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Ancient Aliens – UFOs and Aliens In Arts and Paintings – 2015

July 23, 2019 By

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2 Comments on "Ancient Aliens – UFOs and Aliens In Arts and Paintings – 2015"

  1. Uncle Furball
    July 23, 2019

    Aliens/ufos are GAY! Blasphemy! Do NOT  stop to record those things you IDIOT!  If you see one of those freaky things - the best thing to do is whip out your gun and SHOOT AT IT immediately.  Do not let it near you! Do not try to interact with it. And whatever you do, do not believe all this faggy love and tellytubby hug BS the government has been feeding you lately. Anything in the air without express permission from VOTED Earth religious authorities is THE ENEMY.

  2. Testeur Glandeur
    July 23, 2019

    I really love the idea of Ancient Aliens and Ancient Astronauts, but since the History Channel alongside these hardcore money hungry fanatics started to literally associates every single great discovery and civilizations with aliens. And ultimately damaged this idea to the point that I feel almost now guilty watching this video - almost as guilty than going on an adult oriented channel. But, let's be clear that I do believe that at some point in time we must have been visited and that it did have some impact on some cultures out there. The potteries and figurines shown in your video could be the proof, or maybe not. But our species existed since around 300,000 years ago and before that, our direct ancestors came all the way down to about 6 million years ago. This is more than enough time to see the rise of an advance alien race which has developed interstellar travel and could have potentially visited us. And even enough time to see this same race evolve into something beyond our comprehension or had pushed themselves into destruction and oblivion.

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