Twitter Denies First Amendment By Suspending Facebook Boycott Account – EXCLUSIVE

Sticky Post July 10, 2019 By

One of our readers contacted us after trying to reach out to major media outlets.

In an attempt to boycott Facebook’s new cryptocurrency Libra, a group of activists were shutdown by account suspensions.

One user created the account @boycottlibra which was suspended on it’s first day for “suspicious behavior.” The user claimed they Followed 79 people in about an hour and commented on 30 posts. Normally an appeal takes 48 to 72 hours but it took over 2 weeks for Twitter to respond with a permanent ban.

Along the way another user created the account @libraboycott which went unused as they couldn’t decide which name they preferred. With no reason this account was banned as well.

In an effort to bring awareness to this slight and also to further an initiative to boycott Facebook’s Libra, we ask that you share this article.