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एलियंस अमेरिका के साथ काम कर रहे है ये रहे सबूत खुद देख लो ||ancient aliens in hindi

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इस वीडियो में आप देखेंगे अमेरिका और एलियंस के संबंधों का सबसे बड़ा रहस्य | अगर एलियंस वास्तविक नहीं है तो अमेरिका के राष्ट्रपति ने एक रहस्यमई संगठन mg12 क्यों बनाया उनसे जुड़ी रिवर्स इंजीनियरिंग पर काम क्यों कर रहे हैं यह वीडियो majestic 12 से जुड़े लोगों के रहस्य को उजागर कर देगा!


Majestic 12
This article is about the purported secret committee called ‘Majestic 12’. For other uses, see Majestic 12 (disambiguation).
In UFO conspiracy theories, Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft. The concept originated in a series of supposedly leaked secret government documents first circulated by ufologists in 1984. Upon examination, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) declared the documents to be “completely bogus”, and many ufologists consider them to be an elaborate hoax.Majestic 12 remains popular among some UFO conspiracy theorists and the concept has appeared in popular culture including television, film and literature.
Roswell UFO incident
In mid-1947, a United States Army Air Forces balloon crashed at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico.Following wide initial interest in the crashed “flying disc”, the US military stated that it was merely a conventional weather balloon.Interest subsequently waned until the late 1970s, when ufologists began promoting a variety of increasingly elaborate conspiracy theories, claiming that one or more alien spacecraft had crash-landed and that the extraterrestrial occupants had been recovered by the military, which then engaged in a cover-up.

Roswell UFO incident

Roswell Daily Record, July 8, 1947, announcing the “capture” of a “flying saucer”
Lincoln County, New Mexico, United States
33°58.1′N 105°14.6′W
In the 1990s, the US military published two reports disclosing the true nature of the crashed object: a nuclear test surveillance balloon from Project Mogul. Nevertheless, the Roswell incident continues to be of interest in popular media, and conspiracy theories surrounding the event persist. Roswell has been described as “the world’s most famous, most exhaustively investigated, and most thoroughly debunked UFO claim”
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21 Comments on "एलियंस अमेरिका के साथ काम कर रहे है ये रहे सबूत खुद देख लो ||ancient aliens in hindi"

  1. Devang Vadhia
    June 25, 2019

    Bhai shak ki koi dawa (medicine)nai hoti.. Ye baat he

  2. vs gaming
    June 25, 2019

    Maine bhi toh dekha hai alean ko

  3. abhimanyu kondhalkar
    June 25, 2019

    Ghanta amerika chutiya banarahihi

    June 25, 2019

    but in Africa, nobody has seen a UFO or an Alien nor does any government have claimed in Africa and the Holy Quran does not talk anything about Aliens this could be fake.

  5. rohit shukla
    June 25, 2019

    अब मीडिया इतनी हाईटेक है... कुछ लीक क्यों नही हो रहा अब...???
    सब लीक्ड वीडियो और आडिओ पहले के ही क्यों होते हैं???

    इतना एडवांसमेंट होने के बाद भी हमारे पास current evidence क्यों नही आ पाते??

  6. Bishal Das
    June 25, 2019

    Bhai information jahan see Mila aur ye Jo photos jahan see Mila hai apko avidence taur pe inn sare informations ki link do iss video ke description ya comment mein please bro

  7. Suraj Kumar
    June 25, 2019

    how are you know

  8. Bhaskar Panging
    June 25, 2019

    UFO real hai .. mane khud dekha hai 100% true

  9. On Nath Ji
    June 25, 2019

    Agar yeh baat sach hai to American ish baat ko kyo hide kiye hai akhir bata kyo nhi rahe hai

  10. sohail ali
    June 25, 2019

    Sb fake h, ye sb erth p hi nzr ati h NASA ki jo telescop wo kia kr rhi hn NASA ne kbi q nhi bola k hum univers m u.f.o ko dekha h erth ki trf ate hoy🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔

  11. Narendra Sahu
    June 25, 2019

    America ko pata hai alian hai to kyu khoj karte hai dusre desh me ja ke .......bolo

  12. Swapnil Negi
    June 25, 2019

    Puri duniya to dekh rhi h hm kese Raj rakhe 🤣🤣🤣lol

    June 25, 2019

    Aliens using UFO's fuelled by nuclear energy. more advance than America and Russia.

    June 25, 2019

    there are some countries, who are obtaining technology from Aliens how we don't know.....

  15. Partha. k Chowdhury
    June 25, 2019

    Why they don't wear clothes,,very poor,,,,,,

  16. Silver Bullet Shaurya
    June 25, 2019

    It's all fake if it would be true than America could have saved from 9/11 and other events where Americans lost like Vietnam War.... Afghanistan turmoil..

  17. Nilesh Tarle
    June 25, 2019

    Hamari india main alian lao in political logo ko apne sath bhej denge

  18. Thakur singh Virdi
    June 25, 2019

    Jhootha de pul bni jao ghar bathe

  19. dhaval patanvadia
    June 25, 2019

    salo alien alien kar ke sab ko chutiya banate raho......

  20. Suvankar Ghosh
    June 25, 2019


    June 25, 2019

    Very Interesting Knowledgeable Information 👍 Awesome And Amazing Fact 👍 Great 👍 Video 📹👍

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