2-1 Illuminati Five Sense Conspiracy: CIA Bush Clinton and global drug traffic

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2-1 Illuminati Five Sense Conspiracy: CIA Bush Clinton and global drug traffic.

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After WWII, compartmentalised secret fractions
inside NSA, CIA, British Intelligence Mi5 and Mi6 and other government agencies got involved in the drug market. They are now behind
all the illegal global drug market. Money from the global drug market are used to fund wars, black budgets and secret projects around the world. This video includes clips from mainsteam media at the time, CBS etc. ARKANSAS GOVERNOR BILL CLINTON PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH CIA DRUGS FOR GUNS CONNECTION By Paul DeRienzo An independent group of researchers in Arkansas are charging that Governor Bill Clinton is covering up an airport used by the CIA and major cocaine smugglers in a remote corner of the Ozark mountains. According to Deborah Robinson of In These Times, the Inter mountain Regional Airport in Mena,Arkansas continues to be the hub of operations for people like assassinated cocaine kingpin Barry Seal as well as government intelligence operations linked to arms and drug smuggling. In the 1980’s, the Mena airport became one of the world’s largest aircraft refurbishing centers, providing services to planes from many countries.Researchers claim that the largest consumers of aircraft refurbishing services are drug smugglers and intelligence agencies involved in covert activities.In fact, residents of Mena, Arkansas, have told reporters that former marine Lt. Colonel Oliver North was a frequent visitor during the 1980’s. Eugene Hasenfus, a pilot who was shot down in a Contra supply plane over Nicaragua in 1986, was also seen in town renting cargo vehicles. A federal Grand Jury looking into activities at the Mena airport refused to hand down any indictments after drug running charges were made public.Deborah Robinson says that Clinton had “ignored the situation” until he began his presidential campaign.” Clinton then said he would provide money for a state run investigation of the Mena airport. But according to Robinson, the promise of an investigation was never followed up by Clinton’s staff. In fact, a local Arkansas state prosecutor blasted Clinton’s promise of an investigation, comparing it to “spitting on a forest fire.”«

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  1. hbk711x
    May 26, 2019

    speaker say investigative reporting is being removed because it exposed corruption, gary webb is an investigative journalist. guerilla news network, narco news present gary webb an investigative journalist for 25 years for daily news papaers, in 96 wrote a series of papers called ark alliance on cia and drug running, published in san jose mercury news, it linked cia cocain operations to the crack epidemic in los angelos ghettos.
    coccain in those neighborhoods came from one source and used to finance guerilla war in central america. in 87 the kerry committe hearings exposed a cia drugs for arms operation established to fund the rightwing nicaraguans contra rebels.
    american main stream press didn't write about it, so cia drug dealing created outrage by people, politicians cia, it initiated a nation wide scandal. websites got million hits, there were marches, ppl wanted an investigation. cowardly govt decided to ignore the story. govt documents shows it happenned. they let the so called liberal press speak for them. in 10/86 washington post said gary couldnt prove its direct link nor exact sums that went to the contras.
    there was media war by mercury news who stood by and mainstream (evil govt backed media) who said its minor or never happenned, but evidence shows its worse, and its out in a way they couldn't control. they said we don't care we set the agenda. Gary's editor due to pressure apologized for a true story for the way it was handled. they made a political decision.
    Gary wouldn't back away from the story and he was transferred to another bureau. in 11/97 he quit and wrote a book abut the story and his experience in trying to expose it to the public. He was proud of the website mercury news set up. It brought its readers into reporters notebooks. hd a very high unbeleivable factor into it. he made it very difficult for ppl to say it didn't hhapen. nongra chupee shot minute punroh second.

    gary webb died in 2004
    7:45 student producers.
    2003, authentic journalism school. 2003 mexico.
    8:00 "enemies are necessary for the wheels of the u.s. military machine to turn. - john stockwell
    he says, expertise, cia, marine core, nsc, in 75 cheif of angola tax force, 3 secret ci wars. national secuirty law passed in 47, cia was given to due other and vague duties to protect its tources and methods, it was considered the 3rd world war because theya ttacked ppl in the 3rd wolrd countries and third bloodiest war in history in terms of life and destruction.
    they work in every part of the globe, and above us laws, license to kills turned into drug smuggling and violating international law. battle to convert us legal system so they can control it.

