Russianvids on Flat Earth, OJ Simpson, Illuminati & 33 Other Conspiracies | Red’s Rhetoric

June 4, 2019 By

Yes, you read that correctly.

Red’s Rhetoric and Dave Dillafior join us to hear the evidence for how the OJ Simpson murders and trial were all a hoax and how it is connected to NASA faking the moon landing.

Here’s a brief preview of some of the reasons he thinks this:
-It was a divide and conquer psyop to divide the nation.
-33 being the highest degree in the Scottish Rite.
-Simpson was 33 when he was sued by the Goldman family for 33 million dollars civil case,
-He was sentenced to 33 years in prison for stealing back his own merchandise in the Vegas case.
-The white Bronco is the white horse in the Bible.

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46 Comments on "Russianvids on Flat Earth, OJ Simpson, Illuminati & 33 Other Conspiracies | Red’s Rhetoric"

  1. justin r
    June 4, 2019

    Kyle’s only 32!! What?? Steve, you’re awfully quiet today.... FYI I COMPLETELY agree with you about the Challenger from the dumpster fire episode, where conspiracy crosses the line is dragging the victims over the coals. Listening to RV is like watching a 5 year do a jig-saw puzzle. “Awe aren’t you cute...nice try buddy”.

  2. Gaudenz Raiber
    June 4, 2019

    If you let people like rusvids out, it would be silence after about 2 Minutes...try that.

  3. Seven 13
    June 4, 2019

    The ISS is in lower Earth orbit ... that is the argument...

  4. chris cameron
    June 4, 2019

    They'll never beat Kubrick's 2001 NEVER: NASA!!!

  5. chris cameron
    June 4, 2019

    Kris Jenner was having sex with Simpson while he was in, so called "jail".)

  6. chris cameron
    June 4, 2019

    The OJ trial was the first great reality TV Programming - from they.)

  7. BadGoy
    June 4, 2019

    These clowns are gullible fools or the Masonic Gatekeepers from hell which is painfully obvious.
    The sun's weighs 333,000 (33!) times as much as the Earth.
    And these foos believe it.
    They have to be shills, no doubt about it

  8. BadGoy
    June 4, 2019

    Nicole is a trannyman, fact!
    Russianvids doesn't know it all.
    But he is alot more in tune with reality than these shills

  9. William Petersen
    June 4, 2019

    This guy sounds manic combined with the IQ of a potato.

  10. whats up with it
    June 4, 2019

    And yes Russian vids did interupt at first, but I've seen through out this video multiple times he caught himself and stopped inturupting (although this was not always consistent..) but do not get your panties in a wad because he interupptd the same bitch asses intrupting him.

  11. whats up with it
    June 4, 2019

    I'm sorry but after I heard laughter at the bible and at Russian cause he brought up the bible fuck you nigga lol you talking shit bout him listening to the bible and you listening to people who say if not bang theory is not correct then all math and scientific studies become irrelevant. Dont lsught at my God.

  12. SuperBrentjones
    June 4, 2019

    Heard that question about what does the g means in the masonic symbol its multi level. God, geometry, gnosis, and the least well known the generative principle

  13. ROB N KEL
    June 4, 2019

    Earth is Geocentric Not Heliocentric!!!! This World is not Evolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ROB N KEL
    June 4, 2019

    ISS Would Melt if it was Real.... It is in the thermosphere how can it Be possible if it
    is made out of aluminum, some titanium, and the silicone in the solar panels Melt at 1400
    degrees..... Joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Themo is up to 4500 degrees Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <img src="https://mail.


  15. ROB N KEL
    June 4, 2019

    The thermosphere lies between the exosphere and the mesosphere. “Thermo” means heat, and the temperature in this layer can reach up to 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit.Nov 20, 2015


  16. ROB N KEL
    June 4, 2019

    The One who builds His [b]upper chambers in the heavens
    And has founded His vaulted dome over the earth,
    He who calls for the waters of the sea
    And pours them out on the face of the earth,
    The Lord is His name.

  17. ROB N KEL
    June 4, 2019

    And they answered the angel of the Lord that stood among the myrtle trees, and said, We have walked to and fro through the earth, and, behold, all the earth sitteth still, and is at rest.

