Overview of the Illuminati/Occult/Reptilian Conspiracy

July 23, 2019 By

**NOTE** I mistakenly identified the Israeli Supreme Court architect as I.M. Pei, the building was actually designed by Ram Karmi ( I apologize for the error.


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    July 23, 2019


  2. Tara Howard
    July 23, 2019

    Wow, really good work. I am always glad to see soldiers for Christ standing up and spreading the truth of God's Word. If you'd like to read a fantastic story about these subjects, please check out Like the Days of Noah by Tara La Sean. Actually, I would send you an electronic copy if you are interested. And by the way, thanks for pointing out that Obama is not the leader of the satanic organization or the actual anti-Christ. I get a bit frustrated that so many people are quick to point out his involvement with the Illuminati when the truth is, EVERY American president starting with Washington has been a highly-ranking member of the Masons and the Illuminati. All of them. The racist undertones that seems to want to isolate Obama and cast him as the first and only satanic politician are strictly from the devil himself to keep us divided. But thanks for telling the whole truth! May God Almighty continue o bless you and yours mightily! 

  3. Cariad Klix
    July 23, 2019

    Love the videos. Well spoken, and explained... Thank you.

  4. James Gilleece
    July 23, 2019

    Nice video. I think your point would definitely be put across better if you didn't put your own religious beliefs across as much, about Jesus, etc. I agree with your points but a seriousness would be put across a lot more without the Christianity aspect being so prominent. Keeping it neutral adds an aura of seriousness. Personally, I found the video very informative.

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