    10:00 we have massive documentation, church cmootte looked into cia, says 14 years before investigation, said there was 900 major operations, and 3,000 minor operations, now its over 3,000 major and 10,000 minor, every illegal, and disruptive and many bloody.
    they over throw many democracies, wants ethnic minorities to fights, in nicaragua, kurd, or monks in asia south aeast.Many death squads.
    El salavador death squads, 70,000 killings at least.
    cia propaganda, orchestration, led into korean war, attacking china from islands, thailand, tibet, alot of drug s traded, another million killed in china and drug war, vietnam war killing another million. cooperation with national commitee
    creating the golden triangle - cia. air america airlines flying in to take drugs and flying out.
    Jimmy carter talks about it like operation in afghanistan, golden crecent largest source of heroin.
    Best ppl they study this with. 6 million ppl killed, didn't like the number, these aren't soviets who know how to build bombs, these aren't europe countries. these are congo, nicaragua, vietnam, they nor there govt don't have ability, they dont have armies or navies, theres no real evidence they want to, the point is if they did we'd be scared, they are cheap shots. under guise of security and rubric of national security.

    stockwell's book in search of enemies is a best seller.
    He has said, if soviet union disappeared, they would seek out new enemies.

    14:35 Mena connection.

    how cia black operations compromised the office of the president and subverted the authroity of congress, and the american judiciary.

    narartor jerry hudgens, october ,1994
    Sarah mcclennon the senior white house news correspondant conver 11 presidential elections, starting with roosevelt, asks harball question, confronting bill cllinton cia operations about airport in arkansaw and conrnered the man in bypassing the constitution, bill was forced to address and lie.
    sarah says republican are trying to blame you for an airbase in arkansaw set up by bush and oliver north, and cia and perhaps iran conra where planeloads of coccaine was there and took money and bought guns which was illegal, she asks was it allowed because it was national security.
    He said they told him nothing about it, and blamed it on the fed and not stqte and they did a state investigation and revious administration of the fed were responsible.
    charles blight would take acception as he wanted to seek funding for investigation and needed money to work with cia from clinton.
    Clinton said he would get back and never heard back and said he offered 25,000 dollars to blight's boss. but they never heard.
    bill duncan of irs asks will govt kill a case to protect an operation, thinks that happenned here. he wanted funding to investigate cia bill clinton wouldn't help. State with clinton didn't fund a case, they disregarded soverignty of the city,

    what forces obstruct the entire justice system.

    20:00 clinton knows.he allowed subversion in his state from reagan bush white house and secret foreign policy which became known as iran contra under william casey.
    who or what is running this country.
    gun running, mysterious cia flights, contra military training.guerilla pilot training, cladestined airdrops, tonns of illegal drugs, millions of dollars in dirty banna, banana republic? arkansaw is usa own banana republic.
    adler barry seal was soldier, pilot, drug smuggler, undercover agent for cia, dea, us custom,s fbi was assainted in 86 in louisiana thorough his plane, he knew true history of iran contra. unmasking the deception in the 80s, when in akrkansaw was ceter of in run of congressional law, and backdorr under eyes of bill clinton, its a cover up spanning 3 american adminitration or 5, traficking coccain is justified for security and policy. cia uses western akrkansaw for deniable operations .plausibility. There is a project known as the enterprise,
    terry reed wrote a book, compromise, clinton bush and cia, on reaagan's backdoor policy named iran contra. this was a brain child of hw bush and compromised clinton. what was
    contra needed guns, they needed arkansaw companies by law produce paper trail, per cia instructions, no serial parts and no documentation to create a trails.
    barry seal had a cia c123 cargo plane which could carry 30 tons, they need pilots who fly slow with high cargo to resupply nicaragua, thats how gureilla warfare is, hey need alot of medicine as well for soldiers. c123 provider anf other planes were found in honduras. if accident or shootdown took place, wih nicaraguan pilots, they had plausibele deniability. faa certified flight instructor like terry reed was to train them in aerial cargo delivery at night in hostile flying. seeal had to fly necessary cash back to arkkan saw, alot of the funds traced to dea, cash seized during drug trade. contra used profits of narcotics.
    oliver north wanted a off the books self sustaining servant of usa. its a money scandal unlike others.
    afda , barry seals emerges this has a money laundering scndal. in 87 teresa dickey was covering arkansaw 100 miles north og mena,. years earlier they welcomed c 130 aircraft, seemed like a boom for eco, but cia set them for an unauthroized clandestine operation, teresa thought it was clinton business industry recruitman plan.. they did covert operations banned by congress, there was sophistication of aircraft . maintenance in he single mena runway. mena had only 5,000 people. it items was deep in the woods. this made teresa suspicious. a townway with no highway access.

