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Mysterious Mountain Models Of Machu Picchu – Ancient Aliens In Peru?

June 21, 2019 By

We are at Machu Picchu in Peru, and let’s take a look at some of the strange carvings that are very unique to Machu Picchu. Here is a rock carved at least 600 years ago that exactly mimics the mountain behind it. There is no other purpose for this rock, other than being a mountain model and it is not a part of any building or structure.

Here is another example of a mountain model in Machu Picchu. Unfortunately fog has covered the actual mountain behind this model, but this rock is a two dimensional replica of the actual mountain. This is very strange, because you cannot see ancient mountain models anywhere else in the Inca Empire and the rest of the world. And notice how this model is propped up with rocks around it, to make it stand up right. You can also see that the front surface is polished like a white board and archaeologists have found traces of colors like red and green on this stone.

This is really surprising because this is what we do in schools and colleges today. Geologists and geomorphologists would hang a picture of this mountain model to teach their students. Did the so-called primitive people who lived many centuries ago, also teach and learn about mountains using these models? Historians claim that Incas built Machu Picchu and did not know how to read or write. So, who created these mountain models?
Here is another structure where you can see the roof tops of a building where the slopes coincide with the mountain behind it. Watch carefully as I move the camera, all three slopes coincide in one line.
Our generation which is considered as a very advanced civilization has just recently come up with a field called orography which is a study of mountains, but these carvings prove to us that mountains were studied many centuries ago.
Why were they making models of mountains and what were they planning to do with these models? Until a few years ago, Historians and archaeologists claimed that these were all religious symbols that the Incas worshiped. However, in the last few decades people like you and I have been confronting them with the fact that there is no evidence to label Machu Picchu as a religious site. So, they have changed this theory and now they say Machu Picchu is an estate or a holiday retreat. If this is true, why did the Incas make mountain models on a holiday retreat? There is no answer to that question because we don’t know the actual purpose of Machu Picchu. What’s evident is that these models must have been created by a civilization that was far advanced than the Incas. So, did that civilization originate on earth or elsewhere?

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20 Comments on "Mysterious Mountain Models Of Machu Picchu – Ancient Aliens In Peru?"

  1. 新Shrivatsa
    June 21, 2019

    Make a video of Yana and Kinnaur kailash, both look exactly same, are associated with bhasmasura.

  2. 新Shrivatsa
    June 21, 2019

    Make a video of Yana and Kinnaur kailash, both look exactly same, are associated with bhasmasura.

  3. Tserof Skcuol
    June 21, 2019

    It would be cool if it was a school

  4. jeeva nandham
    June 21, 2019

    Bro.. Pls upload ur video on mysteries in mount kailash and manasarovar river.

  5. Marciel Luta
    June 21, 2019

    I do not have seen in the reality the ancient city machu picchu, but what i have seen of the discovery chanels there ii have seen all those huge stones was very perfectly cutt ,and this people does pretend they was cappable to build this ancient city with them primitive cooper tools .Personal i do not believe the ancient incas people was cappable to build this ancient city ,and i have read about them old legends, where some underground civilization have helped the mankind to buid this city they was the real builders from this city.Them shamans tell about they have used some unknown flying things, they can not understand what was it ,definitely they haved a close encounter with this advanced alien civilization and some from them shamans have became the knowkege from this( ant) people, which conforms them description, look like some greys greetings from dracula country !

  6. Sonya C
    June 21, 2019

    🌄Intriguing. Thank You🌄

  7. Adam Le Bleu
    June 21, 2019

    Maybe they used the mountain models to teach humans enough rudimentary geology so as to make them effective miners.
    Mr. Praveen, there are obvious wear patterns on the models. If you looked on the actual mountain in those corresponding places, I feel you would find some interesting things.
    Do you have any thoughts on this?
    I speak fluent Spanish and hold a valid US passport if you would like to go see for ourselves. I would be honored to act as your valet in country. Free of charge. The honor and the adventure are compensation enough.

  8. Shubhasya Shigram
    June 21, 2019

    Macchu Picchu Incas were tge Part of Danava ( Prahlad, Bali, Virrochana) Civilization. They celebrate Virochana , Danava king even now.
    its Old Indian civilization.

  9. Kareem Galaroza
    June 21, 2019

    Nature itself is the model of whoever built that thing... did you just say "600 years ago"... F u C k y o u lol... why did the Spanish Conquestadors 600 years ago never notice something such project of a huge magnitude taking place.. those huge granite rocks weighing hundreds of tons and was quarried 50 miles away....and WHY is it that KIDS never question things.. and not just kids... Adults too that somehow has a mindset of a kid... LOL! omg!

  10. lionel o'connor
    June 21, 2019

    You sure get around mate! You on Holiday? I guess even God needs a Model while doing his work? "Honey, I'm sure those mountians weren't there last week!" God's work is never done! 😌

  11. Eric Miragab
    June 21, 2019

    I'm sick and tired of governments around the world not telling us the real history of our world. Why suppress such knowledge to us. The world needs to know! Tnx for channels like this. /(Eric from the Philippines)

  12. Malik Shepard
    June 21, 2019


  13. SuperPerroRojo
    June 21, 2019

    es una univerdidad de rocas

  14. Abhijit Desai
    June 21, 2019

    Hi Pravin, Your own youtube video titled "Hidden Figures Of Machu Picchu - Linked To Nazca Lines?" gives answer to the question posed in this video - why the ancient people at macho picchu were interested in modeling mountains. They knew about the pertrified titans who were the real advanced people who were connected to gods. For more info check videos by Age of Disclosure on "The validity of mudfossils and GIANTS can no longer be denied " and many more. It gives convincing answer to who drew the lines of Nazca. Also check out Rager in Kansas's videos on Megalithic gods discovered at Mount Kailash. You will certainly want to visit the place. Thanks.

  15. John Smith
    June 21, 2019

    Machu Picchu is an ancient pyramid.

  16. Onkar Vaishnav
    June 21, 2019

    sir plz make a video on fort Raigarh as king Shivaji built it and Britisher admire it as most strongest fort than Gibraltar of that time by every battel aspects.....

  17. Onkar Vaishnav
    June 21, 2019

    sir plz make a video on fort Raigarh as king Shivaji built it and Britisher admire it as most strongest fort than Gibraltar of that time by every battel aspects.....

  18. sivasai jonnadula
    June 21, 2019

    I think it's a university for incase people like nalanda and takshasila

  19. saurav sharma
    June 21, 2019

    Please make video on Mount Kailash temple

  20. Raquel Robles
    June 21, 2019

    There is something called the sacred landscape theory, which suggests that things found in nature (i.e.mountains) can have spiritual significance in certain cultures. The Inca believed that the four mountains surrounding Machu Picchu were actually four mountain gods, which is why the location (for what some suggest was a 'retreat' for the last Inca emperor) was chosen in such a remote area. The mountain replicas were built in the image of the mountains in reverence to them (just as an artist will make a painting or statue of a religious figure). The inca also believed that the water, the wind and the sun were gods. The river running below the site was especially sacred and provided the water for the aqueduct system at Machu Picchu.

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