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Project Stargate – CIA Remote Viewing of Ancient Aliens

May 25, 2019 By

On May 22, 1984, Central Intelligence Agency undertook a sanctioned remote viewing of ancient Mars. As a result of an FOIA lawsuit, a document was recently uncovered and placed online in which CIA pursued the remote viewing of a number of Martian coordinates – and what they found was both bizarre and astounding. This now declassified report discloses the remote viewing of an ancient Martian civilization suffering under a geological and environmental catastrophe – and the subject even communicates with one of the entities.

The subject reported pyramids, structures, and spindly entities who possessed a philosophical stance to their impending destruction. Why was CIA conducting this kind of research into ancient Mars and ancient civilizations? Who requested the investigation to begin with? And how did that person know the coordinates and the time period to search?

The implications of the answers to those questions are disturbing. CIA committed a project to remote view specific locations in a specific time period and search for ancient intelligence – do elements of the corptocracy have access to ancient knowledge of extraterrestrial life not privy to the general public?

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23 Comments on "Project Stargate – CIA Remote Viewing of Ancient Aliens"

  1. Elder Morph
    May 25, 2019

    Who is an either or... Either the Vatican or the Elites.
    Scientifically we know approximately when mars held water on the surface and this specific locations can be checked from the many probes and satellites we sent there.

  2. mocaxu
    May 25, 2019

    so the alien refugees landed on earth?

  3. Ed Perry
    May 25, 2019

    Nice way to present the data. The acting is a bit... overdone.

  4. Abiogenesis Zero Proof
    May 25, 2019

    I call BS

  5. r1ckySV
    May 25, 2019

    This sounds all good until the point where they talk about the people waiting for a group to come back from finding a place suitable to inhabit. I'm sure they would of gone together and also would have knowledge of the solar system so they would of gone straight there

  6. Strange Unknowns
    May 25, 2019

    Governments of the world have a very interesting history with this stuff.

    I have some of my own experiences with what I think is "remote viewing", but I'm using a crystal ball and I'm not getting hints of shapes and color. I'm getting full blown images and sometimes images in motion.
    Not sure where they all take place or how to control where I'm seeing, but I'm still observant and curious about what I'm seeing. I made two videos on this and how I get it to work.
    Check it out if your curious about this stuff and maybe let me know if any of you have had any experiences like this :0

  7. Joe Pesci
    May 25, 2019

    An ancient race of beings lived on Mars hundreds of thousands of years or millions of years ago.

    An object, comet or meteor, seemed to cause the demise of their ability to sustain their lives there.

    They built pyramids as a way to survive natural disasters, such as earthquakes or dust storms. The design makes them extremely stable, and the chambers are designed in such a way to provide adequate breathing conditions even in dust storms.

    They left and came here.

  8. Musical Phoenix
    May 25, 2019

    When I read this document earlier, well... I’ve been getting nonstop chills since. I’ve long believed that we are the result of aliens cross breeding with homo-sapiens who were living on this planet for god knows how many millennia. This would fill in a very large gap, and answer tons of worldwide questions.

    At one point during the session, I had a strong feeling that they didn’t just have a problem surviving on a dying planet, but that survival for them in general was not possible for much longer. I felt that the party they sent far away to the other volatile planet ended up dying. And in the end, the ones left behind did move to Earth despite some foreseen issues with living here. Maybe to prevent their species and every semblance of them from dying off altogether, they cross-bred with the beings already living here.

    So then there were three races on this planet: the aliens, the natives, and the cross breeds. It would make sense to derive from this that the beings native to this planet were dark skinned. The huge white beings cross bred with them and created paler skinned beings. Then they had the native beings erect pyramids for whatever reason. Perhaps in an attempt to contact the aliens who had gone far away to the other planet? Perhaps these “gods,” these large white beings started dying off, then regained contact with their own people and fled? Maybe the tips of the pyramids point specifically at a cluster of planets the others were trying for? For direct communication purposes that most outside of government can’t understand...

