Michael Jackson's Final Phone Call Fear Of Illuminati Shadow Government Conspiracy Cover-Up

June 29, 2019 By

Real or Hoax? Who knows. A recording reported to be Michael Jackson’s final phone call.
A whistleblower who claims he worked for the Department of Defense purports to have leaked Michael Jackson’s final phone call before his death, during which the pop star voices his fear of a government conspiracy to murder him.
Robert Connors, about which no information can be found online, claims he worked with the DoD for 20 years after serving in “active duty campaigns” in Iran and Vietnam.
The whistleblower goes on to claim he was involved in Operation Sedgwick, an offshoot of MK-Ultra, which revolved around “the control of the African-American population and the urban youth through music.”
During Michael Jackson’s alleged final phone call before his death, the pop star warns of a plot by powerful forces to murder him via a staged drugs overdose.
“It’s not the government, it’s more than the government,” the voice on the clip states, during an alleged conversation with Jackson’s former manager Dieter Wiesner.
Connors threatens to release more audio and video tapes concerning “Operation Sedgwick” unless authorities come clean about the program by September 23rd.
The whistleblower’s body language in the clip does not lend itself to authenticity, and although the voice on the audio recording does sound like Michael Jackson, the scene feels scripted and acted out.
Like all good Internet hoaxes, the story plays into viral conspiracies about the gang shooting of hip-hip icon Tupac Shakur and the use of rap music as a form of mind control.
Speculation that Jackson was killed because he was about to expose the Illuminati’s control of the music industry, and that this was the reason behind the child abuse allegations leveled against him, has also raged on fringe conspiracy forums for years. In 2002, Jackson gave an anti-music industry speech during which he held up a sign which read, “$ony Kills Music.”
The whole cultural phenomenon of the Internet hoax is fascinating. There are so many verifiable, documented cover-ups that we can manifestly prove and yet somehow people aren’t that interested in the tangible. They seem to be more interested in the mysterious, the theatrical, and are even willing to suspend their own disbelief simply to revel in the allure of the murky conspiracy.


42 Comments on "Michael Jackson's Final Phone Call Fear Of Illuminati Shadow Government Conspiracy Cover-Up"

  1. Robbie Southall
    June 29, 2019

    who's trying to kill Micheal is it the accusers?

  2. Lion of Zion
    June 29, 2019


  3. richard c
    June 29, 2019

    The person who posted this video is a paid debunker puppet . They all want you to believe that conspiracies never took place anywhere, in any scenario. You are paid schill. I refuse to fall for your debunking bullshit pal.

  4. mohamed noman
    June 29, 2019

    They have killed him for sure. but the question is why did they kill him.

  5. Luis
    June 29, 2019

    Michal Jackson is the weirdest black guy out there.

  6. Jon Klassen
    June 29, 2019

    I am watching you

  7. Ali Taha
    June 29, 2019

    But MJ died after accepting Islam soooo????

  8. Shirley Davis
    June 29, 2019

    Love you too baby girl

  9. TheNewVocal
    June 29, 2019

    Hello from Singapore! Wish you'd have a great day =)

  10. I am crying, really. I sit here in a dark room in front of the laptop and the tears come running down my cheeks. He didn`t die, I`m sure. But all the fear for his children...he truly is angel!

  11. Ani Alibeaj
    June 29, 2019

    MICHEAL JACKSON has died

  12. ksr622002
    June 29, 2019

    I'm surprised that Paul Joseph Watson (the voice in this video) and Alex Jones do not believe this, seeing that they are both the guru's of conspiracy theory's. It has made me lose respect for Alex Jones and made me lose faith in their ability to spot a real conspiracy and I'm considering turning his show off for good. Alex seems to be a controlled "anti-establishment individual, controlled by the powers that be. I'm starting to wonder if it isn't Alex and his cronies (Paul J Watson) who elaborate on fake conspiracies in order to distract from the real ones?

    There is much proof that Michael most likely made this phone call and that this phone call is real not a fake. It's definitely Michaels voice on the recording.

    Case in point; There have been many who have come out and said that MJ confided in them that the powers that be, were trying to kill him.
    Lisa Marie Presley told Oprah in an interview that MJ called her not long before his death and he told her that he thought they were going to kill him to get possession of his catalalog.
    Latoya Jackson claims that Michael told his family numerous times that "They" were going to kill him and that he became increasingly convinced that they would succeed just months prior to his death. The county coroner said that murder could not be ruled out, and now Paris Jackson has come out and said that she believes her dad was murdered. MJ's son Prince has also said that he believes that his dad was fighting for his life with the powerful people of the music industry and he recounts several occasions where he heard his dad fighting with them on the phone and after hanging up with them his dad would cry and say, "they're going to kill me". Latoya also claimed that her brother told the family that his phones were bugged. Joe Jackson said that his son's death needed to be looked into because all is not how it seems. Just do a youtube search of Paris, Prince, Michael, Joe and Latoya saying this. Even young turks did a piece questioning if MJ was murdered by higher powers yet Alex Jones and Paul J Watson don't seem to believe it? Why?

