Mated to the Alien Warriors: A SciFi Reverse Harem Alien Romance

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Earth – an untouched paradise
Untainted by contact with the universe
No one can know… yet

Hannah joined the CIA for adventure and excitement. Being accepted should have been the greatest day of her life.

Then she finds out that she’s being sent into space. An observer, a data gatherer because first contact has been made with an alien race.

The old questions are answered, we’re not alone in the universe, and Hannah has a front row seat. The view from that seat is stunning. The aliens are sexy and she had no idea they were holding a contest in her honor. No, not in her honor, FOR her. The winning team gets her as the prize.

This is quickly turning into a lot more than she bargained for. These undefeated, champion warriors want her to to warm their beds and bear their children. All three of them.

Well she’s got ideas of her own and if they’re going to win her over, it’s going to take a lot more than winning in an arena.