What does the Bible say about Aliens and UFOs?

July 13, 2019 By

What does the Bible say about Aliens and UFOs?

today we are going to have a look at one of these encounters. checking out the book of Ezekiel, it really does sound like an alien in a spacecraft. A wheel within a wheel spinning around with eyes all the way round and a creature with some human qualities seemingly controlling it. Everywhere the creature went the wheels followed. There was fire and lighting coming from it as well as looking like glowing metal. Was this a Biblical close encounter of Ezekiel? This needs to be investigated.

are there mysteries in the bible that you just can’t work out or doesn’t make sense.
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the other day I was watching a podcast on YouTube with Joe Rogan who used to host fear factor and he was interviewing conspirasy theorist Alex Jones who used to have infowars on youtube till they band him for hate speach. Now nothing that Alex Jones says can ever be thought of a fact.
now Alex Jones stated in a passing remark in this interview ‘there are Aliens in the bible, did you know that!’ .
However it was more Joe’s response that got me. Totally matter of fact he replied with ‘oh yeah I know that!.
I wasn’t sure if he was just going along with Alex, but seemed like it was just an accepted thing.
Checking the unlimited source of accuracy and nothing can be made up…. the internet, people seem to say without question there are aliens in the bible. This got me thinking.
.. Really?

There is even talk that these Ancient Aliens have interacted or even interfered with our past. there is the Aetheruis society that believes that some people of the past were aliens themselves including Jesus. Once a year they go to a place on the coast of Scotland to gather around a battery on a tripod pointing out to the ocean and take it in turns to pray to these ancient aliens from behind it. I would have thought at least pointing it up to the stars would be a better approach to speak to extraterrestrials.

One of those commonly spoken about as proof of aliens….. is In the book of Ezekiel,
In It Ezekiel describes a vision of a cloud with flashing lightning and surrounded by a brilliant light.
it had a fire that shone like glowing metal. there was a wheel within a wheel that was spinning with eyes going around it.
Ezekiel also describes creatures inside being like four creatures each had a human face a bull face an Eagle face and a lions face.
They all had wings. this wheel within a wheel followed them everywhere. Now if that doesn’t sound like the beginning of Independance day, I don’t know what does?

It sounds like a flying saucer if I ever heard one. with some form of Alien inside. Lights flashing and fire burning. even the sounds of UFO engines that flash as it moves.

So I guess what looks like a UFO,
Feels like a UFO,
Sounds like a UFO
and i.m guessing Smells like a UFO.
It must be a UFO.