    It's no secret that Michael bucked the illuminati controlled music industry. His portfolio was worth Billions and he owned half of Sony. Michael's breaking away from Sony certainly gave them a motive to kill him and since they did not succeed at trying to destroy him with a phony charge of child molestation they decided that killing him was their only other option, MJ's accusers had a very bad track record with making false allegations and getting rich off of celebrities. The parents of the boy who accused MJ of molestation had done this previously with Jay Leno and a security guard at a high end store, they had a track record of using their children in making false allegation and then suing for money. This alone is another proven conspiracy.

    I believe that the illuminati controlled music industry was behind destroying both MJ's reputation and his life as it happened not long after Michael broke away from sony and AEG. Michael continued speaking out against Sony and Tommy Matola and others in the music industry up to the time of his death, calling them, "demons: of the music industry who were trying to frame him and wreck his life, this made MJ a target but when MJ pulled his catalogue that was worth billions from their control it became extremely profitable for those higher ups in the music industry to kill him. MJ became much more profitable to them if he were dead then if he were left alive.

    There is another motive for the illuminati to want to kill MJ and that is his humanitarian efforts in Africa and other 3rd world countries. MJ gave over 100 million dollars to the Africans to help them industrialize their country and to help them save their dying population. 100 million dollars can buy a lot more in Africa then it can in the USA. Michael's plan to help these nations out of poverty is something that goes against agenda 21 and the NWO's plan to depopulate the planet, even Alex Jones has openly admitted that the plan of the NWO is mass genocide of 3rd world nations as well as depopulation of 1st world countries. It's no secret that the NWO and agenda 21 does not want these nations to be lifted out of poverty. MJ really became a thorn in their side with his "we are the world" and his "save the children" and his "Hope for Africa" efforts. MJ had the resources to accomplish this goal and the illuminati knew he could do it. Also, MJ's "Earth song video" was another slap in the face to the NWO's, military industrial complex. Michael was not slowing down in his efforts to dismantle the agenda of the NWO. To the contrary, he was ramping them up.

    It's perfectly plausible to believe that this conspiracy is likely true and that the NWO killed Michael jackson. They certainly had multiple motives to kill him.

  13. Wayne s.
    June 29, 2019

    stop waffling on and get on with it ffs

  14. NeoTheOne
    June 29, 2019

    He did it to let people know how the system functions. He faked his death and was seen on live tv in the third row at his wake and funeral in a disguise.

  15. xDariaCollections
    June 29, 2019

    wtffffff poor Michael :(

  16. Kamila Bułat
    June 29, 2019


  17. Persian Rebel
    June 29, 2019

    DO NOT LISTES/believe in this guy who made this video !!!!!! Omg this is fucking illuminati minded video, this fucked up guy is fucking lying 😡😡😡 if you do ANY research about MJ's death you'll find several audio tapes, showing MJ heavily influenced by many many drugs, here including propofol, and these audio recordings was actually used in the court in the case against dr Murray !!! And also this fucked up guy says that we can't find any credentials about the guy, and to this I can only say: of course you cannot find anything about a man who has worked for the government for the most of his life!!! Of course everything is deleted due to protection!!! Omg I get so angry !! DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS FUCKED UP GIY ! He is like 110% illuminati minded !!!

  18. Bambi Woods
    June 29, 2019

    dr Murray how can anyone want to hurt michael jackson he worked so hard for nothing

  19. Erbliebe Original love
    June 29, 2019

    Of course this isn't Michael Jackson speaking. His accentuation while speaking is completely different. It's just crazy that people produce such a video to scam people. I don't know what exactly happened to Michael or why he died, but I know that it's not that important for my own life to find that out. Everybody will have to face his-/ herself one day. And that's what people should prepare for. Don't be so concerned about things that go on outside of your own life, that you can't really know anyway. Too many people live in a phantasy world, busy with things that aren't their business.

    June 29, 2019

    Murray went to check on Jackson and found him lying on his bed unconscious, but with a weak pulse, the doctor's attorneys say. Murray performed CPR for about 30 minutes and tried to call 911, but could not call out on the landlines, which had been turned off for security reasons. He could not use his cell phone because, his attorneys have said, he did not know the exact address of the house.

  21. The phone call shattered me to pieces. 😢 I hope that wasn't a prank call or an immitator because of it was, that's a whole new level of low.

  22. s h a k i t
    June 29, 2019

    who is Dieter

  23. s h a k i t
    June 29, 2019

    The illumatis secret reavels they killed Michael and lie to the media and fans that i overdosed that's unbelieveble i cant believe this trash they want to spoil The Jacksons Family,the tried Paris ,the tried is father but why they illuminatis want to take the soul of Michael Jackson away of this world is dead and gone,sorry but Michael is really gone i want just that the soul of Michael should be in peace with god REST IN PEACE Michael i am shocked

  24. Tina Sciglitano
    June 29, 2019

    it seems the illuminati are involved in alot of celebrity deaths. don't they have anything better to do?

