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Circular ruins and satellite archaeology on Ancient Aliens

July 10, 2019 By

The first real mention of satellite archaeology and the circular ruins in the middle east (Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia) in mainstream television, History Channel’s Ancient Aliens Season 5×08 : The Mystery of Nazca.

For the similarities between the ruins in the Middle East and those in South Africa, my blog:

Global archaeological mapping


3 Comments on "Circular ruins and satellite archaeology on Ancient Aliens"

  1. Nice.

  2. Ang A.
    July 10, 2019

    The rocks were not 2,000 years old either. They were MUCH older! They were made of a special rock, not local to the area, and that is very conductive of energy. As a matter of fact, the structures put out a heat signature equal or exceeding that of an area atop an active volcano! The frequencies of sound is also incredibly high, which they believe is connected to the sound technology that was used later to build the megalithic rock structures in Egypt and around the world. This is all only registered in the dome effect that these rocks create over them. GPS devices don't work in these structures due to the magnetics and sound frequencies disrupting satellites overhead. As soon as you go out of the walls though, everything is returned to normal. These were a power grid, and they are all connected like grapes on a stem to the plant. They also have a gold mine near each one. It is believed that the biggest one was a portal to spaceships, as the energy field goes straight UP! Thus, the ability to levitate very heavy objects would have been possible. This was a technology obviously used by the ancient astronauts, even up to the time of Jesus. When the Bible said that people went up or got taken up into a "cloud", a better interpretation was "space ship". The book of enoch is a perfect example of an alien "abduction", but was too obvious, so it got deleted from the Bible. . .some people's minds apparently cannot grasp the truth, and would rather make everything an religion. Michael Tellinger explains how at a site nearby is what is believed to be the site of the creation of all types of man, at Adam's calendar. My understanding is first the dark slave (homo erectus) and then the one called Adam ( Neanderthal? Cro Magnon man) who was made in their image. Or so genes/DNA seems to indicate.

  3. Ang A.
    July 10, 2019

    There are many more then this claims. A study was put out by Michael Tellinger that estimated 10-20 million of them as I recall. . .

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