How the Internet Fuels Paranoid Thinking | Internetting with Amanda Hess

July 6, 2019 By

Today’s conspiracies have taken on the contours of the online world. Now anyone on the Internet can spread their belief that the global elite is ruled by a class of lizard people.

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38 Comments on "How the Internet Fuels Paranoid Thinking | Internetting with Amanda Hess"

  1. must end
    July 6, 2019

    I think this is happening to easily introduce panic of end of the world 2020 or 2050 or 2022 !

  2. roufdrapht
    July 6, 2019

    Look at yourself. Jfc

  3. 4.15 that doesnt look like her at all.

  4. This is such great and informed...its such a shame that people that post rubbish have more views..

  5. Sonny Moroz
    July 6, 2019

    These are great, thank you for all the internetting

  6. Rossana Alvarado
    July 6, 2019

    ...controlled opposition gives me conspiratorial inspirational #staywoke my friends

  7. Vandal LaVey
    July 6, 2019

    oy vey stop questioning the narrative

  8. 911RedPill
    July 6, 2019

    Dr. Leroy Hulsey WTC7 - UAF/INE - University of Alaska Fairbanks also seems "Paranoid"

    A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7
    Did WTC 7 Collapse from Fires?
    • Our study shows fire was not the cause.
    • This contradicts findings presented by NIST.
    –Our presentation will address this issue.
    • We will discuss the NIST approach; and
    • Our approach and findings.

  9. Rohan Singh
    July 6, 2019

    Great piece 👍

  10. Andrew Christopher
    July 6, 2019

    The New York Times increasingly has little to say to Americans. Political Correctness has hedged them in to where the truth they CAN speak is grotesquely limited. Time to call it a day, Times! Your utility to America is now negative. Be gone!

  11. Tom Bree
    July 6, 2019

    no comments

  12. Danvil
    July 6, 2019

    And on 9/11 Building #7 in spite of not being hit by anything, pancaked all by itself because it just wanted to. 3,000+ engineers, metallurgists and architects are just
    "9/11 Truthers" because Carlos Slim said so.

  13. Mike Wazowski
    July 6, 2019

    Loose Change was a conspiracy.

  14. himmelreich
    July 6, 2019

    She dare not mention her Jew World Order masters!

  15. Saturn_Devouring
    July 6, 2019

    Idk why these videos get so much hate. They are interesting.

  16. Chaim Mendel
    July 6, 2019

    only 5 episodes??? when is amanda coming back with more?

  17. Kathy Urschel
    July 6, 2019

    that's fair but on the other side do you work for the new York times as a passion project or because it's a paycheck that's you tube

  18. Lorentz Chen
    July 6, 2019

    Haters aside, what this video is trying to say is that digital media like videos and the Internet are not the best truth-telling medium. unlike reading, fast-consumption of Images are by nature deceptive and requires little critical thinking to process. Paranoia is, therefore, an elementary form of sense-making produced by the nature of the internet platform, or medium. See Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves To Death, which writes that people have entirely different ways of thinking in the print age vs in the digital age.

  19. Selinia Herkinger
    July 6, 2019


    Why u make whites look bad?

    July 6, 2019

    Lmao wth

  21. PLUR_Adlegion
    July 6, 2019

    Okay I'm subbed in.

  22. Lorenzo Paluzzi
    July 6, 2019

    People have not realized that this short video is mocking itself by using the same methods a conspiracy theorist uses to get you intrigued and to coerce you. It is a simple double bluff, kinda hilarious honestly.

  23. Tarzan
    July 6, 2019

    The NYTimes is garbage. Independent media producers are so much better these days.

  24. port folio
    July 6, 2019

    It's ironic because this video is an internet conspiracy about internet conspiracies, and she's using the exact tactic she describes in the video.

  25. buckeyeinblack
    July 6, 2019

    This series: "How do you do, fellow kids?"

  26. Brunello Camera
    July 6, 2019

    the whole amanda hess webseries is extremely well done. bravo!

  27. Trevor P
    July 6, 2019

    You know, I really try to avoid jumping on things like appearance, but I just got here from "Rise of the Ironic Racist" and you look exactly like I envisioned you in my mind.

  28. Jejemee Chawie
    July 6, 2019

    LOVE this series.

  29. IIIIIbarcodeIIIII
    July 6, 2019

    Father is lizard and mother is person... checkmate, globalists.

  30. Robert Birkenshaw
    July 6, 2019

    Mankind has been doomed... Sin.ce.. The first two humans were born.. KAIN KILLED ABLE... HIS OWN BROTHER... nothing has changed thru out history... Just the faces of mankind.. The bee habits. Always stay the same...

  31. Stinger 839
    July 6, 2019

    Cool propaganda, bro. Plz post more

  32. mhatan GRAUZAHN
    July 6, 2019

    fascinating.........but can you now tell me more about the russian Hackers.....?

  33. Nineteenseventy2
    July 6, 2019

    Hahahahhahahahahaha REEEEEEEEEEE!

  34. ___
    July 6, 2019

    Please be more obvious

  35. Walter Johnson
    July 6, 2019

    Look up Operation MOCKINGBIRD, and you'll find out why NY times is so desperate to dismiss conspiracy "theories".

  36. Mass Hole
    July 6, 2019

    NYT is begging for people to listen to them at this point ahahaha.

  37. Retromind
    July 6, 2019

    Quality journalism /s

  38. Sid Roast
    July 6, 2019

    Wow, a bunch of ad hominem attacks dressed up in a tablecloth!

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