Illuminati Conspiracy To Eliminate Humans

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“The Battle for the Mind of North America will be fought in the Video Arena.” -Professor Brian Oblivion
*In this music video, we see how the awesomely prophetic movie “Videodrome” continues to be relevant in our lives today. For the ‘Video Arena’ is actually YouTube.
*The film describes a secret conspiracy known as ‘Spectacular Optical’ which uses ONE EYE as it’s logo. The goal of the conspiracy is to introduce a new technology into human society. This technology is a signal which can take over the human mind and induce any perception or hallucination. The plan is to have this mind control technology become very popular…for a while.

*However, the film discloses that ‘Spectacular Optical’ is actually an alien conspiracy to enslave Humanity – with the end game being the mass suicide of potentially ALL humans. We see the film’s protagonist commit suicide in the final scene after being exposed to the mind control signal.

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Shapeshifts are not random occurrences, but are actually part of the art of acting. The actor will shapeshift their eye for specific psychological reasons directly related to what’s happening on-screen. This is what makes it so easy to spot the phenomenon. You simply analyze the character’s motives and zoom-in on the eyes when it makes sense for a shapeshift to occur.

Shapeshifting Basics:
*Shapeshifts are done in one eye (almost never in both eyes simultaneously) at a distance from the camera.
*Speed is also used to make the shapeshift subliminal. The combination of speed and distance prevents the conscious mind from perceiving shapeshifts.
*The intelligence that produces the shapeshifts can perfectly calculate all the factors (such as speed, distance and lighting) to display the shapeshift in a subliminal manner.
*Humans can only perceive the phenomenon by using the DVD functions of zoom and frame-by-frame to isolate these fleeting, subliminal moments.
*All of the actors we see in movies and TV display these shapeshifts.
*It is easy to predict when shapeshifts will occur by analyzing the psychological motives occurring on-screen. Shapeshifts are not random but are used to subliminally enhance the actor’s performance.
*The main motives include: Homicidal intent / Deception / Guilt / Posing as an imposter.
*Shapeshifts are done in such a way as to leave no doubt of their reality. For it is simply impossible for a human iris to appear on the outside of the eyelid. Yet we can observe this in many movies and TV shows.

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