NWO Alien Agenda ★ Conspiritus Satanic Illuminati Bloodlines 👽 Luciferian Conspiracy Documentary H1

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UFOs AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER – ALIEN CONTACT – A Global Phenomena – True Story Behind GOVERNMENT Aliens UFOs Demons Illuminati & Satanism

387911 Alien Agenda UFO Secret Underground Base Free Energy Conspiracy research info: THE NEW WORLD ORDER – A 6000 Year History – HD FEATURE
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Monday Feb 23, 2015 (February 23, 2015) 2/23/15
Hollow Earth & Shadow Govt.

Brooks Agnew will update his work on the Hollow Earth including a new Harvard study claiming an ancient Earth may exist inside of our Earth. He’ll also discuss evidence revealing a shadow government eclipsing the power of Congress.

The Smoky God Book Link:

C2CAM – Climate, Hollow Earth, & Shadow Govt

Monday Nov. 24, 2014 (November 24, 2014)11/24/2014
Luciferian Agenda/ Autism & Telepathy

Expert in UFOs, Robert Stanley discussed his recent discoveries about how UFOs, ancient Alien bases and current events are being dictated by a hidden Luciferian agenda.

C2CAM – Luciferian Agenda & Paranormal Phenomena

Monday Aug. 4, 2014 (August 4, 2014)
8/04/2014, 08-04-14
Prophecy & World War

Prophecy expert John Hogue updated about impending World War. The prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger, and other prominent seers describe what we’re currently experiencing, and some of the outcomes look like thermonuclear war and massive loss of life on Earth.

C2CAM – Prophecy & World War

(some excerpts taken from Coast to Coast AM)

Full Video: and more!

NWO Alien Agenda ★ Conspiritus Satanic Illuminati Bloodlines ♦ Luciferian Conspiracy Documentary YouTube Playlist

Alien Agenda Documentary
Conspiritus remake reveals the truth about who and what the elite’s true agenda, satanic purpose, and motivations are – Luciferian conspiracy documentary

Luciferianism Documentary
Conspiritus is a great satanic Luciferian documentary covering all the modern agendas of the NWO and they’re intent to execute their plans.

☆ Who are these luciferian satanists and what is their historical background?

☆ Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush …

☆ Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion (Satanic Plan)

☆ How do they intend to conquer the world and turn it into their NWO, Global Fascist Luciferian State?

☆ The Satanic Agenda for an end time strong delusion using UFOs and Aliens which are really Nephilim and fallen Angelic Beings.

☆ The modern UFO and Alien Abduction phenomena are really the age-old demonology and Genesis 6 Nephilim Abduction events.

NWO Alien Agenda
Conspiritus completely dismantles the facade in a well researched way and exposes the NWO main players who direct the Alien agenda to the rest of the Sheeple.

☆ Are the secret US shadow government dappling with technology that can open a gateway into the satanic demonic/fallen angelic dimension? What has Area 51 to do with satanic beings.

☆ How the Illuminati control and rule the world? The ruling elites are really Luciferians masquerading as Christians…

☆ The Bohemian Grove, Free Mason, Skull and Bones Society, JFK assassination … etc.

☆ The Illuminati Plan to bankrupt the world, cause total economic collapse and depopulation. War is one of their method.

☆ The infiltration of all governments, religions, society, MSM.. by the Illuminati.

Exposing political figures and Satan worshiping – The Pope, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Catholic church, Congress, Presidents, and world leaders!

This is a must watch Luciferian documentary for anyone interested in seriously studying the New World Order (NWO).

UFOs Aliens New World Order TRUTH

Secret Alien Agenda

World War 3 – WW3 approaching fast…

Gwenyth Todd – Whistleblower on Planned Iran War & WW3

Illuminati New World Order Conspiracy..

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Alien Government Conspiracy Agenda Documentary

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  2. Galactic Update
    June 9, 2019

    Many Extraterrestial races have facilited in the evolution of the human
    race. They`ve prevented nuclear wars and helped our race in ways we
    cannot fully comprehend. Some use advanced technology to monitor the
    weather to prevent natural disasters. Others attempt to protect us from
    solar flares, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Many are dedicated
    healers, healing our enviroment from toxic chemtrails. They`re more
    involved in our daily lifes than we give them credit for. I`m personally
    very grateful for their involvement on Earth and I embrace them with
    love and light. Cleary there are aspects within their races that is very
    compassionate and friendly in nature.

    Extraterrestial representatives are negiotiating with secret governments on a plan to
    settle things right. Full disclosure is coming, all in due time. The
    TV-series Stargate SG-1 is an example of a soft disclosure movement. The
    exceleration of UFO documentaries and UFO sightings is a coordinated
    operation to raise the human awareness and prepare us for first contact.

    Friendly ET`s are sharing messages with us through a process called
    channeling.Feel free to follow Ivan Teller , HucoloTV - Human Colony
    and TheOfficialETWhisperer on youtube to learn more.

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