  18. ROB N KEL
    June 4, 2019

    O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called

  19. ROB N KEL
    June 4, 2019

    Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.

    19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.

    20 And again, The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain.

  20. ROB N KEL
    June 4, 2019

    Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

    21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

  21. Adamant Forge
    June 4, 2019

    Russianvids is what happens when you live in a conspiracy rabbit hole and breath methane for years on end.

  22. Kayan Hashemi
    June 4, 2019

    I don’t appreciate how they Mock & treat RV regardless of his beliefs and views this doesn’t give them the right to be so disrespectful towards a Guest on their show, how about having a respectful debate.

  23. Ry Rez
    June 4, 2019

    This show is fuckin great. Its pretty sad how much digging i had to do to find this channel when typing flat earth debate into youtube. This channel should get views in the millions.

  24. Sticky Cricket
    June 4, 2019

    RV doesn't want to "break down" the 2 types of moon missions but he wants to break down that the first three numbers starting from zero added up equals 3 therefore 33 therefore Illuminati, but he doesn't want to break down the types of moon missions because it ruins his conspiracy.

    "where do they get Apollo 11?" It fucking comes after Apollo 10! 3 seconds on Google shows Apollo 2-6 were unmanned missions due to the fire in 1, then there were manned flights from 7 onward.

    June 4, 2019

    Grown men bullying the crap out of this guy. He does make a good point with OJ being in movie, ruby wax etc..was very sharp

    June 4, 2019

    host is a condescending turnip

  27. Razvan220
    June 4, 2019

    That old fart throws alot of devil hornes and 666 , we see it man we get it stop doing it your pathetic

  28. Razvan220
    June 4, 2019

    I love how that deceiving guy with white beard throws devil hornes all the time

  29. Lol fun fact and this is no joke oj was not in the bronco during the chase it was a show imagine a suicidal man in a suv driving that could run ppl over 🤔 true story oj was supposed to turn himself in but he didn't making them look bad and when they was following the car oj was home try and find a video of oj getting out of the bronco or actually in the bronco during the chase they waited till it was dark to drive him out the house

  30. murph
    June 4, 2019

    Rv felt a breeze from the north, from the north and that is the answer to asking him about the experiments he said he did that show the sun changing size during the day when viewed through a filter? Wtf, is he incapable of staying on topic or answering a question honestly?
    What makes him thing that you can’t get roughly circular weather systems on a globe? He thinks the fact it spins once every 24 hours is going to prevent or overcome weather systems?
    Even then if you’re just speaking about the shape of the earth spinning doesn’t have to come into it. A better question would be why do we have air rotating in weather systems on a flat earth?

  31. murph
    June 4, 2019

    Groundbreaking for the towers wasn’t 1968 it was August 5 1966 so not 33 years before. I’m sure a lot of your facts will be similar in that they are made up or copied from some other conspiracy theorist. This is very common with these conspiracy theorists and/or flat earthers. They regurgitate false information time and time again even after they have been called out on it and seem incapable of checking their facts for themselves.
    Lazy or deliberately ignorant? You decide.
    Just seems strange given how much time and energy they say they invest in these things and how they deride everyone else for being sheeple and indoctrinated while they are woke and do their own research/experiments.

    The other plane’s hijacker was 23 and only one of the 19 hijackers was 33. 22 was the most common age so why pick on just that one? Retroactively fitting the data to your narrative?

    911 went nationwide in 1968? FCC recommends it be implemented nationwide in 72. National policy statement in 73 to encourage use of 911 and 17% of US population covered in 76. 73 Warren bill in California supposedly the first attempt at introducing 911 into law in the US.

    Time warner owns a number of media companies. So?
    Lawyers are liars. You think this is something new that people don’t know?
    An ex prosecutor fancies herself as an actor and gets a guest appearance on a show she may be investing money in. Nothing surprising about that either. Lots of people fancy themselves as stars and would jump at the chance to sing, act or present. YouTube itself illustrates this.

