerating' to Earth at 9.8m/s^2, to allow the accelerometer to work.

    Okay back to the inside-out shell of Earth, you're inside the hollow shell, gravity's pulling you -- IN EVERY DIRECTION. Towards the walls - in every direction.

    You do not feel inertia if you're already FALLING.

    And that's how they make right angle turns at speed.

    They apply NMR-like magnetic and oscillating fields to Bismuth or Aluminum or...etc. and the inside of the shell creates its own gravity.

    Like the whistleblower Bill Uhouse said in this disclousure starting at time 7:33 that - "they create their own gravity field".

    You must use 1/2 spin nuclei material and NMR principles at high field strengths to eliminate inertia and create the artificial gravity field.

    This whistleblower shows how far the military was back in the 1950s. Remember, by 1953 our government had spent 12 years studying the tech inside the Cape Girardeau, Missouri disk crash that our military recovered. Roswell was later. 1941, Cape Girardeau, that got the military started on disk tech.
    Here's this other whistleblower. Stand by to be amazed. If they were this far ahead in the 1950s, how much further along are they today.
    Like Ben Rich said, before mysteriously dying of cancer, "We have the technology to take E.T. back home. Anything you can think of, we already have it. But it would take an act of god to get it out to benefit the public."


  3. Chanaka
    July 25, 2019

    the ufos are invisible. The people inside are invisible and when they are outside. They are human not aliens. Aliens is a fraud. They are using this technology to walk into your homes unnoticed. They are rapist and child molesters. the nazi created ufos but they did not invent them. they stole the secret. they dress tortured people up as aliens and put fake skull and color their skin. they use brain control to control them. these people are brain controlling the entire population. They are serious criminals and murders. They are doing serious crime and it's going unnoticed. They are murdering and doing unimaginable crime. The alien bs is to distract you. They have invisibility and using it and brain control to control people. the government is so stupid that these people are in their offices stealing their secrets without getting noticed. They are living freely without working as they freeload and steal from stores without getting noticed.

  4. furestful
    July 25, 2019

    In late 1953, a group of U.S. defence experts visited Avro Canada to view the new CF-100 fighter jet. Somewhere along the way, Frost co-opted the tour and rerouted it to the Special Projects area where he proceeded to show off the Project Y mock-up and models and drawings (some never before seen by senior company officials)
    Possible connections…,2880089&hl=en,3343934&hl=en

    In late 1953!! Immigrant scientist came to Canada in September of the same year!?

  5. WildPhotoShooter
    July 25, 2019

    America got the majority of German scientists after the war to see if they were developing flying saucer technology , anti gravity stuff.
    The fact that seventy years later nothing has been used in U.S. defence or in any wars must indicate that Hitler failed to develop anything close.

  6. cafu8012
    July 25, 2019

    Great great! You are good at finding all thise videos! I know I said it before..
    But I'll say it againe!

  7. Masud Harouny
    July 25, 2019

    I am a believer but unlike you I have scientific evidence.

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