Pregnant by the Alien Prince: A Sci-fi Alien Romance (Outer Worlds, Book 2)

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I knew him; I knew he wanted to attack the human colony himself, to control them, and use them to save his race from extinction. He was, after all, a warmonger of an alien race used to dominating everything in the galaxy.

But because of me, he was willing to make peace with humans, perhaps even to his own detriment.

That’s how much he loved me.

And I am willing to do whatever it takes to protect that love along with the small family he and I are creating together.

However, a light is shining on the dark secrets of my past, and the reasons behind my transformation into a hybrid of his race may carry far greater consequences for me and our unborn children.

Author’s Note: Pregnant by the Alien Prince is a science fiction action adventure romance with a HEA. This is the last installment of Killian and Willow’s tale which began in Captive of the Alien Prince.