    Then he goes on saying it’s about intent and that some things add up to 33 or don’t add up to his 33 or 666 but they don’t count. Exactly how does he decide what counts then? He makes it all up to please himself.
    He says vin diesel was in a film called xxx and that’s significant because vin diesel adds up to 33. Not according to his “Pythagorean” chart he was using to convert earlier. Using that Vin Diesel adds up to 18 and 27 or a total of 45.
    Of course he will probably use some other method to convert his name but in that case you could make almost any word add up to any number you’ve chosen. If you use table X to convert John’s first name and then table Y to convert his surname but multiply the first letter by the third or John is from the Latin Iohannes which comes from the Greek Ἰωάννης which comes from the Hebrew Yohanan and that’s 33 using Pythagorean numerology. See anyone can do it with almost anything.

    The white broncos used by OJ are the white horses from the bible now? Wtf.
    Now I didn’t learn koine Greek and only a little attic Greek but wasn’t the “white” horse in the bible written as hippos chloros so a green or pale horse but not white?

    So is the group that the music video containing an OJ puppet in on the conspiracy or was it the director? Why let either of them into this big conspiracy? Isn’t it more likely they just made the OJ puppet thing up from their imagination or that they’d heard or believed some conspiracy theorist like you saying it?

    Then RV says astronaut and cosmonaut really mean naught or nothing and not naut from nautes or sailor and signify they haven’t been to space. I guess aeronauts have never flown and aquanauts have never been below the surface of the water either then?

    Oh my. Didn’t they call Apollo 11 the number 11 because it’s the number after 10, the previous mission number?

  32. Syrnian
    June 4, 2019

    IS RV jacked up on crack?

  33. Syrnian
    June 4, 2019

    No footage of ISS construction? LOL You have not looked for it.

  34. Dawn Corbin
    June 4, 2019

    i think they will never agree due to thier brains run off of different servers. a mainstream server and an alter alternative server. And those mainstream colleges are just that bs mainstream controlled info by who ?
    Elite thats who owns all the factions medical educational etc... research it. flouride is poison too

  35. Dawn Corbin
    June 4, 2019

    arent we about to rewrite physics anyways???

  36. Dawn Corbin
    June 4, 2019

    im just saying be OPEN minded to all possibilities otherwise would be cheating yourself short of ...
    ALL things possible in the universe

  37. Dawn Corbin
    June 4, 2019

    did u learn that in the mainstream colleges u went to where all that info was is controlled info by the ELite. its not all accurate. everything weve been told growing up is basically a lie and continues to be a lie.

  38. Dawn Corbin
    June 4, 2019

    sun LIGHT moon LIGHT they are data collectors as an interogation lamp light is information

  39. Dawn Corbin
    June 4, 2019

    just because u are an employee at nasa doesnt mean u are in the know of whats really going on their.. you are all compartmentalized or just not important enough to be in the know as most arent.

  40. Dawn Corbin
    June 4, 2019

    Ridicule is one of the main tactics they use on people who are talking about truth so that masses wont believe but i believe. i would research these people who are ridiculing this guy

  41. Dawn Corbin
    June 4, 2019

    everything shown on mainstream tv is all just for show as its showbiz so you must do your own dilligent research before you can believe anythiing anyone tells you on the TV or elsewhere for that matter

  42. Dawn Corbin
    June 4, 2019

    we do go off planet but not with our tech. its with alien tech

  43. Dawn Corbin
    June 4, 2019

    the moonlanding space suit in the museum worn by i think buzz well it shows the bottom of the boots and they are smooth but the footprints on the moon are clearly showing lined prints so... just saying

  44. Dawn Corbin
    June 4, 2019

    that is how the elite operate though thru symbols sumbersandcolors

  45. Dawn Corbin
    June 4, 2019

    russianvids inthis numerology chart equals 119 russian =11 and vids = 9 now 11 is a master number and 9 represents ending of things sojust some food for thought. Anyway i believe in this guys theory its totally possible as well as totally in line with how THEY operate. beiing the ELite which is EL or 11. I could go on.

  46. boris
    June 4, 2019

    RV is an idiot. Why the fuck does he expect the US to go back to the moon? What reason would there be? Fucking schizo

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