Mutabaruka Cutting Edge 4-27-16 Muta talks PRINCE Illuminati conspiracy with Caller

July 8, 2019 By

Interesting discussion!!! Cutting Edge!!!


4 Comments on "Mutabaruka Cutting Edge 4-27-16 Muta talks PRINCE Illuminati conspiracy with Caller"

  1. Judith Martin
    July 8, 2019

    muta the guy on the other
    side know what is going on more than u are u know but two fear to talk black man is to weak just have a bag a
    mouth an talking a
    bout selassie what have
    selassie ever done for u muta u need to turn back to your true creater which is yahuwah and the
    son wich is yahushua an stop worship man an earth u Jamaica are so sottish silassie never done nothing no sign no miracles he didn't rase any one from the ded but u people lifting him on high muta can bet u don't even know that u are Israelite.

  2. Latson Dixon
    July 8, 2019

    Mutant. u should cut off this guy

  3. Truth2UrSalvation
    July 8, 2019

    Mutabaruka is an ignorant arse.... smh

  4. Covered ByYah
    July 8, 2019

    He was in pain after years of jumping off risers in heals and injured his hip. He had hip surgery. He was taking percocet which is an opioid.

    The situation on Chem trails are a proven fact. It has been going on for years. Non Christians like Professor Griff, Khaleef Nassim, Dick Gregory and others, speak against the illuminate as well. Jay-Z has praised the devil while in concert. Beyonce is Illuminate puppet. Just by watching her videos , the signs can be seen all over . Lady Gaga, as well, who is non black. The caller might have gotten his info from YouTube and other Internet postings.

    No one asked my advice , however, I will take the chance and say that Mutabarruka (sp) might find it worth his while as an educated individual, to research this matter deeply and carefully. The New World Order will be developing a one world religion, led by the pope. Research what takes place in the basement of the Vatican. It will blow your mind. I've met Mutabarruka before. He knows my cuz. He has always been an interesting man. I would not be a kind hearted person, if I had ignored this matter and not suggest that more in depth research is done. I guarantee that he will be appalled.

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