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Ancient Aliens & Gods / Janet Sitchin

June 30, 2019 By

What if the tales from the Old Testament and other ancient writings, of ancient beings descending from above, were not myths but actual historical events? TME sits down with Janet Sitchin, Niece of Zecharia Sitchin, to talks about her uncle’s life and his infamous interpretation from reading ancient Sumerian tablets that humanity arose after the arrival of the Anunnaki, alien “gods.”


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  1. Robert Evans
    June 30, 2019

    I sent you an E-mail, check it out :)

  2. Robert Evans
    June 30, 2019

    I missed chatting with Zecharia Sitchin during my research into Nibiru in 2010, and I am very happy his Niece is still with it :) Please tell Janet Sitchin that Nibiru has been sighted ... it orbits around Nemesis, a Brown Dwarf Star we call Nemesis. Nemesis has 6 planets and one Dwarf planet we call Sedna. Nibiru is planet 6. Check out my Facebook page where you or she will see images of it ... Robert H Evans JR

  3. vedicastrol
    June 30, 2019

    at 29:45 Ms Sitchin says that her Uncle would like to go to a particular Museum the sound is a little corrupt. Which Museum was it that he wanted to visit? Thank you
    at 33:00 the Annunaki called humans "the black-haired" people?
    At 1:01:40, Ms Sitchin say that when Nibiru was approaching the Earth the gravitational energy perhaps caused the Antartica to melt and caused the Deluge.
    I'm a little confused then, since this seems to imply there was a 2nd approach of Nibiru to Planet Earth. Is that correct? the first encounter was with Tiamatu which caused it to split into the Asteroid Belt and the Planet Earth, and the 2nd encounter caused the Deluge?

  4. Dryson Bennington
    June 30, 2019

    Genesian Sphere Flower Oracle - NASA has recently discovered that the Earth is among the 8% of habitable planets in the Universe since the came into being from the Seed of Creation. This means that Earth is part of the 8th Line of Life from the Seed of Creation and that Seven other lines have come before us and the Ninety Two lines will come after us. This also means that we are not alone in the Universe. More importantly it means that Earth is already an ancient civilization in our own right. Earth is an Elder of the Universe and each Human is a symbol of that Elder State of the Universe. As with all empires of the Earth that have been attacked and destroyed new empires have risen in their place. The Universe is no different in such a force where a younger Line of the Seed that finds Earth will try to overtake our Line to impose their will on Earth as would the Elder Lines of Creation as well to ensure that their place in the Universe is maintained as the symbol of beginning of the Line. We as Humans called Terran's must not allow this happen to our own planet but to any other planet in the Universe that is under developed or currently under siege and might need assistance. Although we are the 8th Line of Life from the Seed of Creation and others have not come for us the first Seven Lines will undoubtedly have advanced space travel methods and will at this very moment be colonizing and subjugating other planets.

    Some would say that this nothing but nonsense. But look back through history and look at all of the distinct cultures that developed independently from each other and once they found each other either came together in union or fought and killed each other for dominance of the planet.

    The entire Universe functions in the same manner, Earth is a mirror of the Universe. We must therefore rise above the nature of the darkness of the Universe that would keep humanity from being colonizers of space and planets and colonize the Moon and Mars and launch living habitats in space to ensure that humanity claims ownership of the planets within the Sol System that would be used to harvest resources and build a Terran empire that would spread out from the Sol System to other systems looking for habitable planets.

    To be the Shepard's of the Lost, the Defenders of the Weak and Gardner's of the Soil that has been set before us to raise life anew in and on.

    There is no other destiny other than this destiny which I have written.

  5. John Anderson
    June 30, 2019

    her uncle;s INFAMOUS interpretation is correct as no one that has real knowledge of these writings has endorsed Zach Sitchens interpretation as his are a bunch of bullshit promoting a BS story that is fiction I hope she has some REAL experts on the language tell what is the truth in the writings otherwise I call her a bullshit artist also A fraud is a fraud even if it is your uncle you must call bs on bs or you are bullshit yourself

  6. 77sunsetstrip
    June 30, 2019

    Ancient Aliens & Gods

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