How The Illuminati Control The Education System (This Video Got Deleted)

July 25, 2019 By

How The Illuminati Control The Education System (This Video Got Deleted) So watch this before it gets deleted.

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46 Comments on "How The Illuminati Control The Education System (This Video Got Deleted)"

  1. sab bros
    July 25, 2019

    You know how hard it is in many countries to find good craftsmen? (or women?) If I had kids I made sure they'd become a good carpenter/electrician or plumber. They'd never be without work and have a real job that people actually need! Plus they'd make good money without the student loans, at least in least that is my experience. I'm sure not a walk in the park but currently it is harder to find an available electrician than anything else!

  2. Tulare County Cop Watch
    July 25, 2019

    And our rights

  3. Tulare County Cop Watch
    July 25, 2019

    Thank u I'm trying to teach about law

  4. Jacqueline Romero
    July 25, 2019

    Why is he wearing an eye symbol? That's an iluminati propaganda. What if this iluminati group wants you to know this?

  5. Force Kin
    July 25, 2019

    Why would you want a doctor to know English, history, and math? So that our doctors dont come across as idiots, to begin with. I should hope my doctor's grasp of English would be better than mine. History is important for people in general to know perhaps for ethical reasons. Think about the next Hitler asking you to be his experimental doctor. Learning these extra courses makes a person more sophisticated anyway as the brain has to learn a variety of things.

    That having been said, I'm working on a business degree and all - ALL - of my courses are business related. So I dont know where this is coming from.

  6. mocros rule tha world
    July 25, 2019


  7. mocros rule tha world
    July 25, 2019

    They want to be luke lil pump lol

  8. mocros rule tha world
    July 25, 2019

    We know this !!!! The problem is people dont care !!!!

  9. Saint Saiyan
    July 25, 2019

    is this the same with private schools?

  10. 這樣就是
    July 25, 2019

    This word is so satanic

  11. Powerful Libra
    July 25, 2019

    Literally confirms my beliefs🔥🙌🏼

  12. Tom greenwood
    July 25, 2019

    What happend to his eyes

  13. Yunus Altın
    July 25, 2019

    There is no proof you show. Another illuminati, another "school is bad!!!! Wake up!!!" video. Could be true, but concrete proof would be nice. At least books like "The Crisis of Democracy" quotes would be solid. Or "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars"

  14. T V
    July 25, 2019

    Good thing ive got the GI Bill.
    They pretty much pay me to go to school.

  15. NuHaNoViCh
    July 25, 2019

    You said that school doesnt teach you about rights and laws.Here in Slovenia in Primary school we have a special class called “ethics” in which we learn about laws and rights.I dont know about other parts of the world but here we have that.Everything else you said is truth!

  16. DMD Art etc
    July 25, 2019

    I love this video .. thats all that i could say..

  17. karis mccann
    July 25, 2019

    my dad continuously asks what i want to do after high school and i’m literally only gonna go to community college the 1st 2 years bc it’s like $400 and it’s just repeating highschool classes. then i’m gonna go to a college w my major (fashion design). college is such a waste of money if it’s not necessary and i honestly don’t need it for my major

  18. Clapzy Y
    July 25, 2019

    Look at that eye

  19. Chelsea Harris
    July 25, 2019

    How do you get your information

    July 25, 2019

    College loans is the major reason in my opinion , that gets sincere innocent sweet lovely girls get into porn . These girls r not bad ppl they're just helpless..sadly 😔.. May God help them and forgive them ..

  21. MagicGenie92
    July 25, 2019

    Fuck College it’s a scam my parents and sister are shoving this shit down my throat.

  22. Destiny McNeil
    July 25, 2019

    Jr. High is middle school🤣

  23. Destiny McNeil
    July 25, 2019

    Wait r u against the illuminati because ur wearing a necklace with an eye on it....

  24. Dovydas Paulius
    July 25, 2019

    That triangle on money shows who control them.

  25. Lisa Kay
    July 25, 2019

    The government paid for my college :) But i had to serve 10 years in the military lol

  26. Reyna Bell
    July 25, 2019

    I want to be a zoologist or a marine biologist because I love working with animals...they are smarter then humans to😂 but I don’t want to go to college for it because it’s so much money...

  27. Reyna Bell
    July 25, 2019

    I’m going to just live under a rock😂

  28. Anti Venom
    July 25, 2019

    “The rich are rich because they’re smarter than me, you’re taught this is right, that it’s your fault”- Kill the Rich by Anti-Flag

  29. Gerald Molizon
    July 25, 2019

    This makes me think that colleges give out scholarships just because it benefits their sport teams or academic success

  30. Veronica Garcia
    July 25, 2019

    When Jaden Smith told the world people would be smarter if they quit school..

  31. Veronica Garcia
    July 25, 2019

    pauses video at 2:40
    gets up to grab a beer

  32. Gaby Joe
    July 25, 2019

    ***you meant pre requisites not credits****

  33. daniela resendiz
    July 25, 2019

    I wish college was only 10,000 😂😭 it is definitely a scam

  34. daniela resendiz
    July 25, 2019

    But we have no choice 😓

  35. ola cola
    July 25, 2019

    Love your videos...u are a breath of fresh air!

  36. Jaliyah Hickson
    July 25, 2019

    Ik it because y do I need to learn freaking GEOMETRY like I don’t need to learn about shapes

  37. Lori Smock
    July 25, 2019

    I heard there is a conspiracy about babies in McDonald’s food, that a rabbi Abraham Finklestine a Jewish leader admits to all the heads and leaders of the world are satanist and that they are essentially the Illuminati ? Have you heard about this?

  38. 키라KYRA
    July 25, 2019

    Damn my parents should see this, too bad they just speak Korean and Spanish... Too bad

  39. xXElizabethXx
    July 25, 2019

    I mean we do talk about laws and your amendments but we don't need to know 70% of the other stuff we are tought

  40. Exauce Munene
    July 25, 2019

    Well it's fine I have 3 months and like 2 weeks left than I'm out of there for good!

  41. Zelia Rose Eclipse
    July 25, 2019

    Good to realize that if the Illuminati eventually take over completely, I would be the first rebel and the first martyr

  42. Lawrence Ballack
    July 25, 2019

    I learned how banks work in School.

  43. BlueDiamondDan
    July 25, 2019

    New video:
    How the illuminati controls volume on Dan's phone

  44. Travis Hoffmann
    July 25, 2019

    The educational system is also missing a lot of information about our history as a nation.

  45. Dejgyal
    July 25, 2019

    In college I had to take a mandatory Meditation class and it only was worth 1 credit. On top of that, I didn’t learn shit. Because the teacher didn’t even know what the fuck she was talking about. I learned about meditation on my own from just looking it up on google. Waste of money and time.

  46. Richard Lynch
    July 25, 2019

    After all this Moe was like... You got this (drop the mic) I'm done

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