Fortnite Conspiracy 101 (ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED) (Mind Control) Battle Royale

July 2, 2019 By

The truth is out there, and with the help of The Bee Files we might just get a little closer to finding Steve the shapeshifting Llama, Or possibly unravel the mystery of mind control during our battle royale matches? Who knows grab your nuggets and prepare for lift off!! Drop that like button and don’t forget to subscribe and press that bell!!! Careful Patricks watching you !!


7 Comments on "Fortnite Conspiracy 101 (ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED) (Mind Control) Battle Royale"

  1. abcde asdas
    July 2, 2019

    try to read a book and search in history about cubes/saturn/hexagram/hexagon/elite then look around you.
    good luck with that.

  2. Dead Cat
    July 2, 2019

    there's something fishy about fortnite and ninja. Real ones know /* Clones and robots ftw welcome to the 4th dimension.. yall ready for this?

  3. Victor Angelo
    July 2, 2019

    asshat shill..

  4. Tyler Fleming
    July 2, 2019

    This shit funny bro

  5. Jack h
    July 2, 2019

    You’re a total dip shit. If you knew what game developers could do to get you to keep playing a video game you would never have made this video.

  6. Yung POLO
    July 2, 2019

    That was creepy as fuck.

  7. L4Disillusion
    July 2, 2019


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