  25. carmen love
    June 29, 2019

    That phone call made me cringe like crazy. Who did this to Michael? I never actually believed that Michael was dead but if he is what the hell happened to him. He sounds like he's about to hereafter boarded or something after the phone call. The illuminati seriously went in on this dude. They're gonna get judgement.

  26. Alana Moore
    June 29, 2019

    I hate his father for even putting him in the situation

  27. karla lionforest
    June 29, 2019

    fake hé is death

  28. Christopher Downes
    June 29, 2019

    Poor Michael. This is hours before he passed. God rest his soul.

  29. Brianique Ishere
    June 29, 2019

    They did more than overdose him with drugs. I know they did. I can feel and sense it. I have a question if it was just an "overdose" why his face wasn't shown in the casket of his funeral? Elvis Presley died over an overdose and his face was shown in his casket. They minus well tell the whole entire death cause. There will be more ppl to expose the illuminati beyond worse than MJ did, so they minus well kill everyone on earth. Nothing evil stays a secret. When the day of judgement comes we will all see who really killed and what really happened the night MJ. If them goofies (illuminati) won't repent and give their life to Jesus. That goes for anyone who doesn't give their life to Jesus. They split hell wide open. They go burn for eternity. They(illuminati) or aka (Freemasonry)might think that sounds fun b/c they are in there devilment. But watch, it would not be fun. The bible said in Revelation 14:10 he will be tormented with fire and brimstone. This for eternity. Really they think their devilment is a secret, its not b/c the heavenly Father Jesus and the angels is recording everything. It will be shown to everyone in the day of judgement. This don't just go for just the illuminati but for everyone. We all will be judged from God. So illuminati minus well just tell it all cause everyone will see what happened. Geeez who would want to have their eternal life being tortured and burning at the same time. Scary thought.

  30. Janine James
    June 29, 2019

    I can't believe this Michael risk his life for his kids, but he knew that they was coming for him and they kept saying that he was being paranoid. No he wasn't it was Sony all this time that was behind all of it

  31. Malaki727
    June 29, 2019


  32. Steven Willett
    June 29, 2019

    for those of u tht don't know or think tht our shadowed government can and will kill for money and power power of the people the voice ur wrong just like Lincoln said its the people who have the power and for us to sit back and watch these killers and or con artists lie and hide loved ones and kill these people tht thy invited to spread the word or montra or give these people the power over us like musicians politicians movie stars is because of the large fan based following just sit n think if thy had manipulated these people to brain wash us threw music.wht makes u think tht there isnt a bigger plan ........ just sit n think good evil happy sad stressed are all a game of whos this affected and who it affects after death ?

  33. Steven Willett
    June 29, 2019

    for those of u tht don't know or think tht our shadowed government can and will kill for money and power power of the people the voice ur wrong just like Lincoln said its the people who have the power and for us to sit back and watch these killers and or con artists lie and hide loved ones and kill these people tht thy invited to spread the word or montra or give these people the power over us like musicians politicians movie stars is because of the large fan based following just sit n think if thy had manipulated these people to brain wash us threw music.wht makes u think tht there isnt a bigger plan ........ just sit n think good evil happy sad stressed are all a game of whos this affected and who it affects after death ?

  34. Hannah Pearson
    June 29, 2019

    Michael lives on his fear brought on by those who said the things they did and hurt Michael to where his children were hurt too I would have faked mine and have only those I trust know the truth just to be happy and free from the animosity that those people threw at him. 😢

  35. rey est
    June 29, 2019

    He was right about being recorded

  36. Modesty Lycan
    June 29, 2019

    We choose to not believe in the bull shit that you guys feed us. It has nothing to do with the tangible and intangible.

  37. miss sunshine
    June 29, 2019

    Rip Michael forever in our prayers, god is merciful he will forgive us all. We love u

  38. Da Goddess
    June 29, 2019

    Damn smh

  39. Jason Troy
    June 29, 2019

    Leave him the fuck alone dead or alive he gave his all and got slapped in return . Poor bugger he is / was a true legend .

  40. seven mangos
    June 29, 2019

    0:59 hahaha did anyone see the face on the back of M.J so funny.....umm...R.I.P. M.j

  41. Michael
    June 29, 2019

    Ok, Michael talks about ways that they could kill him. One thing Michael mentioned was over dose on drugs, but yet Michael lays down and let's a " CARDIOLOGIST" not a "ANESTHESIOLOGIST" give him Anesthesia? There is a video on youtube that a guy was saying that Mike was so afraid to even go to the hospital to get bags of water, and he was very dehydrated, but finally was talked into going. Ok, if Michael was even afraid to go to the hospital, how in the hell does Mike have the nerve (knowing people are out to kill him) trust this doctor with his life? The quack was putting him under for God sake!! Elvis had and open casket, and so did James Brown. How come Michael Jackson's casket was closed? Liz Tayler said that Mike was highly intelligent. It all don't make any sense to me.

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