    It’s very possible the aliens spread out and took point all over the globe to cross breed and dominate the existing natives everywhere. It would also explain why such extreme differences in human beings across the globe. Different colored skin, different facial features, different tolerances for various environments.

    I’m totally spit balling here, but it doesn’t feel that way. Feels real. Feels like this document really fills in a lot of gaps.

  9. Monster Luminatus
    May 25, 2019

    I think theres alot more to history than we are publically told that almost has to go without saying after learning so much, multiple dimensions and holographic reality perspectives, remote viewing discoveries or supposed.. .. recently watching a video about dna manipulation and sound or frequencys gives hints to to much of the potential and even purpose to our reality natrix and lives within. There is too much tk wxplire within it , though the life alone is more than a blessing no matter what we decide to do with it or how we spend our time here

  10. It's funny people make fun of this stuff but, it's been proven to work. Not 100 percent. But there are certain aspects of it that work every time.

  11. Truth Reality
    May 25, 2019

    Some replies are ridiculous on here, the stronger the remote viewer is mentally the clearer abilities of perception they get. I know this...

  12. liquid 7
    May 25, 2019

    I thought coordinates were not actually following any parallel or lateral lines, is it not just to assign a number to a target?

  13. consciousnick -
    May 25, 2019

    ive never thought to talk while doing this...

  14. In a Tweet from last October, NYT Minus Context stated, “Remember that people don’t have access to your secret thoughts and feelings,” to which Snowden re-Tweeted, “Well, most people.” Regardless of what exactly Snowden meant by that Tweet, it has intrigued many considering the documents the CIA has now released on the internet.

  15. Nikola Kiss
    May 25, 2019

    Yeah sure.........

  16. Yourtube7000
    May 25, 2019

    Sorry I’m a “mentalist” she is in “stalling cold reading mode” and it just hurts to listen to the struggle lol

  17. Maria Navarrete
    May 25, 2019

    I swear I remember that voice and remebr when I was little some one telling me were to go like saying North and South but I can't picture I just remember that. I'm I the only one

  18. Bilal
    May 25, 2019

    Wonder if i could remote view up girls g-string....hairy commando

  19. 64moonlite
    May 25, 2019

    They create it...they know the technologies. No aliens..they use white coats to mix dna. Animals to humans and birds to whales..and use projection mini dvds to vortex into the head and sphere ball that has allot of digital nueral mechanics and remote that from station to entet projects of many experiments..and microgravity intering the person in similar use of avatar45...electronic rape is involved and beams going in and out of body...inside little hackets that are agents..goes back to 50s of medical research but terrorist have it and hijack lives. Children are most vunerable from birth..caught on far in canada these exobiological and nueral experiments have bern going on in partake of military in disguise amongst their peers...used as alies meaning some military dont know cause they are victims too..justin trudeu is one. And he doesnt know. But pictures reveal he has a hacking ball like this one 💀but shiny on his head..and nueral..mixed material..there are digital penises in the congress meetings and on a wpman sitting in the meeting on her head...that means they have her from the inside and she dont have a clue. These imaging were caught during a camera running. Nothing added..

  20. The truth
    May 25, 2019

    Never the less this was cool.
    Right up my alley.
    Maybe aliens can help me with my earthly problems.

  21. The truth
    May 25, 2019

    Some ones making a movie script.
    I met someone who claims she does this.
    She's been to a world according to her where beings were imprisoned for having malice in thier hearts.
    I kind of dismissed it as bull shit because I asked how they looked.
    Her response was basically humanoid 2 arms 2 legs a torso neck and a head.
    If life really exist in other places why would they look like us.
    Why not a conscious being made up of a gas or liquid type of substance that experiences the world in a way we yet to understand.

  22. kirk kopak
    May 25, 2019

    1984 huh

  23. Richard Conner
    May 25, 2019


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