How Facebook’s Greed Helped Destroyed Independent Businesses

June 13, 2019 By

For years I did affiliate marketing. This is when you share links on your blog or social media posts, then when someone clicks and makes a purchase, you get a commission.

When Instagram first started I put all of my eggs in that basket. At first the results were amazing then Facebook decided to do something very authoritarian. They created their own internal Instagram browser. They don’t want you to leave their apps. So when you click on my profile link instead of opening your mobile devices default browser like Safari or Chrome, it instead opens a built-in Instagram browser.

My earnings went from about $200/mo to $0 instantly. Their own browser doesn’t store cookies, passwords, logins, etc. When I think of the negative impact this had on me, I also thought about small businesses who rely on Social Media to drive traffic to their website. They can’t retarget the customer, no payment information is stored which can stop a consumer from making a purchase.

Now I am curious, is Facebook taking our affiliate earnings because I am no longer making any money from Instagram.