David Childress 2016 – Live@Earth-Keeper- Ancient Aliens & Atlantis !

July 25, 2019 By

2016 HD- James Tyberonn – Earth-Keeper Proudly Presents the Amazing Researcher, Speaker, Television Host & Prolific World Explorer, the ‘True Indiana Jones’, David Hatcher Childress with his Latest & Greatest Fascinating Information on ‘Ancient Aliens & Megalithic Structures’. This is Brilliant & Compelling Information, Carefully Studied, Meticulously Presented & Academically Documented by Childress. David Covers Mysterious Structures, Megaliths, Pictographs & Petroglyphs Highly Suggestive of Extra Terrestrial Influence & Of A Lost Highly Advanced Civilization Somehow Erased From our Main Stream Academia Version of Human History. This Well Articulated Lecture is Absolutely Mesmerizing, and Will Keep Your Focus & Keen Interest With Every Slide ! It is Well Worth Your Time, and Is a Video You Will Not Only Want to Share, But Watch Over and Over. Enjoy & Expand !!! View in HD Settings On Full Screen for Optimal resolution. A 2016 Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Video production.