    30:00 aftermath of a huge cia, the security and sea of large airplanes and foreign registration from from far away cities markings. she interviewed those in charge of aircraft maintencance and asked about securities like id, and they said its safety. george reeb said its necessary to see who works there, and said it was for refurbish, and teresa asked about customers adnd he says its send to australi and europe etc.
    should of been a red bell as thats very expensive, she went to rich mountain aviation, cia primary organization, she interviewed edmonds, and fred hampton. she asked about security and said its for missile ddefense systems. she said emplyees at rich mountain were told cover story, like a plane modified to carry corpses her suspicion came real, iran contra hearing connected mena arkansaw. Rich mountain performed modification to cia aircraft. barry seal was a drug smuggler working from louisiana, an from central america and usa. He was told he would be tailed. it is beleived he moved to mena arkansaw as a response.. terry owned a business and remembers who he was , met him in 81,

  2. CB Games
    May 26, 2019

    Same shit is still happening:  Gun running (Benghazi).  Gorrilla training in Iraq, Syria.  Now called supporting 'moderate rebels'.  ISIS is CIA and they control our news, left and right.

  3. xBobby FTWx
    May 26, 2019

    I can tell you from stamp markings on untouched Kilos that we used to tear through all had one thing in common: factions were at war in South America and logistics and branding was highly sophisticated. When "Disco Died" and most of the elites quit snorting coke; instead now fueling the rehab craze of 81', those in charge of marketing were busy with Richard Pryor having their sites on the Black Community to fill the void. I knew exactly who I was dealing with then because "street intelligence" forces one to rely on a combination of careful analysis, fearless speculation, and the gut instinct for survival; especially when swimming with sharks. Fast forward 20 years and another page right out of the Tavistock family tree is put into action, and thanks to the internet a true history of the East India model was a good source for comparing fingerprints. Perdue Pharma was on to something when the family member owned company finished the trials on the "next big thing" and launched the Oxycodone future growth prospect. It would take more than seed money and drug reps with "swag" for doctors, no this would take a source that could handle the volume of opium needed to grow the "brand". Synthetic Opiods in fact is a misnomer, the pain "killer" recipe that Perdue would need called for field grown Opium; an order that Sinaloa could never fill (especially with tight borders after 911). It remains a no mystery and zero conspiracy fact that two statistics are a single truth when matched on the timeline for the year before Forbes decided to add the Perdue family to the 100 wealthiest people issue; even if they had reached that status years prior to recognition. I wonder why? People were dying.Pick up the pieces.

  4. SnotRockets55
    May 26, 2019

    This is SUCH rip-off of that documentary about the Bush family killing JFK.

  5. BadBUXX
    May 26, 2019

    back then, when reporter and news meant something... god damn!!

  6. Icarus Windjammer
    May 26, 2019

    Anyone watch Cocaine Cowboys

  7. Icarus Windjammer
    May 26, 2019

    I won't want the video to leave me with the question, why not just keep the facts rolling... 19:00 - 22:00

  8. JD Slash
    May 26, 2019



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