Conspiracy Theories: The NWO: The Denver International Airport / The Georgia Guidestones 2 Box Set

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Is the Denver International Airport in Colorado, the future headquarters for the NWO (The New World Order)? The proposed theories concerning this, point to the purported underground bunkers and tunnels in the case of an apocalyptic event. The symbolism in the artwork murals, statues, and sculptures, time capsule, etc. are shrouded in mystery reflecting the ideals of their agenda The NWO, a one world government, religion, and currency. In addition, The Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County, Georgia, is a megalithic granite doomsday monument, illustrating written messages of descriptions for humanity after a cataclysm. The secrecy behind the commission and its purpose for its construction, their true motives remaining in question. The conspiracy theories involving the Denver Airport and Georgia Guidestones, share similarities of NWO affiliation, freemasons, and time capsules to be opened in the future. This 2 Box Set, includes my individual books, “Conspiracy Theories Beneath The Radar The Denver International Airport,” and “Conspiracy Theories Post Apocalyptic Monument The Georgia Guidestones,” allow the readers to separate fact from fiction, to determine their own conclusions.