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ALIENS VS PREDATOR All Cutscenes (Aliens Edition) Game Movie 4k 60FPS

July 4, 2019 By

ALIENS VS PREDATOR All Cutscenes (Aliens Edition) Game Movie 4k 60FPS

As an Alien, the game begins in a laboratory, where two humans are being kept imprisoned. As one of them wakes up, a chestburster emerges from the other, killing him. Soon after, a chestbuster breaks through the other’s body, killing him as well. As scientists enter the room to collect the specimens, they find that “Specimen 6” is missing. The missing chestburster then emerges from the second victim’s mouth, rather than the containment tube, and, as a result, the room is gassed by head scientist Dr. Groves, killing the two other scientists and subduing the chestburster; however, Mr. Weyland prevents the death of the creature, impressed with the chestburster’s cunning, and tells Groves to assign the creature to a special program, the alien code-named ‘Specimen 6′.

Days later, Specimen 6 is fully grown. During an observation of its abilities, it is told by its queen, the Matriarch, which is also imprisoned, to escape, but is gassed and recaptured. As Weyland opens the door to the ancient ruins built by the Predators’ ancestors, the structure emits an electro-magnetic pulse that disables the local human colony’s systems, also disabling Specimen 6’s restraints, allowing it to escape. Specimen 6 releases the other captive Aliens and the Matriarch. Once free, the Aliens retreat to the colony and the nearby refinery, where they begin to multiply through Facehuggers. The Matriarch establishes a hive in the refinery and the Aliens become dormant, until the arrival of the Colonial Marines.

After the Marines arrive, Specimen 6 begins to kill off Marines and disable the colony’s systems. While on its mission, it eventually finds itself at the ruins Weyland opened, where it and the other Aliens encounter a duo of Predators that they immediately kill. At the end of the fight, an Elite Predator appears and battles Specimen 6, who weakens it to the point that a Facehugger is able to attach itself to the face of the Elite Predator. As Specimen 6 returns to the Hive through the jungle, it stops and is mentally stunned as it sees the refinery is on fire, and senses that the Matriarch is trapped in the fire, set by the Marine “Rookie” (as seen in the Marine Campaign), and died in an explosion. As the alien begins to undergo strange effects, Weyland and a few combat androids discover Specimen 6, and at Weyland’s request, they capture it. They take the captured Specimen 6 off-world to an orbiting ship, where it kills the crew. It is shown that Specimen 6 escaped and began to build a hive in the ventilation system, and has cocooned Dr. Groves. It is then shown that Specimen 6 has metamorphosed into a Praetorian and is in the process of molting its newly formed chrysalis to become a new queen.

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19 Comments on "ALIENS VS PREDATOR All Cutscenes (Aliens Edition) Game Movie 4k 60FPS"

  1. rosssilver
    July 4, 2019

    The predators weren't using stealth or their weapons other than the blades, wtf?!

  2. Blue Xenomorph85
    July 4, 2019

    Ash: You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.
    Lambert: You admire it.
    Ash: I admire its purity. A survivor... unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.

  3. A.J Thomas
    July 4, 2019

    It’s so weird! A Speciemen 6 transfer from male to female... and from warrior to new Queen. I am a bit lost on the Xenomorph biology.

  4. Chris Hernandez
    July 4, 2019

    I miss this game

  5. Grim Soul
    July 4, 2019

    So let me see if I get this straight and please correct me. Specimen 6 at the end basically transition from male to female in order to continue the species. Like clownfish. As an alpha male and alpha female. When the alpha female dies. The alpha male transitions to a alpha female to continue the species. Is that about right? Is that what happened in the end? I'm not really deep into the comic books when it comes to the aliens in the Predators. I really just enjoy the movies. But I'll probably make an effort to get deeper. But just to get an understanding of the continuation of the species.

  6. sansprime 34
    July 4, 2019

    What the fuck!?

  7. Muhammad Rahmandika
    July 4, 2019

    Tenchu Return From Darkness, please...

  8. Willyam Jordan
    July 4, 2019

    Objective: Return to the Hive
    Goes to the Ruins instead

  9. Josiah Vang
    July 4, 2019

    Stop showing me these an old AVP. Give me a new one.

  10. OutsiderD
    July 4, 2019

    Cool 🌟

  11. CredibleDerek6511
    July 4, 2019

    The queen basically has nipple arms...

  12. Jeremy Paulemon
    July 4, 2019

    Your in my top 5 in youtubers

  13. Kamal Ashraf
    July 4, 2019

    That's not Mr Weyland.

  14. Miles Arroyo
    July 4, 2019

    Avp still has a few players on it but unfortunately the majority that are on there ruin the fun by enforcing rules and just being elitists who take a 10 yr old game wayyy to serious but still fun game nonetheless

  15. Blitz Bounds
    July 4, 2019


  16. marleus memes daily
    July 4, 2019

    i am always gay

    no rules

  17. Digital Soldier XP
    July 4, 2019

    I need another AVP game to come out

  18. She-Venom
    July 4, 2019

    I am always Alien side
    Alien Rules

  19. 👀"🙂

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